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  1. Jeannie says:

    I just read this…don’t know how I missed it before. You are correct…I do believe God gave this job to you to learn a big lesson and we have discussed that many times. We all have to experience things to learn and some of those things aren’t easy. I have to reference Jimmy here…he wanted to stop smoking so badly and I suggested for him to take a walk, exercise, do anything to take his mind off of wanting a cigarette…well, he & I have laughed so many times. God knew Jimmy well and knew that HE would have to have him hit by a semi truck in order for him to quit smoking! That is exactly what happened when he took my advice and went out for a walk March 11th, 2013, the day I moved to Morristown. The rest is history, but Jimmy, like you, is a survivor and hasn’t wanted a cigarette since then. You are strong willed, but also have an extremely strong faith and God will provide and teach you along the way. This time, I feel that you will get a job that you are not only qualified for, but will be productive. One day at a time…it is all in God’s HANDS as we both know. Keep moving forward and NEVER give up. One day at a time. I love you and I’m so very proud of you…..Mom

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