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The pandering of illegals in the mortgage market has come home to roost.

January 5, 2009 General 0

Foreclosure Crisis Hits Hispanics Hard | The Big Picture. Let’s see..there’s nearly 20 million ILLEGALS in this country and they are mostly in the southern states..and migrating north.  I remember posting about this insanity back in 2005. Illegal immigrans able to get a home mortgage..guess what kind they were?!?!?!  Sub-Prime, ARMS, Interest only..etc etc etc. … Read more

Guess again who’s to blame for U.S. mortgage meltdown

September 20, 2008 General 0

Guess again who’s to blame for U.S. mortgage meltdown Wait until the mother of all bailouts happens.  It won’t be bilions it will be trilions.  The gov’t now owns nearly half of all mortgages out there, the largest insurance company, and soon even more.  This is purely socialism under the guise of free markets.

WorldNetDaily: A mortgage plan tailored for illegals

April 8, 2005 General 0

How about more incentives for illegals to come in? Easy to get home loans. The IRS will not report these illegals to immigration hence they are harboring illegals. How lovely.

The War is Against America…and the electorate is complicit.

June 1, 2022 Family Finance Food Politics 0

“Ishmael” over at the market ticker has a very poignant post that i will reproduce in full.  However, there’s more food shortages coming…the food plant shutdowns for baby formula is one..but there’s been a rash of fires in major processing plants in all kinds of products.  Folks this is only the beginning..when Biden said shortages… Read more

The Opiod Problem is Growing. What is Maryland’s response? Even MORE Enablement and a Statement of Faith and Personal Responsibility.

June 21, 2017 Christianity Family Fathers Obama Care 0

I made a post last year about how the push to put Narcan in the hands of all first responders was going to enable more overdoses.  I am not saying this is the only reason but it is one of the biggest reasons.  The economic circumstances for so many people has not changed…or in many… Read more

So Much For “Tolerance”

April 3, 2012 Anti-Americanism Christianity Politics 0

The “gay” folks just as much right to refuse business to Christians as the Christians do to refuse to the Gays.  Purely Constitutional.  The fact the sate is apparently going to force the issue would be enough for me to move out of that state. A Lexington, KY t-shirt company is under investigation by the city’s Human Rights Commission after they… Read more

Foreclosure Deal Means Homeowners Get Screwed Again

February 10, 2012 Anti-Americanism Finance 0

So the banks first get away with illegal fillings and bogus documents.  they then foreclosed while committing  Perjury  in court.  They have to pay 25 billion TOTAL.  What’s the real cost?  Over 1 TRILLION in bad documents.  Granted some homeowners made their own bed..but there are many many cases that are easily searchable on Google whre the banks… Read more


July 4, 2011 Finance 0

If your bank suddenly comes to you to “adjust” your mortgage without you asking tell them to pound sand…the next thing you do is make them prove they actually have all of the paperwork.  There’s several ways to do this…i would highly suggest enlisting a real estate attorney.  More and more mortgages are turning out to be frauds pushed by the banks… Read more

Foreclosure Fraud Finally Getting Addressed..the Right Way.

January 8, 2011 Criminal Finance 0

In a decision that may slow foreclosures nationwide, Massachusetts highest court voided the seizure of two homes by Wells Fargo & Co and US Bancorp after the banks failed to show they held the mortgages at the time they foreclosed.Bank shares fell, weighing on broader stock indexes, on fears the decision could threaten lenders ability… Read more

Matt Taibbi: Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners | Rolling Stone Politics

November 21, 2010 Criminal Finance 0

This is a huge report.  Read EVERY page.  Now the courts are involved int he fraud.  If it’s happening in Florida it’s everywhere folks.  check on your own mortgage immediately..make sure you have the paperwork on your own.  Don’t depend on the mortgage brokers to have their copy. The foreclosure lawyers down in Jacksonville had warned me, but I was skeptical. They told… Read more

Obama’s $2 billion India armada

November 8, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal Obama 0

To me, Obama’s rationalization for the extravagance is more outrageous than spending more money the U.S. Treasury doesn’t have. He says the purpose of the India excursion is to bring jobs and economic opportunities to the U.S. through expanded trade. What’s wrong with this picture? Expanded trade with India for the foreseeable future spells a… Read more

Exactly what are you celebrating?

