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This is an excellent place to get news about Terri. Today we jsut might get to watch this woman get starved to death. This would be murder if it was not sanctioned by the courts. Why is this being allowed to take place? Is it not murder..or at least neglect..both of which carry penalites under hte law?

Rev. Robert Johansen on Terri Schiavo. Did Terri Receieve Qualified Medical Care?

Talk about blowing the lid off things. This shows that Terri is being used to push the euthanasia agenda and terri’s husband is helping due to his long record of negelct and just wanting his wife whom he deems inconvienent out of the way. In any other context..this would be a murder for hire scheme. I wonder why law enformcement is not looking at this for what it is?

Kudos to the Captain’s Quarter’s for finding this gem.

To quote the captain, “Up to now, my inclination was to consider this an unfortunate case of dueling experts and bitter family feuding. Now I think this is something more. The people who want the feeding tube pulled all seem to have vested interests outside of Terri’s well-being — Cranford wants to push an agenda for euthanazing people who he finds inconvenient, and Michael Schiavo appears to have a long history of neglect, or at least disinterest in pursuing the proper testing for his wife’s condition.

As I wrote earlier, when in doubt, we should err on the side of life rather than death. As Father Johansen points out, grave doubts exist about Terri’s true condition. It seems almost perverse to insist on pulling out her feeding tube until the proper testing can be done, and if Schiavo won’t allow it, the court should demand it. A few more weeks to determine the real diagnosis of Terri Schiavo won’t hurt anyone, and might just save a life. Read the entire article — it’s lengthy but fascinating and horrifying. Don’t forget to check out the Schindlers’ web site, Terri’s Fight, for further updates.”

****** Cosmic X ******: A Rachel Corrie Memorial

This woman decided to stand in front of a moving bulldozer in protest. It was her choioce to get herself killed. Now her parents are suing Israel and Caterpillar. While the grief over their daughter is grave…their lawsuits against Israel and Cat are frivolous at best and deserve to be thrown out. Their daughter made that choice that led to her demise.

Little Green Footballs has more on the story including hte frivolous lawsuit her parents have filed in retaliation for her daughter’s poor choice. World Net Daily’s Les Kinsolving comments, “De mortuis nil nisi bonum is that venerable Roman maxim which means: “Of the dead [say] nothing but good.”

That needs one additional word: “Of the honored dead say nothing but good.”

Otherwise, if our initial missiles fired into the city of Baghdad had killed Saddam Hussein, how could all obituaries truthfully say nothing but good?

Should we say nothing but good about a suicide bomber?

Should we say nothing but good about a young American from Washington state who was so anxious to help the suicide bombing Palestinians that she put herself in front of an armored Israeli bulldozer? She was in a position that was out of sight of the soldier-driver, who was unable to see her through the narrow openings and therefore ran over her, so she was dead-on-arrival at a hospital.

Her death was given worldwide coverage ? including a cartoon in the University of Maryland’s student newspaper, the Diamondback.

This cartoon, by Daniel Friedman, shows a bulldozer bearing down on a seated woman. Its caption was blunt ? but it might deter others from what this caption noted as: “STUPIDITY … SITTING IN FRONT OF A BULLDOZER TO PROTECT A GANG OF TERRORISTS.”

Captain’s Quarters: Texas A Signatory To Groningen Protocol?

Terri Shivao was just the beginning. Now the courts are taking over. The proof is right here. Courts ordered doctors to pull the plug on a baby overriding the mother’s wishes. Oligarchial sanctioned murder is coming folks. It started a while back(read in the archives), Terri was just the most public. The Captain’s Quaters gives a good writeup. It’s sad this would happen at is more disturbing my own home state would do this.

Granted the mother was unemployed and apparently unstable, but the precedent has been set. I can see both sides in this but the precendent that has been set is very very distrubing. More Terri’s and the like are on the way.

