August 10, 2006 General 0

I just got done helping to pack my music pastor’s house into the moving truck to help him move to Texas. I counted him among one of my few close friends and the first solid Brother in Christ I have had the pleasure of interacting with on no less than a weekly basis. The part that sucks is that Brothers and Sisters will get called elsewhere. I do know however that I will see him again in Heaven at the very least..:)

There was some funny things though. One of them is that Chris gave me two computer chairs. I was in Heaven so to speak. My computer area is directly behind our dining room table. I now have the ability to sit in my chair and when i want to eat i just spin around to the table. When i want to be on my computer I just spin back around to my computer..yeah buddy!! When i told Dan (a fellow member of my church) he told me, “You are a sick man” with a grin on his face.