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WorldNetDaily: Cucumber-condom video online

March 11, 2005 General 0

This is the county just south of mine. Sex-ed does not work. The teen pregnancy rate and teen SD rate is not going to go down and is highy likely to just go up after this is implemented. The only effective education is abstinence. What’s even more amazing is that the board would put an… Read more

WorldNetDaily: Man offers $1 million to save Terri Schiavo

March 11, 2005 General 0

This will be interesting to see. This puts Michael in a bind. Either way he shows his true colors..:)

MSNBC – Fla. bid to intervene in Schiavo case rejected

March 10, 2005 General 0

Geer and Michael Schiavo are determined to kill Terri at all costs. *update* Blogs for Terri has even more informaiton about Greer’s apparent arrogance..i akin this to apparent insanity.

Opposistion to Disengagement Grows

March 10, 2005 General 0

The opposistion to disengagement is mounting and now folks from the military and police are refusing orders. This could get really really ugly.Arutz Sheva via CosmicX carries an op-ed from Yehuda Poch asking what happened to Sharon and our Governments desire to protect our homeland and its people? In an earlier post the Israeli Left… Read more

Opposistion Grows Against the New Bankruptcy Giveaway to the Credit Card Companies

March 10, 2005 General 0

wow has this thing exploded. I knew the bankruptcy bill was bad but i did not know how bad. Politology has a nice post and informative post about hte effort to get a blog swarm started on this one. the opposistion crosses both liberal blogs and conservative blogs as well. I posted earlier about this… Read more

Hackers put Bush in power

March 10, 2005 General 0

Oh this is rich. So unknown hackers hacked hte optical scanner machines to put Bush in power? ROFL! This is rich when it is known the Dems and some Repubs pushed for hte touch screen machines becuase they facilitate voting fraud..:)

We Won’t Shut Down Bloggers.

March 9, 2005 General 0

Now McCain and CO. are saying, “Trust us..we won’t come after the bloggers”. As noted in the above Captain’s post..yeah..right.


March 9, 2005 General 0

Well what do we have here? Mr. Harrington is making a stink about the City’s mangement report and Audit report. He is leaving one major detail out…he knew about this report a full 6 months to a year before it was released and knew about its generation before that..while he was still on the City… Read more

Consumer Data Stolen from Reed Elsevier U.S. Unit

March 9, 2005 General 0

Qutoing the article:Seisint, based in Boca Raton, Florida, collects data from government agencies, building large databases and ways to extract information from them. A Seisint-created criminal information database called Matrix came under fire after it drew up a list of people with terrorist profiles, which then led to some arrests. Many of the company’s customers… Read more

MSNBC – Shoe chain says customer data stolen

March 9, 2005 General 0

More identity theft. This time DSW gets hit. Unfortunatly for DSW they did not catch it outside credit card company alerted them.

MSNBC – ChoicePoint files found riddled with errors

March 9, 2005 General 0

The Homeland Security Dept’s contractor for informaiton is riddled iwth errors. Is this truly surprising?

More Disengagement Opposistion Surfaces

March 9, 2005 General 0

The opposistion to disengagement inside Israel is getting louder and more intense. There is the Sanhedrin speaking out and then one Rabbi blasts Sharon’s plan here. Both of these are at Cosmic X.

lgf: The Definition of Sedition

March 9, 2005 General 0

Now this is a small problem now..but if these idiots continue this they will be leading us to the one thing they are hysterical about..a draft. Keep it up guys and gals you may be the cause of the one thing you claim to fear the most..:)

galileeblog: Column: What Are They Thinking?

