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Day 2 of my Klipsch T5 II buds

June 30, 2022 Home Audio 0

I am at a local radio station waiting on a Comcast tech to come and install a new modem for a speed upgrade we ordered.  I have been doing various tasks while I wait …normally this isn’t the most exciting time but the T5 has totally changed that.  Right now I am running my Chlozee… Read more

Music..and Home Hi-FI: A New Category For The Blog And a Rekindling of a Passion.

November 16, 2020 Home Audio 0

It is nearly impossible to find non-digital music anymore.  There’s vinyl of course but right now I do not have the finances to rebuild my HiFi system…at least not all at once.  Modern digitizing has made music easier to obtain but also much harder to sound truly immersive.  I see folks playing stuff through their… Read more