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Recycling was always broken…the greens are just now figuring out exactly how.

March 7, 2019 Environment 0

Recycling was flawed to begin with.  it can be done but not for the pricing it was at.  Why?  the recycling companies relied on a single point of failure….in this case…China.  We shipped most of our recycling overseas to get processed and used over there…most of this stuff never made it back over here…we were… Read more

The problem with “Green Energy” that nobody talks about.

October 17, 2016 Climate Scam 0

Karl Denninger talks about the one thing greens do not want to acknowledge,  Green Energy will not be able to produce energy 24/7 on its own.  Either it needs batteries or some kind of storage system system for when..not if the green energy doesn’t produce.  Nuclear or fossil fuels are much more reliable and cost… Read more

Game over green bay wins

February 6, 2011 2011 0

Green bay get another one. The rise of aaron rodgers and the end of the favre era is mercifully official.

Green bay fg

February 6, 2011 2011 0

Is it enough?

Green bay td

February 6, 2011 2011 0

Another turnover turned into points

Green bay all over steelers

February 6, 2011 2011 0

So far it is ugly for the steelers let’s hope it continues

The Troubles with being “green”

June 12, 2010 General 0

This person sums up thing nicely.  Ever noticed that anything the envir-nazis get pushed though always turns out worse in the end?  I found this on letters to the editor page. Those blasted greenies It amazes me how stupid and ill-informed liberals are allowed on the streets of this great country and, worse yet,… Read more

Another way being “green” can kill you

December 17, 2009 Climate Scam New World Order 0

Energy-efficient traffic lights can’t melt snow – Yahoo! News. Energy-efficient traffic lights can’t melt snow By DINESH RAMDE, Associated Press Writer Dinesh Ramde, Associated Press Writer Tue Dec 15, 6:43 pm ET MILWAUKEE – Cities around the country that have installed energy-efficient traffic lights are discovering a hazardous downside: The bulbs don’t burn hot enough to melt snow and… Read more

Time Just Posted A Damming Article About the 2020 Election

February 6, 2021 Anti-Americanism New World Order Politics 0

I am not going to say anything.  In case it disappears I will do three things.  I will provide a link to the original article.  I wil also post the article in full here, and i have a pdf archive atttached here as well.  You be the judge: Original article on is here. The… Read more

Karl’s take on 2020

December 12, 2020 Covid-19 General Health Pandemic 0

2020: A Look In Review, And Dark Days Forward* [Comments enabled] When I first began writing The Market Ticker I made a practice of doing a “Year in Review” ticker toward the back half of December with a list of predictions for the next year.  Part of this, after the first one of course, was scoring myself… Read more

Widow’s Fog

June 15, 2019 Faith Family 0

For a very long time…years..after heather died This song really describes how i felt on a daily basis. The only thing i had to keep my sanity whilst I tried to figure out who i was, where i was, how i was going to move forward, and what the F*&^ is next was my extremely… Read more

Hunting Happiness and Being Thankful

November 3, 2018 Faith Family 0

I have the house to myself for about half the day(until Alessa comes back home) and I finally have some time to relax with some good music. After the emotional storms I have been hit with during the past few months, I have been saying daily to the Lord thank you for my truck…and I… Read more

Pettiness shows itself in interesting ways.

February 6, 2017 Brunswick 0

I had hoped the last election which led to Former Mayor Karin Tome being defeated by Mayor Jeff Snoots would result in Karin tome returning to the generally personable person I have known her to be throughout my time here in Brunswick.  While I am diametrically the opposite of her on many political issues I found… Read more

The Oregon Shooting and Gun Fear

October 4, 2015 Anti-Americanism Christianity 0

I am tired of seeing Obama take every incident of shootings to scold this country on the exercising of our rights under the Constitution even though more and more of us are actually giving up those rights. This shooting was a targeted attack on Christians.  Where’s the media outrage? Where’s the Al Sharptions? Where’s the… Read more

It is not about bigotry but it IS about discrimination(RFRA).

