May 13, 2019 Christianity Churchianity 0

This incident took place late last year….it has taken me this long to calm down…as this was a man I respected in the local business community…no more.

I have to tell you…if my faith in Jesus wasn’t as strong as it was I would have left Christianity long ago.  Here recently I was attacked by a “Brother in Christ”.  One day I get a call from another friend of mine saying he was notified that our stream hosting arrangement was being cancelled.  Considering it was a free virtual machine and was given free bandwidth to host our stream(and the website as well) I was not upset.  Sooner or later that was going to be called back…I expected it.  What i did not expect was for the other person who owned the company to say I was doing things on the virtual machine that were never agreed to and that was why the agreement was being terminated.  SERIOUSLY?  I replied back angrily and demanded to know what i was doing that was not in the agreement(I had the first person CC’ed in all correspondence).  The reply was so comical…i was informed that the unauthorized activities was hosting two other websites in addition to the first website on the vm.  That’s when the first person jumped in and reminded company owner those other two sites were HIS ministry pages and he has PROOF that those two sites were authorized by the dude who was pulling the agreement…and that the attack on my integrity was not acceptable.

Ultimately we were given two weeks to move.  I had the stations entire online infrastructure moved to my hosting services in 24 hours.  I never received an apology for the unprovoked attack upon my integrity either.  The reliability of incidents like this only serve to reinforce my belief that many folks who claim Christianity…aren’t.  They are churchians at best and demon possessed at the worst.  It worked out well for me in the end.  I gained another web hosting client who is very satisfied with my services, and I am also gaining clients at a slow but steady pace.  The other business has since been sold(not because it was doing poorly…he wanted to finance another business he owns) but at least I know to steer clear of him and any business he touches.