Michelle Malkin: UAW UPDATE

Take that! The UAW(union..remember that word from an earlier post?) deserves this. Act like a communist, get treated like one when the military tells you to stuff it.

Yahoo! News – Kweisi Mfume Announces Bid for U.S. Senate

This would be a disaster. The NAACP has become a organization intent on portraying all blacks as victims depite what reality says. Yes there is racism..on both sides. The problem is not nearly as bad as it was that led to the formation of the NAACP. If the NAACP would stop portraying themselves and all blacks as victims and become a true advocacy group they could do much for all blacks instead of just the eltes. Having this person in my state senate would be almost as scary as Bob Erlich getting re-elected as governor of Maryland.

FrontPage :: Mainline Christian Anti-Semitism by David Meir-Levi

This is insanity. All you have to do is read the bible to see what happens to ideas like this that are aimed soley at hurting Israel.
Gen 12:3 I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you.”

You all go ahead and to this divestment thing. I want to be blessed by God not cursed by him.

WorldNetDaily: ACLU threat drives Scouts out of schools

I am so tired of the Anti_American Civil Liberties Union. Frankly if anything has union in its name i turn the other way.
Tthe ACLU has shown it is no different. It is an Anti-Christian, communist organization at its core and its agenda shows it clearly. It is sad to see how many Americans have been hoodwnked by the ACLU and their MSM cronies into thinking that the ACLU is actually fighting for everyone’s rights. Want a truly good organization, one that routinely takes on the ACLU and wins? Try the ACLJ.

WorldNetDaily: Illegal aliens threaten U.S. medical system

The costs of President Bush’s policy that leaves our borders open and “While President Bush says the U.S. needs more “cheap labor” from south of the border to do jobs Americans aren’t willing to do, the case of the Silverios shows there are indeed uncalculated costs involved in the importation of such labor ? public support and uninsured medical costs.”

This is one of the many insanities that is driving this country to ruin. The sad part is..too many folks are willing to jsut sit back and let it happen becuae it does not affect them directly. Here in Brunswick I am already seeing illegal immigrants with their “anchor babies” buying hosues and tasking jobs we americans need. If i can see it without looking to hard in this town of 6k..I can only imagine what Texas, Arizona, and California are going through.

A commenter on WND sent this in:
Additional expenses

In reference to the article “Illegal aliens threaten U.S. medical system,” I would like to add that there are additional expenses that are generally not addressed. For example, the cost of education for many towns that have large populations of illegal aliens. The labor might be cheaper, but your property taxes will go up.

Another instance is the damage factor. If one were to have a motor vehicle accident with an illegal alien (in New Jersey, for example) one could expect to have to pay his own deductible even if totally “not at fault” because in most instances they are unlicensed and uninsured. If there were any personal damage involved you would have to pay your own medical deductible and the difference that your auto insurer isn’t paying. Automobile accidents are not covered by your regular medical insurance.

Add it up: Is it worth it?

M. Ribiat

NO it is least not if you truly care about this country or have any real common sense.

Should Terri Schiavo Live or Die?

Thanks to Cosmic X for posting first. How sad it is this one judge and one husband are somehow determined to kill a woman who has concious abilities to interact with others. There are videos as well. Take a gander..pray..and let florida know things need to be changed.

The Frederick News-Post Online – Murder plot halts alimony payments

This kind of weirdness shouldn’t happen anywhere..much less in Frederick county, MD. A man jailed for life was getting alimony from his wife. He is now indicted for federal conspiracy to commit murder charges stemming from him wanting to get his wife killed. Needless to say she stopped paying hte alimony and a judge found her NOT in contempt for that reason. The wife now could get the alimony order overturned. Read the full story for more details.

Captain’s Quarters: The Italian Journalist Assasination That Wasn’t

I figured this was a fabrication. There is no doubt now.