March 8, 2005 General 0

This is a highly insightful article about the Israeli Left. However you can take this and apply it to our leftists as well. While you are at it, most lefties think this way. Hat tip to Cosmic X for the tips to look at this blog. *update* Here is another article on the same bog… Read more

WorldNetDaily: The New Age Supreme Court

March 8, 2005 General 0

Did you know Supreme Court justices can be impeached? It has come high time for this as the wackos who formed their legal judgements based on international laws and opinions need to be thrown off the bench. They are supposed to make judgements according to our constituion not eslewhere. Had this court been following our… Read more

Bankruptcy Follies Cloaked as Reform

March 8, 2005 General 0

While there are some good pooints in this…there are some missteps. “What the credit card industry has been doing the last 10 years is akin to sending free samples of alcohol to alcoholics,” says Travis Plunkett, legislative director for the Consumer Federation of America. True I get credit card offers monthly. Now that I have… Read more

WorldNetDaily: If the president isn’t lying, what’s he doing?

March 8, 2005 General 0

This is an interesting op-ed on the lack of border control by our federal gov’t.

MSNBC – Tax cuts lose spot on GOP agenda

March 7, 2005 General 0

Spend like a drunken Democrat and guess what? Tax cuts go bye-bye..:) RINO’s abound these days..:)

It’s Taking Over!

March 7, 2005 General 0

Actually this is something I want to happen. I currently have 3 linux boxes in my house. 1.) Astaro Security Linux Firewall2.) File server running CentOS 3.43.) Gaming server running CentOS 4(this is my CS 1.6 and teamspeak server) Now we can add another one:4.) My wife’s Laptop running CentOS 4/Win 2k pro. The CentOS… Read more

****** Cosmic X ******: A Blogger From Inside Jerusalem

March 7, 2005 General 0

I have found a blogger who lives in Jerusalem. This is a unique perspective from INSIDE Israel about what the poeople think about what their gov’t is doing in regards to this disengagement debacle. Frankly this disengagement merely creates a vacum whre the terorists can move in and seutp new cells. Plus why are govt’s(including… Read more

La Shawn Barber’s Corner ? Liberal and Conservative Bloggers United

March 6, 2005 General 0

There are so many things the gov’t is trying to steal from us with Bush’s blessing. Besides trying to make a national ID card, further attacks on the constitution are coming under Bush’s watch. Lashawn Barber has this one covered well with her own commentary and lots of links. *update* IF this law gets extended… Read more

Yahoo! News – Ex-Hostage Disputes U.S. on Iraq Shooting

March 6, 2005 General 0

An Italian Eason Jordan in the making? *update* It turns out the driver of the journalists car was speeding towards a checkpoint that has been the target of several suicide car bombers. Gee, no wonder our boys opened fire. Captain’s Quarters has more. *update 2* Michelle Malkin notes how CNN either fabricates more stuff or… Read more

Business leaders bail out on payroll tax

March 4, 2005 General 0

The Jan. 14 Gazette report noted that the board was not endorsing a specific bill, but was backing the general concept of the payroll tax. At the time, a health care policy analyst for the board said the tax “seemed to make perfect sense to our membership, especially when you account for the fact that… Read more

State reviews final power plant filings

March 4, 2005 General 0

oh lovely. More overcapacity so we can watch our PURPA surcharges go up even more. PURPA is a regulation at the federal level that says generators can make all the power they want and thee local power utility HAS to buy it if the generator wishes to sell it.

Mayor recommends assistant police chief appointment

March 4, 2005 General 0

Congrats Andy! The council has more than a few things on its plate this year..:)

Brunswick Buzz: Brunswick bustles with signs of spring

March 4, 2005 General 0

Here’s the thiings coming up in town..:)

Slots, slots, slots, slots, slots

March 4, 2005 General 0

To quote Mr. Bush“The only reason that I can think that they wouldn’t accept this is that there is a greed factor involved,” he said. “The longer this goes on, it will become transparent to people that this is all about unjust enrichment for a few well-connected Marylanders.” sorry you have it backwards..the only need… Read more | 03/04/2005 | Apple 1, bloggers 0

March 4, 2005 General 0

The individual who runs thinksecret is not under the NDA. Apparently the folks who disclosed the informaiton were. While this could chill freedom fof speech online..the folks that broke hte NDA’s are legally liable. However thinksecret is not liable here..i don’t think.

