October 25, 2017 Faith Family Job Stuff 0

As I noted in my previous post, I had accepted an offer of employment with another company with a start date of Oct 30.  I was just informed by a friend of mine(who works at the same company) that my start date is pushed back to Nov 20th.  Why did this happen?  It’s complicated..allow me to explain.

My friend works for the same company I am going to be working for.  Our employer is a sub-contractor of another, larger gov’t contractor.  It is this contractor that has the gov’t contract my freind currently works under.  Our employing company now has a new contract for my friend.  The wrinkle is it is with a DIFFERENT gov’t agency.  this position is a promotion for him and he gets to vet, hire, train the team that is going to work this contract.  The problem is my employment is contingent on the new position opening up for my friend then he moves up and i move into his spot.  It is the other gov’t agency that has slipped the date..not once..but now twice.  This slip has now put me in a very bad situation.  I have about 95% shutdown my business as per my employment terms to take this position.  Because the other contract got slipped now my start date got slipped.  There is nothing my employer can do…so I am slipped as my friend has been slipped.  This basically means I have a seriously reduced income until mid-December.  Am i angry?  Not really..this is the danger of working under gov’t contracts.  This gives me the ability to tidy up a few contracts of my own in an orderly manner.  I am actually impressed with my new employer as they have said they will onboard me NOv 20th and if it slips again they will find something for me to do at my full, contracted salary.  If they have to bring me on within another slippage they are also going to continue to pay my friend his salary so he doesn’t get screwed over either.  There’s not much more I can say here…the employer is taking care of both of us.  While the news was quite the bombshell..now that I have had a chance to process it..I do not have to worry that much..thing will jsut be mega tight for a couple of months until i start my new job.  either way the Lord will provide…jsut have to hang on for a bit longer..:)