It is also interesting that right after Italy paid the ransom the terrorists fresh with new cash have embarked on their bloodiest terror compaign seen yet. Yep, there reward you gave them surely worked. It only puts more innocent lives at risk. You see, the terrorists are not targeting only Americans, despite what the MSM and other US hating press members tell you, they are targeting the Iraqi people for daring to stand up for themselves. Look at the numbers, the vast majority of the deaths are Iraqi citizens. The terrorists may say they are trying to get rid of the US troops. This is only partially true, the other half of their mission is to punish the Iraqi people for daring to hold true elctions in the first place.


Michelle Malkin seems to think that because we are in a “war on terror” that a U.S. citizen can be arrested on U.S. soil and held against his will without any representation of an attorney and no contact with the outside for an indefinite aount of time. This is insanity. Our constitution specifically gives us certain rights. The gov’t does not have any power to hold U.S. citizens without representation or any basic rights. Sorry michell, You have this totally wrong and are supporting the wrong side on this one.

Roger L. Simon: Bring It On – The Sequel

Roger L. Simon is of the opinion that the politicos won’t try to shtudown bloggers due to the stink we could raise. His reasons are sound. I am not sure the politicos are going to think reasonably about this. We are already loosing constitutional rights left and right and the SC does not look to the constitution for making its judgements anymore.


The dems woke up. They have latched onto the open borders thing. Will they actually do anything about it? Of course not. Well, not anything tangible. They want the open borders as well so they can get illegals aliens dirver’s licenses and therefore the right to vote(aka hijack elections). I hope they can make enough noise to force GW to start doing something about our borders(or lack of) before he leaves office.

WorldNetDaily: Cucumber-condom video online

This is the county just south of mine. Sex-ed does not work. The teen pregnancy rate and teen SD rate is not going to go down and is highy likely to just go up after this is implemented. The only effective education is abstinence.

What’s even more amazing is that the board would put an 11-year old girl on this panel. What is more shocking is her parents allowed it!

Opposistion to Disengagement Grows

The opposistion to disengagement is mounting and now folks from the military and police are refusing orders. This could get really really ugly.

Arutz Sheva
via CosmicX carries an op-ed from Yehuda Poch asking what happened to Sharon and our Governments desire to protect our homeland and its people?

In an earlier post the Israeli Left is examined and the answer is there. As for what happened to Israel’s right…it is probably much like our own..we feel safe and secure that our gov’t is going to do what it says it will do. Unfortunatly, as some here in the US are beginning to realize, that is not the case. I hope it will not take a war to wake either the U.S. and/or Israeli citizenry up to their imending peril.

Opposistion Grows Against the New Bankruptcy Giveaway to the Credit Card Companies

wow has this thing exploded. I knew the bankruptcy bill was bad but i did not know how bad.

Politology has a nice post and informative post about hte effort to get a blog swarm started on this one. the opposistion crosses both liberal blogs and conservative blogs as well.

I posted earlier about this giveaway to the large CC companies and corps in general. Interesting..the repubs for years wnted to shed their “we are for only the big corps” image..but with stuff like this they are only playing right into the stereotype.

Just One Minute
also has a post on how this one cuaght the entire blogosphere napping.

Hackers put Bush in power

Oh this is rich. So unknown hackers hacked hte optical scanner machines to put Bush in power? ROFL! This is rich when it is known the Dems and some Repubs pushed for hte touch screen machines becuase they facilitate voting fraud..:)


Well what do we have here?

Mr. Harrington is making a stink about the City’s mangement report and Audit report. He is leaving one major detail out…he knew about this report a full 6 months to a year before it was released and knew about its generation before that..while he was still on the City Council. This begs the question in my mind…why did he not raise cain while he was in office? He could have made statements or something during the meetings. I never heard a peep from him. However I will say I do not have direct inside knowledge about our inner workings at City Hall. I think; however, if things are as bad as he is flailing would have broke long before he resigned and started the hood winked site. Let’s see what happens at hte meeting. If Mr. Harrington shows up and asks some pointed questions that make sense I might gain more respect for him. If he simply shows up making accusations based on evidence he already knew about…makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Now then if the Council starts the usual PC huffing and puffing and smokescreening..then it is going to be interesting. I am going to watch this one.