How to track a PC anywhere it connects to the Net: ZDNet Australia: News: Security

March 4, 2005 General 0

I am sure various govt’s are going to love this. I am also sure the BSD’s and linux vendors will beath this waaaay before MS does..:)

broadband ? News ? New Homeowners Handcuffed to ISP’s – Carriers striking deals with developers

March 3, 2005 General 0

This is one of hte many reasons i loathe HOA’s.

A Chapter Closed

March 3, 2005 General 0

It’s over. My obessing over the community is partially to blame. I am no longer interested in proving my point. I am leaving and that is it. My wife rightfully blasted me for obessing over the community then obessing over my wanting to prove my feelings and conclusions are right. I love having a wife… Read more

ICANN Still Steal Your Domain

February 27, 2005 General 0

Yeppers..domain hijacking is easy now. If your registrar does not offer domain locking..get another one who does.

MSNBC – Bank of America loses customer data

February 27, 2005 General 0

How ironic. I have been seeing BOA running commercials saying that in there business no errors are acceptable. Hrmm looks like they need to re-evaluate their procedures and commercials.

Yahoo! News – Man Cleared to Remove Wife’s Feeding Tube

February 25, 2005 General 0

The judge basically says, “I am not going to investigate the possible abuse nor am i going to worry about the inconsistenceies put forth by Michael. Sir you are cleared to murder your wife with the court’s blessing.”

ABC 7 News – Anglican Church Asks U.S., Canada to Leave

February 25, 2005 General 0

I was wondering when the fallout from the American Episcopal Church’s blessing of homosexual priests and weddings would come around and bite them. I was hoping they would reverse themselves before it came to this point.

When Will They Come for My Son? :: Terri Schiavo :: ProLifeBlogs

February 23, 2005 General 0

The appeals has been rejected and this paves the way for Michael Schiavo to murder his wife with the court’s blessing. Most folks do not realize how big of a precedent this will set. One blogger named Tom McMahon asks, “When will they come for my son?” His concerns are very noteworthy in this case… Read more

Judge delays Terri Schiavo’s starvation

February 22, 2005 General 0

Woohoo! Keep those prayers, e-mails, blog posts, and phone calls coming *UPDATE UPDATE*This is mistaken! Michael Schiavo has decided he will murder Terri immediatly and starve this woman to death. The correction and details are here. *UPDATE 2*Apparently the stay was issued after all. Lashawn Barber has the details.More details at blogs for terri and… Read more

WorldNetDaily: The year’s 10 most underreported stories

February 22, 2005 General 0

Just a quick thought: How true this list is. The bloggers have been all over most of these. Nothing from the MSM who apparently are for open borders and unregulated immigration to try to steal elections. *Hat Tip* Michelle Malkin

Jackson’s Junction: Choicepoint – What you are not hearing

February 22, 2005 General 0

Big Brother comtinues his march. It turns out this company is one that the Homeland Security Dept. uses in its anti-terrorism operations. You would think they would be a bit more in the due dilligence area. The blog I have linked to is a member of the credit/collections industry. I have a previous post about… Read more

The ICC’s new winding road

February 18, 2005 General 0

Well i am 0-2 for good election decisions. Bush was the first. Now my state’s Gov. Ehrlich has turned out to be another RINO. He wanted to borrow against FUTURE projected federal funding to build a road that really wasn’t needed in the area it was proposed to run.

AP Wire | 02/17/2005 | ChoicePoint hacking attack may have affected 400,000

February 18, 2005 General 0

This is about what i thought. I figured the break in would be much bigger than first reported given their database with billions of records.

The MSM is Beside Itself Over Easongate

February 18, 2005 General 0

Here is the MSM’s attempt at a response. Instead of trying to get their readers caught up they decide to attack bloggers. Bad move. It only makes them look more like dinosaurs. The MSM can compete with bloggers…as long as they change how they do things. Their days of free passes with no accountability are… Read more

WorldNetDaily: Judge drops all charges against Philly Christians

February 17, 2005 General 0

Good to hear it. While I may not like what the homosexual activists have to say the First amendment is clear that it is protected under free speech. They tried to silence Christians who deicded to stand up to them. I am glad to see it failed.