April 3, 2015 Anti-Americanism Christianity Politics 1

It’s not the Christians actively acting discriminatory against gays(who’s lifestyle is by definition a choice) but the other way around.  Also Christianity is also a lifestyle(a choice of how to live as well).   Yeah, you see, it’s actually the Christians that are the bigots….. or wait, maybe it’s not? No one targeted pro-gay bakeries, but gay activists… Read more

Energy Secretary Chu Admits Administration OK with High Gas Prices – Yahoo! News

February 29, 2012 Anti-Americanism Climate Scam Finance New World Order Obama 0

COMMENTARY | President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu uttered the kind of Washington gaffe that consists of telling the truth when inconvenient. According to Politico, Chu admitted to a House committee that the administration is not interested in lowering gas prices. Chu, along with the Obama administration, regards the spike in gas prices… Read more

On the government

February 1, 2012 Maryland Politics State of the State 2012 0

We are going to be submitting 700 pages of rules and regulations for reform or removal.  This government has settled with excelon.  They will build a new gas fired power plant.  They will create 6k new jobs.  Maryland is looking at more green projects.  Large scale housing septic developments cause more than 6 times the pollution into… Read more

On the Budget

February 1, 2012 Maryland Politics State of the State 2012 0

This is a jobs budget.  52k jobs for modern schools, infrastructure.  We must bear these costs for our state’s future.  This budget invest in 78k teaching jobs, 11k jobs of building real classrooms, 19k record procurement, 7k jobs from venture capital jobs,   Various jobs related to building various infrastructure projects all over the state.  Areas covered… Read more

Agenda: (see Below)

February 1, 2012 Maryland Politics State of the State 2012 0

Tax Increases, Same-Sex Marriage, “Green Wind Energy”, Shifting Teacher Pensions, Job Creation.

The American Spectator : A Modest Proposal to Fix Global Warming

March 9, 2011 General 0

NO further comments needed. …:) As surely as the cherry blossoms will emerge after another cold, bleak Washington winter, so will the global warming muezzins resume calling us to prayer at their green altar. But now, thanks to National Geographic’s Charles Choi, we are reminded that if global warming actually occurred, any American president can… Read more

Eco-friendly LED bulbs Just as Dangerous as Fluorescents.

February 14, 2011 Environment General 0

Those eco-nazis strike again.  hoard those incandescent bulbs while you can…until the eco-nutjobs get their ban so we can start using ever more dangerous “green” products.  So far most of the “green” technologies are even more harmful than the “dangerous” things they were supposed to replace. The LED bulbs sold as safe and eco-friendly can contain high levels of… Read more

The Obama Energy Terrorism Plans Unfold

February 10, 2011 Anti-Americanism Climate Scam Criminal New World Order Obama 0

NO need for rate hikes when you can manipulate the market to artificially jack up the prices. “The EIA Energy Information Administration predicts plants with 7.7 gigawatts of capacity will close by 2018. Cambridge, Massachusetts-based The Brattle Group, a consulting firm, said in December that 50 to 65 gigawatts of capacity may be closed by… Read more

Steelers td

February 6, 2011 2011 0

Was the first half a fluke for green bay?


February 6, 2011 2011 0

Feild goal for steelers green bay held up kewlies

Obama issues global warming rules in January, gives GE an exemption in February | Timothy P. Carney | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

February 4, 2011 Anti-Americanism Climate Scam New World Order Obama 0

Last month, the Obama EPA began enforcing new rules regulating the greenhouse gas emissions from any new or expanded power plants. This week, the EPA issued its first exemption, Environment & Energy News reports: The Obama administration will spare a stalled power plant project in California from the newest federal limits on greenhouse gases and… Read more

Texas Gets Punished for Asserting it’s Rights.

