June 24, 2019 Christianity Church 0

One of the many tragedies of the past 4 years has been my inability to find a church home.  it’s been a long time and every church I have tried I do not feel like I belong there(including one i used to attend).  This morning, one of the few men claiming the title of Christian who actually deserve to wear that mantle, sent me the following:

I have a proposal regarding you blessing a church that is very much in need. I know you haven’t attached to a body yet, and one of my churches DESPERATELY needs some good tithing and serving believers to give things a boost. I thought of you and 3 others who have been “displaced” from their long term church homes as possible HUGE blessings to a very needy congregation.

Given my history with modern religion and modern Churchianity, i normally would reject a message like this out of hand…however This person is one I still have immense respect for and therefore i was instantly curious.  My previous main church I was considered a foundational member(whatever that meant as it didn’t mean what I thought it meant).  So now I get this message and my first thought is…Curiosity?  That’s not a William reaction that’s a spirit reaction.  so my reply to this inquiry?

you definitely have me curious…? I was a foundational member @(previous church) and it got me…well you know. I guess the fact that I am at least curious is a good sign?..?

Let’s see where this goes…Jesus is in charge on this one..left to my own devices I would not even explore this…:)