WorldNetDaily: Revived Sanhedrin discusses Temple

February 17, 2005 General 0

I much time do we have left before Gabriel blows his horn and we are wisked away into heaven and the tribulation starts?

Wittenberg Gate: Afterthought

February 17, 2005 General 0

Wittenberg Gate has some excerpts of Michael Schiavo’s testimony. It shows how vindictive he is and how self-centered he is. If he wants out of the marriage, just divorce her. Why is Michael bent on killing Terri? Another post shows that Terri is not being kept alive mechanically. That means Terri is disabled. Where’s the… Read more

More news on Terri

February 17, 2005 General 0

Hyscience is one of a few large blogs that are aggregating the Terri Schiavo stories and refusing to let her die without a fight. I hope this little link helps save her life. *update*Over at Pro-life Blogs there is more going on with the save Terri fight as well *update 2*Over at Wittenberg Gate there… Read more

iowahawk: The BLOG

February 17, 2005 General 0

This is a funny post in the form of a novel that satirizes the rise of the blog against the current mdeia structure. It is quite the hoot.

The Captain’s Quarter’s: The Party of Media Silence

February 17, 2005 General 0

Howard Dean dicided he wanted to debate a “neocon”. Now you figure this would be something he would crow about to all the press right? Nope. Dean wanted a media blockout. Go figure.

Powerline: Gentleman jockeys must be crazy

February 17, 2005 General 0

The Easongate Follies continue. Much as the MSM did during Rathergate, they are trying to say bloggers have no idea what they are doing. As it was in Rathergate, it will be shown the MSM is being help accountable for once. This is a treand that will continue. The MSM’s days of free passes are… Read more : Homeless and houseless

February 16, 2005 General 0

Oh no! While that house was old and probably falling down, had been through many storms, and withstood our tornado this past summer, kinda sad to see Avery loose the house he has been living for as long as most folks around here can remember. Avery is such a nice man and doesn’t bother most… Read more

Save Muni Wireless

February 16, 2005 General 0

I thought my home state would have enough intelligence to not go here. It appears politicians everywhere are not immune to the lobbying poisoning.

La Shawn Barber’s Corner ? Howard Dean: Emboldened White Liberal of the Week

February 16, 2005 General 0

This is classic: Howard Dean, the new leader of the Dems, just got done insulting the black caucus. They either let him get away with it or they are so wrapped up into their I am a victim mentality they did not even see the racial slur he sent their way.

A message from Terri Schiavo’s father

February 16, 2005 General 0

This is a continuation of an earlier post. How amazing. Michael has not produced a single shred that his wife wants to die and he seems determined to kill her so he can continue to live with his lover whom he has children with. The part that boggles my mind is this; if he wants… Read more


February 16, 2005 General 0

How much more U.N. sex corruption is there? Apparently quite a bit. Michelle Malkin is on the case again. This is a continuation of what i posted earlier.

Rathergate continues

February 16, 2005 General 0

This is getting ugly. It appears that CBS simply tried to sweep it under the rug and then whitewash things to make them go away. Unfortunatly this appears to be backfiring. *update*LaShawn Barber has more details on the ugliness.


February 15, 2005 General 0

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

February 15, 2005 General 0

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog. – U.S. & World – Seven NAMBLA Members Busted in Sex Sting

February 15, 2005 General 0

I always thought these perverts were sick. This just confirms it. Thanks to Vox Day for posting it.

MSNBC – Database giant gives access to fake firms

February 15, 2005 General 0

Ah the myth of privacy. Read this story fully..this company has information on just about everyone in the country..and probably more.

Great Progress but the Battle is Ahead :: Terri Schiavo :: ProLifeBlogs

February 15, 2005 General 0

The fight to save Terri Schiavo continues. I have added my link to this effort. My post about this mess is here.I am not going to rehash what i said, follow the link to my previous post last month about this.