February 4, 2011 Anti-Americanism Climate Scam Criminal New World Order Obama 0

The inability of power companies to meet demand is almost exclusively a consequence of the Obama administration’s publicly stated goal to bankrupt the coal industry and in turn ram through the de-industrialization of America under the guise of the phony global warming mantra. Even as China and Mexico are allowed to build dozens of new… Read more

What’s the cause of the “energy shortages”

February 4, 2011 Anti-Americanism Climate Scam Criminal New World Order Obama 0

Global warming.  the Obama EPA is now ordering these rolling blackouts to curb “green house gases” and “global warming”.  Wake up america. What might the motivation for these blackouts be? I hope you are sitting down. In an effort to curb CO2 emissions linked to the discredited and castrated theory of global warming, the imposition of… Read more

For the First Time, the TSA Meets Resistance – Jeffrey Goldberg – National – The Atlantic

November 12, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order 0

So either you get molested or you get added to the government’s pornography collection.  You folks continue to fly why? Agents were funneling every passenger at this particular checkpoint through a newly installed back-scatter body imaging device, which allows the agency’s security officers to, in essence, see under your clothing. The machine captures an image of… Read more

Server Donation Part 4

October 14, 2010 Church Linux NPO's Open Source 0

Well i got the servers in and really didn’t want to wait for the 12u rack…mainly because it’s not int he budget right now.  I took one of the servers and have installed untangle on it.  I now have 4 network cards in the thing.  One is red(internet), one is blue(free public wifi) and one… Read more

Zimbra is about ready to go

September 15, 2010 Church Linux NPO's Open Source 0

I just need to get the final list of current mailboxses and get the DNS switched over.  Staff meeting this Monday to see if they’ll give the green light.  I have found several extensions(called zimlets) that really extend the featureset of the Zimbra platform.  I know have built into the platform: 1.  Automatic detection of UPS and… Read more

The epitome of Jealousy

August 11, 2010 Brunswick General 2

Gen jsut won an 8 gig Ipod touch from work.  All I can say is…..GREEN!..:)

Delegate candidate claims model home as legal residence – The Frederick News-Post Online

July 9, 2010 Politics 0

THis is such baloney.  Hey Blaine and WFMD let’s get on this guy…he’s trying to scam the citizens of Frederick and the state. State delegate candidate Scott Rolle is registered to vote at a house being used as a model home. Rolle, a Republican, is living in an apartment temporarily while the new house is being finished,… Read more

Practice Your Mercury Escape Plan

July 8, 2010 Anti-Americanism Climate Scam New World Order 0

These CFL bulbs(and any fluorescent bulb) contain more than 300 times the legal EPA limit for mercury.  You break one of these in your house and you effectively have turned your home into a highly toxic, unlivable area until you have special cleanup companies com in.  Start hoarding incandescents folks.  I’m doing that right now…and hoping the upcoming wave of LED lights don’t have this mercury problem.  Of course… Read more

Superweeds a problem after super foods and super pesticides

May 29, 2010 General 0

U.S. Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds – Oh yes.  We think we cna play God and get away with it.  first it was overuse of anti-biotics….now it’s superweeds.  This is also another example of the “green” movement utterly fialing to realize it’s efforts most times produce worse issues than what they envision in their… Read more

A Decade of Self Delusion? NOT

January 4, 2010 Climate Scam Criminal Finance General Homeschooling New World Order Obama Obama Care 0

Greetings to all, I just had to comment on this. To find the story, here is the link: I think I know the direction that Mr Buchanan was heading for. The problem is, I never agreed with his whiny words and policies. Even now, people are still blaming “W” for their woes. You want… Read more

obama Decidees to go Around CON-gress on the GW Farce

December 7, 2009 Climate Scam Finance New World Order Obama 0

The Environmental Protection Agency took a major step Monday toward regulating greenhouses gases, concluding that climate changing pollution threatens the public health and the environment. The announcement came as the Obama administration looked to boost its arguments at an international climate conference that the United States is aggressively taking actions to combat global warming, even… Read more