Consumer Data Stolen from Reed Elsevier U.S. Unit

Qutoing the article:
Seisint, based in Boca Raton, Florida, collects data from government agencies, building large databases and ways to extract information from them.

A Seisint-created criminal information database called Matrix came under fire after it drew up a list of people with terrorist profiles, which then led to some arrests.

Many of the company’s customers are law enforcement agencies and financial institutions.

Interesting how the Big Brother infrastructure that is supposed to protect us all is miserably failing in its early stages.

lgf: The Definition of Sedition

Now this is a small problem now..but if these idiots continue this they will be leading us to the one thing they are hysterical about..a draft. Keep it up guys and gals you may be the cause of the one thing you claim to fear the most..:)

galileeblog: Column: What Are They Thinking?

This is a highly insightful article about the Israeli Left. However you can take this and apply it to our leftists as well. While you are at it, most lefties think this way.

Hat tip to Cosmic X for the tips to look at this blog.

*update* Here is another article on the same bog posted before this one addressing Israel’s lefties.

WorldNetDaily: The New Age Supreme Court

Did you know Supreme Court justices can be impeached? It has come high time for this as the wackos who formed their legal judgements based on international laws and opinions need to be thrown off the bench. They are supposed to make judgements according to our constituion not eslewhere. Had this court been following our Constitution constitution this ruling may have been different and may not have been. Either way the basis for the SC’s judgements are supposed to be from our constitution..not “world opinion” and other countries laws.

*update* There is more on the SC’s ruling in David’s next colum here.

Bankruptcy Follies Cloaked as Reform

While there are some good pooints in this…there are some missteps.

“What the credit card industry has been doing the last 10 years is akin to sending free samples of alcohol to alcoholics,” says Travis Plunkett, legislative director for the Consumer Federation of America.

True I get credit card offers monthly. Now that I have my own business I get even more. However one good old phrase still holds true, “The best way out of debt is to never get into debt.” I simply throw all the credit card offers into the garbage.

Frankly these mega huge corps going bankrupt..writing off billions in debt and stiffing their creditors…and then reemerging intact with no debt is what is truly sickening.

It’s Taking Over!

Actually this is something I want to happen. I currently have 3 linux boxes in my house.
1.) Astaro Security Linux Firewall
2.) File server running CentOS 3.4
3.) Gaming server running CentOS 4(this is my CS 1.6 and teamspeak server)

Now we can add another one:
4.) My wife’s Laptop running CentOS 4/Win 2k pro.

The CentOS installation went smooth as melted butter on this laptop. The only issue is the touchpad does not quote work right. I am not sure wireless is going to be aon aoption without some major tinkering. Now if Linux would just work that easily on my nforce 2 desktop. In order to get that to work I have to make kernel mods and recompile….not something i have done before. Considering I am not a fan of XP and will not be buying a copy of longhorn it is time to start transisitoning to Linux..:)

****** Cosmic X ******: A Blogger From Inside Jerusalem

I have found a blogger who lives in Jerusalem. This is a unique perspective from INSIDE Israel about what the poeople think about what their gov’t is doing in regards to this disengagement debacle. Frankly this disengagement merely creates a vacum whre the terorists can move in and seutp new cells. Plus why are govt’s(including the Israeli gov’t) so determined to give back the land promised to them in the bible(or torah)? I am going to link to several posts for those who want it easy..:)

Main page link: Here.
Disengagement Trackrecord of Failures: Here.
Opposistion to Disengagement: Here.
Orders Could be Disoeyed: Here.
Rabbis Speak out Against Disengagement: Here.
US Babptist Congregation Speaks Out: Here.

