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Recycling was always broken…the greens are just now figuring out exactly how.

March 7, 2019 Environment 0

Recycling was flawed to begin with.  it can be done but not for the pricing it was at.  Why?  the recycling companies relied on a single point of failure….in this case…China.  We shipped most of our recycling overseas to get processed and used over there…most of this stuff never made it back over here…we were… Read more

remember the Global Cooling Hysteria? I do.

November 20, 2018 Environment Fakenews 0

I remember it well as we had zero degree actual air temperatures back in Allen, TX and the gas companies were rationing natural gas because they could not keep up.  The news was full of many of the same charlatans as right now saying we are headed for another ice age right now!!!!!  The ice… Read more

The irony of Californias water crisis

April 12, 2015 Climate Scam Environment 0

Now get this..California cities are now going to build massive desalination plants for watering their desert abodes.  The power for these?  “Carbon Pollution” emitting Natural gas electricity plants.  Anyone unable to see the duplicity here?   The irony is inescapable: In reaction to the historic drought that has transformed the California dream into California dust,… Read more

7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly) |

June 3, 2012 Environment 0

7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly) |

The Battle of Chernobyl

February 14, 2012 Environment General 0

THE BATTLE OF CHERNOBYL dramatically chronicles the series of harrowing efforts to stop the nuclear chain reaction and prevent a second explosion, to “liquidate” the radioactivity, and to seal off the ruined reactor under a mammoth “sarcophagus.” These nerve-racking events are recounted through newly available films, videos and photos taken in and around the plant,… Read more

Kinzua Sky Walk

September 16, 2011 Environment 0

This is really neat.  The park is far northern Pennsylvania so I’ll have to work with Gen to make this happen one day for hte whole family.  Definitly not a day trip…:) MSNBC Story.  Web site

Grab your incandescents while you can at this mega sale

June 22, 2011 Climate Scam Environment New World Order 0

He is selling the incandescents for $50 a case, or 42 cents a bulb. A case contains 120 bulbs “Several people are going together to buy them,” Stumpf said. When Stumpf went on vacation June 10, the business had sold about 12,000 to 13,000 bulbs. By Tuesday, almost 30,000 bulbs had been sold, Stumpf said.… Read more

Something else i get to “de-educate” my daughters on

June 22, 2011 Anti-Americanism Brunswick Climate Scam Environment Family New World Order 0

Now i have to de-propagandize my daughters about the environazi agenda.   Under the graduation requirement, public schools will be required to infuse core subjects with lessons on conservation, smart growth and other environmental topics. School systems will be able to shape their programs, but they must align with state standards. via Md. approves environmental education requirement… Read more

Vox Popoli: The Triploi Trap

March 8, 2011 Environment 0

It is not hard to understand why the idea of military intervention in support of the Libyan rebels battling against the Gadhafi regime is tempting to some Americans. Responsible for both the Lockerbie bombing and the Berlin disco bombings that killed both American soldiers and civilians, there is little that is not reprehensible about Muammar… Read more

Eco-friendly LED bulbs Just as Dangerous as Fluorescents.

February 14, 2011 Environment General 0

Those eco-nazis strike again.  hoard those incandescent bulbs while you can…until the eco-nutjobs get their ban so we can start using ever more dangerous “green” products.  So far most of the “green” technologies are even more harmful than the “dangerous” things they were supposed to replace. The LED bulbs sold as safe and eco-friendly can contain high levels of… Read more

bp had the well capped.

July 16, 2010 Environment 0

Now let’s pray the well holds pressure correctly.

BP and the Gov’t…what are they covering up?

July 14, 2010 Environment General 0

Read the links and watch the video in the linked post..i’m not going to recreate it here.  However multiple times folks have told us that the gov’t figures are wrong and that BP is also being very restrictive with details.  If you stop and think for a moment we don’t know hardly ANYTHING about what is going on… Read more