(I Just Have to Leave the Title) Carbonhagen: World Leaders Drive to Climate Summit in Gas-Guzzling Luxury Fleet – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News –

December 7, 2009 Climate Scam New World Order 0

Now CO2 is NOT a danger to life it sustains it.  This however is waaaay to ironic. Carbonhagen: World Leaders Drive to Climate Summit in Gas-Guzzling Luxury Fleet – International News | News of the World | Middle East Noews | Europe News – Carbonhagen: World Leaders Drive to Climate Summit in Gas-Guzzling Luxury… Read more

Climate Conference Hypocrisy

December 3, 2009 Climate Scam New World Order 0

Talk about your global warming . . . When an estimated 16,500 delegates, activists and reporters descend upon Copenhagen Monday for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, a lot of hot air will follow. The U.N. estimates the 12-day conference will create 40,584 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents, roughly the same amount as the carbon… Read more

Some Basic IT Security Steps ALL People Should Follow

October 13, 2009 Open Source 0

I am normally not a fan of government recommendations due to the fact they are usually outdated and irrelevant when they are released.  However a paper releasede by NIST is the large exception to this rule.  To security professionals these are no brainers but I still run into a ton of resistance implementing just a… Read more

First it’s the toxic CFLs now it’s the exploding refrigerants.

September 28, 2009 New World Order 0

Ben & Jerry’s, GE work on greener freezers for US – Yahoo! News.

MOre obama czar power grabs

September 28, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

A Secret White House Power Grab Is In Full Swing – A Secret White House Power Grab Is In Full Swing It’s one thing for President Obama to surround himself with the advisers he’d like to have, but it’s another to bestow on them sweeping powers to broker secret negotiations and push forward vast… Read more

Live blogging Obama’s town hall

March 26, 2009 General 0

His initial statement talks about one of the criterion for a recovery is if families have more money in their pockets..when his multi-trillion budget saddles this country with even more debt so more of our money has already been spent. A historic investment in early childhood education? I’m wondering what this means? Our success will… Read more

A Warren Night Before Christmas

December 24, 2008 General 1

Twas the night before Christmas And I sat right here Listening to Celtic woman perform a song called green the whole year round I began to reflect on this night Seeing how things have gone awry The wife is sick and the presents are scant The house is a mess as I struggle to keep… Read more

Obama: Warming must be tackled now (The actual message..we must give up our sovereignty to the UN under this myth of global warming)

November 18, 2008 General 1

Obama: Warming must be tackled now – Climate Change- Here’s the text of the article(to prevent poffies) Obama: Warming must be tackled now In surprise speech, he says U.S. to help lead ‘new era of global cooperation’ staff and news service reports updated 6:41 p.m. ET, Mon., Nov . 17, 2008 // LOS… Read more

Now this is amazing. How wall street is a founding pillar of this (now criminal)mess.

October 7, 2008 General 1

A Look At Wall Street’s Shadow Market, 60 Minutes: How Some Arcane Wall Street Financial Instruments Magnified Economic Crisis – CBS News. Let me highlight something in this video: They are private and largely undisclosed contracts that mortgage investors entered into to protect themselves against losses if the investments went bad. And they are part… Read more

The global warming scam hits Brunswick

July 28, 2008 General 376

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper Ah yes. The environazis have descended onto Brunswick. Right now they are using the high energy prices to say we must go green now to reduce greenhouse gases. It’s known this is a bunch of hooey. These very environnazis are one of the reasons we… Read more

E-mail to the Editor(

July 25, 2008 General 0

Here is a letter to the editor I agree with 100% E-mail to the Editor No more votes for ignoramuses In this 2008 election for president, we are told we have a choice between McCain and Obama, Republican or Democrat. My friends, that is not a choice. Given that we should try and keep Obama… Read more

So Much for global Warming..:)

April 4, 2008 General 1

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Global temperatures ‘to decrease’ The World Meteorological Organization’s secretary-general, Michel Jarraud, told the BBC it was likely that La Nina would continue into the summer. This would mean global temperatures have not risen since 1998, prompting some to question climate change theory. Article Text: Global temperatures ‘to decrease’ By Roger… Read more

My responses to Security Now! Episode 16:

December 2, 2005 General 0

My responses to Security now! Episode 16: I have some comments and I also must point out some huge flaws in Steve Gibson?s replies to some questions: Storing stuff on a USB key really should be encrypted. Especially if the USB key is going onto a public computer. Otherwise that unencrypted file can be read… Read more

Woot for Coffee Drinkers Everywhere!!!!