La Shawn Barber’s Corner ? Liberal and Conservative Bloggers United

There are so many things the gov’t is trying to steal from us with Bush’s blessing. Besides trying to make a national ID card, further attacks on the constitution are coming under Bush’s watch. Lashawn Barber has this one covered well with her own commentary and lots of links.

*update* IF this law gets extended to bloggers there is this option. Leave it to my home state to come up with this..I love TExas.

Business leaders bail out on payroll tax

The Jan. 14 Gazette report noted that the board was not endorsing a specific bill, but was backing the general concept of the payroll tax. At the time, a health care policy analyst for the board said the tax “seemed to make perfect sense to our membership, especially when you account for the fact that you are really talking about only two employers in Maryland, Wal-Mart and Giant. And Giant is effectively subsidizing Wal-Mart.”

That’s funny. What the big thing is..Giant is union..Wal-Mart isn’t.

State reviews final power plant filings

oh lovely. More overcapacity so we can watch our PURPA surcharges go up even more.

PURPA is a regulation at the federal level that says generators can make all the power they want and thee local power utility HAS to buy it if the generator wishes to sell it.

Slots, slots, slots, slots, slots

To quote Mr. Bush
“The only reason that I can think that they wouldn’t accept this is that there is a greed factor involved,” he said. “The longer this goes on, it will become transparent to people that this is all about unjust enrichment for a few well-connected Marylanders.”

sorry you have it backwards..the only need to approve this bill is greed.

quoting the article again,
Miller, meanwhile, said that the Frederick and Harford County locations would not work because they could never get zoning approval. The Frederick County Board of Commissioners has blasted slots in general and locating them in Frederick in particular. On Thursday, the commissioners began drafting a zoning amendment that would prohibit slot machines anywhere in the county.

yeppers…our county commisioners are actually listening to the folks here..unlike our state reps. | 03/04/2005 | Apple 1, bloggers 0

The individual who runs thinksecret is not under the NDA. Apparently the folks who disclosed the informaiton were. While this could chill freedom fof speech online..the folks that broke hte NDA’s are legally liable. However thinksecret is not liable here..i don’t think.

A Chapter Closed

It’s over. My obessing over the community is partially to blame. I am no longer interested in proving my point. I am leaving and that is it. My wife rightfully blasted me for obessing over the community then obessing over my wanting to prove my feelings and conclusions are right. I love having a wife that puts me in place when needed..:) Any comments about this whole mess will be don’t bother.

When Will They Come for My Son? :: Terri Schiavo :: ProLifeBlogs

The appeals has been rejected and this paves the way for Michael Schiavo to murder his wife with the court’s blessing. Most folks do not realize how big of a precedent this will set. One blogger named Tom McMahon asks, “When will they come for my son?” His concerns are very noteworthy in this case with Terri Schiavo. There are a few links in the post I am linking to. Please follow them.
Life Matters also chronicles past starvations the courts have predicated on this country. Yes, this has been going on in our own country for much longer than just Terri Schiavo.

*update update*
The case is going back to court!

Jackson’s Junction: Choicepoint – What you are not hearing

Big Brother comtinues his march. It turns out this company is one that the Homeland Security Dept. uses in its anti-terrorism operations. You would think they would be a bit more in the due dilligence area. The blog I have linked to is a member of the credit/collections industry. I have a previous post about the coming of National ID cards with a centrally located federal database as well.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin (Although michelle and the others still have not even mentioned the national ID card angle)

The ICC’s new winding road

Well i am 0-2 for good election decisions. Bush was the first. Now my state’s Gov. Ehrlich has turned out to be another RINO. He wanted to borrow against FUTURE projected federal funding to build a road that really wasn’t needed in the area it was proposed to run.