February 15, 2005 General 0

One of out trooops now faces the death penalty for defending himself during a military operation. The leftists wonder why our casualty rate is going up in such seemingly mundane operations. Hrmm..maybe the fact that you are prosecuting our soldiers for doing their jobs?

Big Brother Cometh

February 15, 2005 General 2

Want a national ID card with embedded technology that means you can be tracked anywhere you go? It is on the way if this Real ID Act goes through. The House has already passed it…the Senate will..and Bush intends to sign it(Bush is pushing it). This may be a no-no in the blogger world but… Read more

Break-In At SAIC Risks ID Theft (

February 13, 2005 General 0

Whoopsie!I wonder if they need an outside contractor to help them out?On a serious note, I hope those secret types build new covers quickly. ICK.

Eason Jordan Resigns over slander of U.S. Military

February 12, 2005 General 0

The power of the blog swarm. While I feel sorry for his family, I personally would have taken a simple apology. He chose to stonewall. Reminds us of Rathergate no? I wish CNN and Mr. Jordan would just come clean. Instead the coverup continues. *update*More links:LaShawn Barber has a ton of links *update 2*This is… Read more

ABC News: U.N. Sex Crimes in Congo

February 11, 2005 General 0

And we want to keep these people(the UN) around? Their reaction to this is horrid at the least..revolting is more like it. *update* It turns out this is not the only U.N. sex scandal in the world.(of course not..)Michelle Malkin has more.

WorldNetDaily: Homeland chief to ‘waive all laws’?

February 10, 2005 General 0

Well now isn’t this interesting? If this goes through the Secretary of Homeland Defense can waive whatever laws at whatever time for however long at any given moment. Bush a conservative? Hardly. We are seeing his true colors now that he does not have to worry about re-elction. A final note:Our governor here in Maryland… Read more

Southpaw:Baby Got Book

February 9, 2005 General 0

How about a new take on Sir Mix Alot’s Baby Got Back? Here is one from a Christian perspective..Baby got Book. I ran across this on my favorite hangout the CGA forums. I then found i was waaaaaay behind on it rofl. It rocks. This guy is starting a church in Clevland before long. May… Read more

Vox Popoli: A Delano, not Reagan*update*

February 9, 2005 General 0

I thought this law of the sea business had died. Unfortunatly it appears to only gaining steam. IF this passes more of our national sovreignty will be wiped away. *update* Here is a direct link to the column I am reproducing it here: Opportunity knocking: defeat Law of the Sea TreatyPhyllis Schlafly (archive) February 7,… Read more

Hero Salute

February 9, 2005 General 0

This brought tears to my eyes. As a former military member myself i saw some of the apathy and outright hatred our military members must suffer through at the hands of those ungrateful citizens. We are following orders. The military only does what it is told. Unfortunatly i am afraid the country will have to… Read more

The United States of America was founded upon the principle of secured liberty

February 7, 2005 General 0

An interesting dissertation on the ways the gov’t has and is violating the very constitution it is supposed to protect. The United States of America was founded upon the principle of secured liberty

Freedoms Lost Under G.W. Bush(REasons i did not vote for Bush this year)

February 7, 2005 General 0

Freedoms Lost Under G.W. Bush February 03, 2005 By Chuck Baldwin Supporters and apologists for President G.W. Bush will often assail my assertion that the Bush administration has done more to dismantle constitutional protections of our liberties than any president in modern memory. It seems that these people believe that until federal Storm Troopers knock… Read more

No good deed goes unpunished

February 5, 2005 General 0

You have got to be kidding me; a judge actually let this go through? People wonder why people resort to computers and phones now. Knock on somebody’s door to be neighborly and you get sued? Those two girls who were just trying to do a good deed got punished for it by the court system.… Read more

Yahoo! News – Bush Budget Calls for Law Enforcement Cuts

February 5, 2005 General 0

Now this is from the AP which has been quite liberal. That being said I applaud the huge increase in defense. I also applaud the increase in the Coast Guard’s budget. However I do have a problem in one area. Where is the massive increase for the border patrol and the hiring of agents to… Read more

The leftists strike again at the military

February 5, 2005 General 0

Don’t these idiots understand if it were not for the U.S. Military we would not have the freedoms we do today? If you do not agree with he not attack our men and women who put their lives onthe line. They are following orders..orders that ultimatly come from the President. Leave the military alone.… Read more

OH NO! The Diplomad signs off!

