November 1, 2006 General 0

U-Tube Sues You-Tube Over Too Much Web Traffic

Perrysburg, Ohio (AP) – You visited the U-tube site recently?

We don’t mean the one with the videos. We mean the one that’s suing the one with the videos.

An industrial products company in Ohio – called
Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment – has a Web address of
That’s the letter “u,” followed by the word “tube.”

The much-better-known site where people can post their favorite video clips is – beginning with the letters “y-o-u.”

Universal Tube says its site is now jammed with
more than 100 times the traffic it used to get. In its lawsuit, it’s
demanding that YouTube either change its name or pay so that Universal
Tube can create a new Web domain and corporate identity.

Sue them to have them make you a new identity?  Bleh..their webhost is here. Those allotments are way overpriced for this market these days.  I sent them a nice e-mail stating they need to fire the lawyers and hire a new webhost.  It will be cheaper for them in every way.  Maybe they’ll contact my business?..<G.

*update* Mashable has even more details..:)