The MSM is Beside Itself Over Easongate

Here is the MSM’s attempt at a response. Instead of trying to get their readers caught up they decide to attack bloggers. Bad move. It only makes them look more like dinosaurs. The MSM can compete with bloggers…as long as they change how they do things. Their days of free passes with no accountability are over.
(Hat Tip: Captain’s Qaurters)

Wittenberg Gate: Afterthought

Wittenberg Gate has some excerpts of Michael Schiavo’s testimony. It shows how vindictive he is and how self-centered he is. If he wants out of the marriage, just divorce her. Why is Michael bent on killing Terri? Another post shows that Terri is not being kept alive mechanically. That means Terri is disabled. Where’s the ADA(Americans with Disablilities Act?) I pray that Terri’s parents triumph in this. I pray Terri will either be sent to be with the Lord quickly once they start trying to starve her to death or be legally resuced from her husband Michael.

More news on Terri

Hyscience is one of a few large blogs that are aggregating the Terri Schiavo stories and refusing to let her die without a fight. I hope this little link helps save her life.

Over at Pro-life Blogs there is more going on with the save Terri fight as well

*update 2*
Over at Wittenberg Gate there is a blogging for Terri being organized. Submit your best save Terri post for inclusion in this forming blog swarm.

*update 3*
Hyscience has another insightful article about how the bloggers can gather enough evidence to make it irresistable. Let’s get crackin everyone!

iowahawk: The BLOG

This is a funny post in the form of a novel that satirizes the rise of the blog against the current mdeia structure. It is quite the hoot.

Powerline: Gentleman jockeys must be crazy

The Easongate Follies continue. Much as the MSM did during Rathergate, they are trying to say bloggers have no idea what they are doing. As it was in Rathergate, it will be shown the MSM is being help accountable for once. This is a treand that will continue. The MSM’s days of free passes are over.

Peggy Noonan almost understands the blogosphere(kudos to Michelle Malkin and Sissy Willis)

*update 2*
Now here is an insightful post on Sissy’s blog. It details Rony Abovitz’s thoughts on Easongate. What’s more striking is that Rony is an independent liberal. Read the post for the full details. : Homeless and houseless

Oh no! While that house was old and probably falling down, had been through many storms, and withstood our tornado this past summer, kinda sad to see Avery loose the house he has been living for as long as most folks around here can remember. Avery is such a nice man and doesn’t bother most folks and is very friendly. Hopefully some other accomodations can be put on the property for him later on.

Publish Date: 02/16/05

By Naomi Smoot-Kimble
News-Post Staff

Homeless and houseless
Staff photo by Skip Lawrence

T.W. Avery Luke210Zing! Giving-All-Glory-to-GOD talks about the demolition of the farmhouse on Jefferson Pike where has been staying.

FREDERICK — A little after 8 a.m. Tuesday, bulldozers and bucket trucks moved across the lawn of the Knoxville home in preparation of the pending demolition.

A small dog’s bark sounded from the upstairs bedroom of the two-story house as a cluster of men lugged food and blankets onto the lawn.

For five years, Avery, legally known as T. W. AveryLuke210Zing! Giving-All-Glory-to-GOD, had lived in the aged building. On Monday, however, he was told the structure would be coming down.

The owners of the property, Gibraltar, a New York development company, had known Avery was living on the site without paying rent, but believed he was staying in a tent. When workers arrived on a snowy, February morning with bulldozers and other equipment, they had no idea that he was living in the house, representative Chip Lynch said.

Avery’s initial response was to fight to keep the house.

But as it became increasingly obvious that he was losing the battle, he made alternate plans. Around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, he said he awoke to begin preparing for his upcoming move. He put up a tent near the house, still on the 14-acre property.

By the time the crew showed up to take down the house, Avery seemed in good spirits.

‘We’re going to camp as we have for the last 15 years,’ he said.

He and his eight dogs would stay in the tent and in several dog houses he has on the property, he said.

Avery had shed tears over the loss of the house Monday, but, in time, he came to terms with his pending move.

‘I have a tent. That’s all I need,’ he said.

‘We’ll be cozy. We’ll be fine,’ Avery said, adding that he was grateful the company let him remain on the property.”