February 5, 2005 General 0

Oh this sucks. I find a blog i really like and they sign off..:) Oh well..I have taken all of the posts at the diplomad and turned them into word documents. LOOOOOng word documents. Each document is one month’s of postings. Zipped up they are only 512k. If anyone wants them jsut ask below in… Read more

The brainwashing in full swing

February 2, 2005 General 0

I do not normally agrew with Vox Day..but this one is quite disturbing.Vox Popoli: At least they’re learning something

Power Line: Administration Critics Keeping Mum

February 2, 2005 General 0

Have to love it. All the leftists who were crying because the Iraqi elections would fail were proven wrong. NOw let’s see if the Iraqi people can work to get themselves a new consitution and avoid the self-defeatism that is rampant here in America.Power Line: Administration Critics Keeping Mum *update* Another Powerline ArticleHere

Washington Examiner: Opinion

February 2, 2005 General 0

Heh. More UN ineptness shown in this cartoon.Washington Examiner: Opinion

Local election results

February 1, 2005 General 0

It has been decided. Beth Johnson won a close race. The spread? 9 votes. Congratulations to Beth in earning her new seat on the Brunswick City Council. I will try to get the vote tallies and get them posted tomorrow. *Update* Here are the unofficial tallies courtesy of The HoodWinked: Beth Johnson 249Brent Baker 240Wayne… Read more

Local election coverage and fraud

February 1, 2005 General 0

Well the national elections of the last 8years have shown the world how to try to usethe courts to usurp the electorate’s wishes.I was rather glad i live in this small 6kpopulation town..hoping that being a smalltown would at least lend itself to playingfair. Alas, the play is fraud here to.Apparently, a supporter of another… Read more

CBS News Revolt — The National Guard Fiasco — Dan Rather, Martha Mapes

January 31, 2005 General 1

Rathergate continues. CBS News is getting quite a rattling over it.CBS News Revolt — The National Guard Fiasco — Dan Rather, Martha Mapes

Let’s stop the invasion of America by Illegals

January 31, 2005 General 0

Rush has this dead on. Rush Warning: The Immigration Problem

Michelle Malkin: ISLAMISTS TRACKING CHRISTIANS ONLINE*update* MOre interest

January 31, 2005 General 0

nOw this one is interesting. Michelle Malkin: ISLAMISTS TRACKING CHRISTIANS ONLINE *update* more news about this from JihadWatch: Link

Power Line: Democrats Debate Democracy

January 31, 2005 General 0

And the leftists wonder why they keep loosing elections.Power Line: Democrats Debate Democracy

Judicial Insanity

January 31, 2005 General 0

Since when are foreigners entitled to the rights in our constitution? Expecially those who were captured during a wartime operation? Yahoo! News – Judge Backs Guantanamo Detainee Challenges

The Diplomad: More UNhonesty

January 27, 2005 General 0

nough said..:) The Diplomad: More UNhonesty *this blog is shutting down so i am grabbing all text from the site* Thursday, January 27, 2005 More UNhonesty We warned you; some of you didn’t believe us. We told you that on or about January 26, UN Undersecretary General and Disaster Relief Coordinator Jan “Stingy” Egeland would… Read more

The Diplomad: Fight Global Warming: Turn on the A/C & Open the Windows

January 27, 2005 General 0

Here’s one. According to the sky is falling chicken little global warming fearmongers, global warming will be irreverisble in 10 years. The report linked to however has plans for action to be taken in 2025. warming is doomsday in 10 years..2015..but some of their more critical actions are not scheduled for 10 years after… Read more

Fight Global Warming: Turn on the A/C & Open the Windows

January 27, 2005 General 6

The Diplomad: Here’s one. According to the sky is falling chicken little global warming fearmongers, global warming will be irreverisble in 10 years. The report linked to however has plans for action to be taken in 2025. warming is doomsday in 10 years..2015..but some of their more critical actions are not scheduled for 10… Read more

The Diplomad: The USA Responds, and the UN?

