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I just got the most despicable, libelous publication about a candidate in the upcoming Brunswick City election.  Eric Beasely is being targets with allegations that had been expunged that are now apparently being dug up illegally.  I am not a lawyer but this kind of activity cannot be allowed to go unaddressed.  Eric has not asked for this response but I am going to do so.  Eric addressed all of these allegations on a miner detail already:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Whether you support Eric or not please join me in denouncing this behavior from a failed politician who made threats about this earlier.  The postal permit is from Rockville and is the same permit Ficker used during his failed primary run.  This is despicable behavior by anyone and this should not only be denounced but potentially litigated.  If these records were expunged then they have been illegally accessed and now illegally disclosed.  Somebody or potentially some people should be prosecuted and if called for by the law jailed.  Robin Ricker if this was done by you I hope you are prosecuted for this.

Tom Smith has resigned From Brunswick city Council.   I’m going after that empty seat.  No write in this time.  Spread the word I’ll need 20 signatures and then getting the votes..:)  Again a no cost campaign.  No signs just me and whomever wishes to volunteer.  I’m out and about every week doing my mowing thing.  Let’s get this done.  William Warren for Brunswick City Council.


Longtime Brunswick council member and former Mayor Tom Smith announced his resignation Wednesday after Tuesday’s mayor and council elections.

Smith, who served as mayor from 1994 to 2000 and spent a total of 22 years as an elected official in Brunswick, said at 67, he wanted to spend more time with his family, including a great-grandchild who is his pride and joy.

The results of Tuesday’s elections, in which City Council member Karin Tome won as mayor over incumbent Carroll Jones, also played a part in his decision, Smith said.

Smith said he ran for his current four-year term on the council, which would have ended in two years, because Jones asked him to.

“If Carroll would have won, I probably would have stayed,” he said. “Carroll’s not there, so it’s time to move on.”

Smith said he leaves office on good terms with his colleagues and he apologizes to supporters for not fulfilling his term.

“As with any endeavor, there comes a time when one must move on and take another direction. That time for me is now,” Smith wrote in a letter to the residents of Brunswick that he left at City Hall.

via Brunswick councilman steps down one day after election – The Frederick News-Post Online.

I Will NOT accept any kind of monetary or financial contributions towards my campaign for city council.  If you want to assist you can help me by getting the word about me and my campaign.  This is going to be a verbal, word of mouth campaign only.  As far as I’m concerned this is the purest way to run a campaign and that is how I intend to go about this.  It’s how I advertise my business and I’m not going to change that for my City Council run.  Also I’m not going to be posting any direct links to my business on any post in regards to my run.  This is my personal blog and if I am elected no official posts will appear here.

I never thought i would do this…but i’m going to run for Brunswick City Council.  Not that anything is really wrong…but I would like to get more involved.  I currently run my own business, Emmanuel Computer Consulting and I work for a lawn mowing company that does a number of lawns in the city Mike’s Mowing.  3 days a week i’m around the city cutting fellow citizen’s lawns.      I’ll be posting more about my reasons for running and my concerns in subsequent days.