August 29, 2005 General 1

Coffee top antioxidant source for Americans – Yahoo! News WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Europeans have red wine, Asians have green tea but Americans have their own source of antioxidants — coffee, researchers reported on Sunday. Americans drink plenty of coffee, which is high in antioxidants, compounds such as vitamins that fight damage to cells and to… Read more

NO Kyoto!

June 8, 2005 General 1

The Idendendent: Bush will all his faults at least holds steady on keeping us out of the further power grab by the UN via the kyoto protocol. Global warming is a sham which i have blogged about in a much earlier post(check the archives)News: “An unprecedented joint statement issued by the leading scientific academies of… Read more


June 8, 2005 General 0

Bush will all his faults at least holds steady on keeping us out of hte further power grab by the UN via the kyoto protocol. Global warming is a sham which i have blogged about in a much earlier post(check the archives) News: “An unprecedented joint statement issued by the leading scientific academies of the… Read more

Congress passes Gestapo ID legislation | The Register

May 11, 2005 General 0

Now this is from a British site I frequent. The terms they use to describe REALID are so true. It is quite telling that a British site calls REALID gestapo. This is not going to do a thing for security. i do not know the name of the blogger behind but this is a… Read more

If My Bible Could Talk

May 8, 2005 General 0

WARNING – Pending OUCH!!! …what would it say about me? DIARY OF A BIBLE January A busy time of year for me. Most of the family decided to read me through this year. They have kept me busy for the past two weeks. Now they have forgotten. February Clean up time. I was dusted yesterday… Read more

My experience at the Washington DC cherry blossom festival

April 9, 2005 General 0

I had a wonderful time with my family today. Aside from being stiff and my feet being numb from 3.5 miles of walking..I am feeling quite refreshed..:) On to the real reason for this post…. I am not a raving greenie but I do believe we should be good stewards of our environment. That being… Read more

The Frederick News-Post Online – General Assembly OKs gay rights bills

April 8, 2005 General 0

Oh lovely. Of course our state’s legislature is controlled by Dems and a ton of RINO’s. Frankly..unless Ehrlich gets a tons of pressure from the citizens of Maryland he will sign it since he is the head RINO in Maryland. Let’s just pray this thing gets held up until Tuesday(the session ends on monday) and… Read more

****** Cosmic X ******: A Rachel Corrie Memorial

March 16, 2005 General 0

This woman decided to stand in front of a moving bulldozer in protest. It was her choioce to get herself killed. Now her parents are suing Israel and Caterpillar. While the grief over their daughter is grave…their lawsuits against Israel and Cat are frivolous at best and deserve to be thrown out. Their daughter made… Read more

The Diplomad: Fight Global Warming: Turn on the A/C & Open the Windows

January 27, 2005 General 0

Here’s one. According to the sky is falling chicken little global warming fearmongers, global warming will be irreverisble in 10 years. The report linked to however has plans for action to be taken in 2025. warming is doomsday in 10 years..2015..but some of their more critical actions are not scheduled for 10 years after… Read more

Fight Global Warming: Turn on the A/C & Open the Windows

January 27, 2005 General 6

The Diplomad: Here’s one. According to the sky is falling chicken little global warming fearmongers, global warming will be irreverisble in 10 years. The report linked to however has plans for action to be taken in 2025. warming is doomsday in 10 years..2015..but some of their more critical actions are not scheduled for 10… Read more