July 5, 2010 Anti-Americanism Finance New World Order 0

This is a very interesting read…and much truer than most folks will ever admit. Regardless of what one thinks of the left-leaning Obama voters, it is eminently clear that they did not vote for a Vietnam-like expansion of the war in Afghanistan. Nor did they vote for the assassination of American citizens without trial, government… Read more

Interesting Timing by the Fed…Time for a Housing Price Crash.

January 4, 2010 Finance 0

“HAFA” – Foreclosure Warning Dead Ahead! – The Market Ticker. Don’t forget that we have a second wave of massive foreclosures coming Alt-A and Option-ARMS which are going to either reset or recast.  Now they are going to send another wave of defaults into the market as per a post I made back in December… Read more

This is not the Second Wave. That’s not Until 2010

December 7, 2009 Finance 0

The real second wave doesn’t hit until the 2010 resets of the rest of the sub prime market(which includes quite a bit of commercial) resets in 2010. ‘Second wave’ of foreclosures continues to rise Wheaton homeowner saved moments before his home goes on the auction block by Amber Parcher | Staff Writer In a matter… Read more

One Reason to Keep up With Your PC’s Security

November 9, 2009 Uncategorized 0

AP IMPACT: Framed for child porn — by a PC virus by AP: Yahoo! Tech. Anti-virus isn’t enough.  I have posted before on the security flaws inherent to IE, ActiveX and by extension Windows.  Why it may not be a valid defense for all in many cases it purely is a valid defense especially considering… Read more

Get Ready for Another Mortage Meltdown

July 13, 2009 Finance General 0

Mr. Nocera (And Regulators): WAKE UP! – The Market Ticker. I have been talking about this for a long time.

Live blogging Obama’s town hall

March 26, 2009 General 0

His initial statement talks about one of the criterion for a recovery is if families have more money in their pockets..when his multi-trillion budget saddles this country with even more debt so more of our money has already been spent. A historic investment in early childhood education? I’m wondering what this means? Our success will… Read more

The WSJ is a bit behind

January 29, 2009 General 0

Calculated Risk: WSJ: Option ARM Defaults Rising. Barry Ritholtz found this gem on 60 minutes back in December.  There’s more than 1 trillion involved here and it’s only the beginning.

New Wave of Defaults Coming

December 15, 2008 General 2

Subprime isn’t the only issue and a new wave of defaults is on the way.  Hat Tip Barry Ritholtz.

Now this is amazing. How wall street is a founding pillar of this (now criminal)mess.

October 7, 2008 General 1

A Look At Wall Street’s Shadow Market, 60 Minutes: How Some Arcane Wall Street Financial Instruments Magnified Economic Crisis – CBS News. Let me highlight something in this video: They are private and largely undisclosed contracts that mortgage investors entered into to protect themselves against losses if the investments went bad. And they are part… Read more

The deception continues..and YOU need to take action

September 28, 2008 Finance General 0

Goodbye Ben – How Many in Congress Have a Pair? – The Market Ticker Congress needs to be told to stop and think about how bad this YOU..more than once!!! Public outcry is loud but not enough to make congress listen unfortunately. Bernake is holding us hostage with this scare tactic and is deliberately… Read more

AIG isn’t out of the woods yet

September 17, 2008 Finance General 0

Fed rescues AIG, Barclays buys Lehman U.S. unit – Yahoo! News AIG will pay interest at a steep 8.5 percentage points above the three-month London Interbank Offered Rate, equal to about 11.4 percent. That gives AIG a big incentive to embark on a massive asset sale program to pay back the loan quickly. AIG’s bailout… Read more

Government announces $85 billion loan to save AIG – Yahoo! News

September 16, 2008 General 0

Government announces $85 billion loan to save AIG – Yahoo! News I saw this coming this morning but only could post a minute ago about it.  This means now the gov’t owns most of hte mortgages in this country and now the largest insurance agency.  Folks..socialism is so close..just nobody is looking at it right… Read more

