November 18, 2019 Faith 0

Very few will get this picture. Honestly I have not figured out all of the facets that appeal to me..but I know the base levels.

The knight is a dark knight…one who does his battles from behind the scenes….who works in the shadows. The knight has defeated a devil and prays to God in thanks for the ability to defeat the beast. His spirit guide stands beside him on watch for any further threats as the knight prays in silence.

Few people understand I am one of these “Dark Knights”. I do my best work in the background. The Holy Spirit manifests itself in many ways. For me, most often the Holy Spirit is that animal guide….the one who can nudge me when nothing else can. That still companion that is the first hint of trouble or guidance of where you should go. It has taken me many years to find a manifestation(in pictures) that accurately conveys his stance, his color, and his visage. That guide is my wolf as you can see in the picture.

When i was at my lowest pint in life(before I met Heather) I asked the Lord for guidance and the first thing I received was this manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a way that was quite surprising. Over the intervening decades I have grown in relation to the wolf (the Holy spirit) and to the Lord as well.

Some folks who know of my pagan past might be concerned about this being a reference to that life. That is the furthest from the truth. The Lord can and does use many people. Some are beacons of light( Bruce Conley ) (Ginny Mueller ) just to name two. Some are best at prophecy. Some are best at oratory, but there is a group of folks who are called from the background. One of those folks is me. I am not one to be visible most times, I am reserved, cautious, slow to trust, but fiercely loyal once that trust is earned.