January 25, 2005 General 0

More updates on the U.S. aid to the tsunami victims. *This blog is shutting down so I am posting the entire entry here* Monday, January 24, 2005 The USA Responds, and the UN? We received a fact sheet laying out what the USA has done (as of January 18) to aid quake and tsunami victims… Read more

Spineless Leadership in the Senate

January 25, 2005 General 0

I have never been a fan of Seante Majority Leader Frist. This just cements my feelings.Captain’s Quarters

Jihad Watch: A note on the Armanious case

January 25, 2005 General 0

I have been following this case and it gets more interesting and disturbing. Of course the MSM is not mentioning any of this..they are cotowing to the Islam radicals as usual. January 16, 2005(Michelle Malkin) January 17, 2005(Michelle Malkin) January 21. 2005(michelle Malkin) January 23, 2005(From Jihad Watch) Jihad Watch: A note on the Armanious… Read more

Wittenberg Gate: Feminine Modesty

January 25, 2005 General 0

Here’s an article that i agree with. I am not saying women should keep all traces of skin covered at all times. I do agree that women these days should tone it down quite a bit. Then they would see men’s attitudes towards them change drastically.Wittenberg Gate: Feminine Modesty *Update*Here is a post from Michelle… Read more

Terri Schiavo’s death sentence

January 24, 2005 General 0

This man has been living with another woman and even has children by this other woman. He has not produced a shred that says his wife wants to die. So he is going to get her killed by starving her to death. If she does not die of dehydration first. What a cruel way to… Read more

Gay Role Models(The controversey over a video starring most of today’s children’s favorite personalities.

January 23, 2005 General 0

The MSM have twisted this to make it look like Dr. Dobson and the AFA are attackting Spongebob. They are not. They are warning of the hidden agenda of the acceptance of homosexuality as a good and moral thing. I think Dobson and the AFA are on the right track. You may not.

The Diplomad: Great Things Afoot: UN to Save World

January 22, 2005 General 0

The Diplomad is at it again..My commentary is not needed..just read..:) *This blog is shutting down so I am posting the entire entry here* Saturday, January 22, 2005 Great Things Afoot: UN to Save World A lazy Saturday at last! A few phone calls — including a bizarre consular case — but none requiring the… Read more

It’s Snowing!!

January 22, 2005 General 0

Well the big storm the weather folks have beenfalling all over themselves warning us aboutis here. I personally do not think it willbe that bad as this one is coming from thewest. The previous two years we got buried(27 and 17 inches) they were coastal southerlystorms. We might get 6-10 inches. Just enoughto need to… Read more

Brunswick’s local election debate

January 21, 2005 General 0

I support the candidate I am about to mention: From what i have heard, Beth Johnson did quite well.Even the moderator was impressed. It started outas a “Beth Bash” under which Beth Johnson heldher ground and came out looking quite good. Itwill be interesting to see what the local newspaper(called The Citizen) has to say.… Read more

UN relief efforts?

January 21, 2005 General 0

How much work is the US doing vs how much work is the Un and some of the very countries themselves doing? Read this posting from a sailor on the USS Abraham Lincoln. Frankly our boys should pull out of Indonesia now if they want to treat our generosity this way.


January 20, 2005 General 0

Thanks to Michelle Malkin’s site for this one. Still do not think we are in a war? Take a look at this homeland security brief. It may get taken down so hurry to read it. Michelle Malkin: A PEEK BEHIND THE HOMELAND SECURITY CURTAIN

A U.S. Sailor’s account from the ground

January 12, 2005 General 0

After the previous posts being negative about the lack of UN response, how about another account fromt he ground? Thaks to powerline blog: