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An amazing story

January 10, 2005 General 1

Ross who is a moderator of the Computer Help and Discussion Yahoo Group just recently joined the blogosphere. He is writing some amazing pieces on his love story between him and his wife of many years. This has been an incredible read. I invite you all to go take a look here.

Food poisoning

January 10, 2005 General 0

I had to post something today; however, Icould not figure out what it was going to be.Me and my family went to a local Sam’sClub and had lunch. Simple meal thatconsisted of hot dogs and cokes.Me and my wife both had serious reactionspraise the Lord my daughter made itthrough without a problem. My wifesent to… Read more

Praise be to God

January 7, 2005 General 0

I have been wanting to write songs praising God and several times i have had either the music in my head but could not get the words or i would get the words and not get thee music. i wrote this on Jan 17 2003, 02:03 PM . Here are the words to the song… Read more

A Tribute to my Wife

January 7, 2005 General 0

My wife..the woman of my dreams. sometimes i do not treat her like a Godly man should,sometimes I have taken her for granted,I fell on my knees and asked for her hand in marriage,and praise be to God she said yes. We have been married a short time,we have gone through hell and high water,but… Read more

my thoughts right now

January 7, 2005 General 0

Well let me tell you, it sucks being a techie these days. The IT markethas either dried up or gone overseas it seems. I now have started myown business but of course with it being a startup it is not paying thebills. However because it is a consulting firm it is not costing usmuch cash(fuel… Read more

Tsunami – Kalutara Beach, Sri Lanka

January 7, 2005 General 0

Here are some startling photos of the tsunami damage I ranacross. They are arranged in before/after format. I ran acrossthese on

The insanity over the tsunami

January 7, 2005 General 7

What is interesting to me is as I look around the blogosphere, I see the UN trying to figure out what it is going to do. The UN as usual is doing nothing substantiative at all. What makes it more funny is the fact that the most hated country in the UN(the US) is in… Read more

Welcome to my blog!

January 7, 2005 General 0

This is my first time ever blogging. I have no idea what i am doing!..:) I am looking forward to it though as i have wanted to do one for some time. Enjoy! Hescominsoon