November 12, 2019 Patriotism Politics 0

The founders could not see every potential thing that came.  The Constitution is just as relevant today as it was back when our country was founded.  The reason people are calling for the dismemberment of various parts is because they do not want to operate within its constraints.  The biggest offender is the Federal government.  Unfortunately, too many folks do not realize that with our votes we the people are the ultimate arbiters.  If we want to government out of our lives right now..have one side of the legislature be one party and the other the other..that’s gridlock…and frankly that’s a good thing in today’s time.  Many many of the federal laws that exist are unconstitutional and should be repealed.  This is not an issue for the courts.  Folks need to realize the courts do not have the power to strike down a law.  Any ruling along those lines should be ignored (that has happened before btw…I’ll leave that search up for the reader as self-education).  The electorate also needs to stop depending on the media to tell them what is up and what to believe…we the people need to take it upon ourselves to inform and educate ourselves and vote in whatever government we want.  It’s interesting that many of the folks who are complaining the loudest about government is the ones that elected the modern-day monstrosities that exist at the federal, state, county, and local levels.  If you want the government out of your life stop giving them the power to invade your life.  If you really want the government out of your lives, it’s time to elect folks that will not only reduce the budget…but kill many of the programs that just allow the government to invade your lives.  Folks also think this is going to be a microwave process.  Gov’t always moves slowly, at least until it gains enough power to move unrestrained.  Reversing the things that turned gov’t into the monstrosity it is will also take time.  Do not be fooled by those that say…it’s too hard…or it’s gotten too big.  That’s just folks who either do not care or want to keep siphoning off your paycheck without doing anything on their own doing.  It’s not too late….yet..but the time approaching where it will be too late.