May 13, 2019 Christianity Church Churchianity 0

A short with more links to other posts of mine.  I have not had a great time with churches, or other Christians, to be blunt.  These days the SJW’s have taken over many things including christianity and turned it into something I(and others) call churchianity.  It is basically our version of the Pharisees…folks have turned the churches into power centers for their own self-service instead of biblical service and obedience.

I am not the easiest person to get along with.  I am highly opinionated, boisterous, hot-headed.  I am also extremely loyal…(only after you have earned my trust and respect…which is NOT an easy task)..and once you are a friend I will remain your friend unless you attack my family…then all bets are off.  I have been told, more than a few times, that I remind them of Peter.  A highly excitable follower of Jesus that can get himself into trouble with my passions.  This is true…I do my best..but I know who I am as well.  I will accept rebuke when shown, most of the time..i am far from perfect, I am wrong.  Overall, I am a loyal, high faith person with the tendency to be overly blunt and loud…:)  I have found many folks do not handle that well…and so I have to just stay in the background.  I have also found that being in the background is where i am the best.

I have one church I am thinking about returning to though.  i left not because I sensed a massive churchian infestation, but the church suddenly had massive leadership issues and called in another ministry I had never heard of.  My research into this ministry did not give me a good feeling…so i made my exit.  The leadership shakeup was so severe I was not sure the church itself would survive.  I recently inquired of a friend of mine that did attend(and, as i found out, still does) and they have moved into a building, the leadership has steadied up and it appears they are on solid footing.  I will check them out again this Sunday and see how things are going…hopefully things have settled down enough where I do not feel like I am walking into a hurricane.  Do I expect a 100% trouble free time..of course is a gathering of people…but I am hoping for at least minor waves instead of the tsunami I saw coming the last time I was there..:)