Calls for socialsim begin

September 16, 2008 Finance General 0

Vox Popoli: AMF Vox day has this one nailed.  This is the failure of the socialcrats and outright greed.  this is not the failure of hte capitalistic market system.  The gov’t should not have stepped into freddie, fanny, indymac, or BS.  They should have all failed and brought risk back into this market.  They have… Read more

Britain’s version of the bailout emerges

April 21, 2008 General 0

U.K. unveils a $100 billion credit crunch plan – World business- The Bank of England, aiming to deal with the crippling impact of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, on Monday announced a $100 billion plan to allow banks to swap mortgage-backed securities for British Treasury bills. So the UK’s central bank is going to… Read more

The Fictional Bailout

April 20, 2008 General 0

The day the financial world almost ended “Yes, we bailed out the economy,” said Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in Senate testimony on Thursday, referring to the Fed’s role in responding to the Bear Sterns collapse. But since when is it the Fed’s job to authorize spending taxpayer money, which violates the long-standing separation between Fed… Read more

The bailout begins in earnest

March 17, 2008 General 0

Bear Sterns is being bailed out by the Fed and being sold for nearly pennies to JP Morgan Chase.  The Fed has also opened up unlimited lines of credit to the top 20 banks.  This means the dollar is going to plunge even worse than it has now and is only going to exacerbate the… Read more

JPMorgan Chase, Fed to aid Bear Stearns (The Fed Bank Bailout Begins..and it’s going to crash and burn)

March 14, 2008 General 0

JPMorgan Chase, Fed to aid Bear Stearns – U.S. business- Last week, the Fed announced an industry-wide rescue package that would provide as much as $200 billion in loans to banks and investment houses and allow them to put up risky home-loan packages as collateral. It was the Fed’s latest effort to stem a… Read more

A Typically Short-Sighted Solution to Long-Term Problem

November 25, 2007 General 0 – Democratic Presidential Hopeful John Edwards Will Unveil Strategy to Reduce Heating Oil Costs /a> Noting that home heating oil prices in New Hampshire have surpassed $3 a gallon, the former North Carolina senator is calling on Congress to release some of the nations home heating oil and crude oil reserves as a way… Read more

I forgot to mention this one.

November 21, 2007 General 0

WorldNetDaily: Hundreds of banks threatened by new subprime crisis If your mortgage has been sold to another bank as part of an investment(as many have these days) then the institution holding that mortgage pool owns nothing..they are standing on a time bomb since those debts are unsecured. WOW.

The wall street disconnect

June 28, 2007 Finance General 0

The stock market is going up right now and projected to go higher. unfortunately they are ignoring the various warnings of a coming recession: 1: Oil is up to $70 a barrel 2: The subprime mortgage mess and the sudden halt of the real estate bubble. 3: Layoffs are starting up again 4: The overall… Read more

The interest Only Scam revealed as it unravels

September 3, 2006 Finance General 0

Nightmare Mortgages – Yahoo! News The average joe is going tog et hammered. Also any investors and sharholders are getting ripped off as well. Be expecting things to get ugly once this house of lies comes crashing down in terms of hte economy.

The American Dream..done the illegal way

July 20, 2005 General 1

Embracing Illegals But Inez and Antonio aren’t your typical American consumers. They’re undocumented immigrants who live and work in the U.S. illegally. When the couple, along with Esmeralda, crossed the Mexican border five years ago, they had little money, no jobs, and lacked basic documents such as Social Security numbers. Guided by friends and family,… Read more

WorldNetDaily: E-mail to the EditoThis is a very wise and sobering statementr

June 26, 2005 General 0

This is a very wise and sobering statementWorldNetDaily: E-mail to the Editor: “Property ownership a sham already Though the recent decision by the Supreme Court shows egregious disrespect for the People, the Constitution and traditions of property ownership in our country, it is by no means surprising. I recently ask a woman I know if… Read more

Vox Popoli: Only four years late

May 29, 2005 General 0

This quote sums up the housing market right now. Housing is definitly overvalued. It WILL come crashing down as most of the mortages in a large part of the country are those interest only scam loans.Vox Popoli: Only four years late: “As Mr. McCulley predicted, interest rate cuts led to soaring home prices, which led… Read more