August 10, 2006 General 0

To all ECC clients whom I have setup either a firewall server or a are protected from this exploit except the laptops since they can leave the protection of the network. Please update the laptops immediatly. If you have questions contact me immediatly.

If this part of the article is true:

Dave Aitel, a researcher at Immunity, said his exploits are capable of launching attacks against firewall-protected Windows XP SP2. “A worm is coming. This bug is just too easy to exploit,” Aitel said in an interview with eWEEK.

Aitel’s company was able to reverse-engineer Microsoft’s patch and create a working exploit in less than 24 hours.

We could have serious problems as even machines protected by sp2’s firewall(and maybe any other software firewall) could still be attacked and exploited.

For anyone reading this who is behind a long as you have not opened ports 137 and/or 445 you’ll be protected. Any laptops need to be patched immediatly.