Save Muni Wireless

I thought my home state would have enough intelligence to not go here. It appears politicians everywhere are not immune to the lobbying poisoning.

A message from Terri Schiavo’s father

This is a continuation of an earlier post. How amazing. Michael has not produced a single shred that his wife wants to die and he seems determined to kill her so he can continue to live with his lover whom he has children with. The part that boggles my mind is this; if he wants out of the marriage, why kill Terri? Just divorce her and move on.

Rathergate continues

This is getting ugly. It appears that CBS simply tried to sweep it under the rug and then whitewash things to make them go away. Unfortunatly this appears to be backfiring.

LaShawn Barber has more details on the ugliness.


One of out trooops now faces the death penalty for defending himself during a military operation. The leftists wonder why our casualty rate is going up in such seemingly mundane operations. Hrmm..maybe the fact that you are prosecuting our soldiers for doing their jobs?

Big Brother Cometh

Want a national ID card with embedded technology that means you can be tracked anywhere you go? It is on the way if this Real ID Act goes through. The House has already passed it…the Senate will..and Bush intends to sign it(Bush is pushing it). This may be a no-no in the blogger world but this is important to me so i am going to link back to a previous post. Want to know what is interesting? Some of the biggest blogs are not covering this. BTW, here is a list of the liberties we have lost so far under Bush. With Real ID expect this list to go much further. Also, more of our sovereignty will go away if the LOST treaty is signed. This will give the UN control over all of the world’s oceans and give the UN the ability to tax all shipping. Of course the biggest taxes will be paid by us. Please please wake up and see that the republicans and dems are no different right now. I am ashamed to say Bush had me hoodwinked in his first 4 years. If you value this country, vote for a party based on the constitution . Also vote for someone who is a constitutional scholar and believe the constitution is not a living document meant to be translated how you will..but as the words are literally put on the page. That man is Michael Anthony Peroutka. Even if you disagree with me, fully research your candidate. Do not let the press of any kind tell you. Bush has the conservatives snowed badly. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who are willing to trade liberty for the sense of security deserve neither liberty nor security.” How true. I hope they all wake up before it is too late.

This is going to be an unpopular post I think. To clarify something. I would not have voted for Kerry and I did not vote for Clinton. I used to vote the lesser of the two evil(Repubs vs. Dems) but that is simply not valid as the two are strikingly similar.

*update 2*
BTW while we are trying to kill the above..let’s wipe out the Patriot act right now. Bush is trying to get it renewed as well. I have no confidence in Gonzalez being independant of Bush.
Quoting the Fox News article:

Gonzales, who has vowed to fight terror and confront injustice, was sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and is expected to fight to extend the sunsetting provisions created in part by his predecessor, John Ashcroft. Ashcroft attended the ceremony.

Gonzales also answered critics who have suggested he is too close to the president to protect interests of Americans from bad administration policies.

“Undeniably, the attorney general is a member of the president’s Cabinet, a part of his team. But the attorney general represents also the American people, and his first allegiance must always be to the Constitution of the United States,” he said.

You would expect this kind of double talk from the liberals. Wait the Republicans are liberals now, I almost forgot.

*update 3*
CNET catches the wave

*update 4*
The Patriot Act gets a bit of attention at Michelle Malkin. Still no mention of the National ID cards though.

*update 5*
Here is the official White House Statement

*commentary update*
I just realized something. When i first stumbled across this story I noticed it was because the liberals(or dems, actually the leftists) were screaming about the immigraiton portions. Only when i dug deeper did i find the truly frightening portions of this bill. It’s amazing how the leftists are all for the centralization of all of our information AND want to let the flow of illegals continue unabated.

*update 6*
More details on the Choicepoint breakin and Choicepoint’s links to the Homeland Security Dept.

NO mention on some of the biggest conservative blogs on the net including:
Michelle Malkin
The Captain’s Quarters
Hugh Hewitt