March 14, 2005 General 0

The costs of President Bush’s policy that leaves our borders open and “While President Bush says the U.S. needs more “cheap labor” from south of the border to do jobs Americans aren’t willing to do, the case of the Silverios shows there are indeed uncalculated costs involved in the importation of such labor ? public support and uninsured medical costs.”

This is one of the many insanities that is driving this country to ruin. The sad part is..too many folks are willing to jsut sit back and let it happen becuae it does not affect them directly. Here in Brunswick I am already seeing illegal immigrants with their “anchor babies” buying hosues and tasking jobs we americans need. If i can see it without looking to hard in this town of 6k..I can only imagine what Texas, Arizona, and California are going through.

A commenter on WND sent this in:
Additional expenses

In reference to the article “Illegal aliens threaten U.S. medical system,” I would like to add that there are additional expenses that are generally not addressed. For example, the cost of education for many towns that have large populations of illegal aliens. The labor might be cheaper, but your property taxes will go up.

Another instance is the damage factor. If one were to have a motor vehicle accident with an illegal alien (in New Jersey, for example) one could expect to have to pay his own deductible even if totally “not at fault” because in most instances they are unlicensed and uninsured. If there were any personal damage involved you would have to pay your own medical deductible and the difference that your auto insurer isn’t paying. Automobile accidents are not covered by your regular medical insurance.

Add it up: Is it worth it?

M. Ribiat

NO it is least not if you truly care about this country or have any real common sense.