November 26, 2017 Job Stuff 0

I have decided to take a step back at work. IMO the inclusiveness and opportunities are only skin deep…just like any club once you get in the door the barriers go up. Too bad. Frankly, right now going to this masquerade is not on my high priority list either. I think this year is the year i use to have a steady income and see if i can find another opportunity out there. This will also be the last time I view a corporate opportunity with anything but cautious skepticism…even outright cynicism.

I have taken several days to contemplate this…and while i was encouraged to get involved immediately..when i tried to 1. Point out the problems I was having with company issued equipment, and 2. ask GP(General Purpose) questions with which to learn how things work…i was met with basically being told you have been here for two days and have already asked x more questions than folks that have been here for years. Of course the one detail(i think out of many) that was left out of my orientation was that everyone is on a 40 hour/wk contract. This company actually doesn’t have a dedicated IT staff…yeah..not good in my eyes. This company gives great benefits…they tout their low costs as the reason why they can offer such great benefits and perks. The flipside is…they have nobody for anything no dedicated IT staff….no dedicated HR or anything else. So asking questions means you are taking somebody’s time away from their own contract work. Honestly, When i was doing the interview process it seemed like the company had a ton of internal chaos…it isn’t chaos…it is by design. So every employee is not only responsible for their on the books job..but also taking on some component of running the company. I, for one, do not agree with this business philosophy and I think it leads to burnout, incompetence and eventually failure. So i will get through this first year and take advantage of the medical benefits. Unless i see significant improvements though, I will be looking for another position elsewhere and only take a second year retention(if offered) if i cannot find another similarly paying position elsewhere.