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For a long time I tried to figure out how Heather went from pneumonia to sepsis to dead. After talking to quote a few medical folks(most of whom would not say officially) I have learned C.Diff is what finally got loose. right after she died I had several close friends of hers and mine tell me to take immediate hazmat style precautions in terms of what Heather had laid on or used or anything else. Luckily my military experience helped to figure out immediately the actions to be taken…everything she has touched, has fluids on, etc etc was immediately double plastic bagged..and then double trash bagged. and thrown out. I still had lingering questions about how this got so out of control….
C.Diff can also ravage a person due to the current medical procedure of starting large doses of general antibiotics instead of waiting for a culture. In many cases this works but now with this kind of bug around this leads to all of the good gut bacteria being decimated. C.Diff then explodes because it is immune tot he general antibiotics. By the time the doctors had any clue it was too late for heather. They tried switching to a targeted medication…but it was too late.
If you like to eat large quantities of Ice Cream…i would seriously consider severely limiting your intake…also keep in mind that hospitals are some of the most dangerous places you can be…do not eat theses kinds of products while hospitalized…and not for a while afterwards either. In this way my diabetes is a blessing in disguise.

Well now.  I suggest folks you read the entirety of the article because this first paragraph only gives you a taste.  it is very interesting that in the first bankruptcy the Teamsters union was part of an investment group that tried to buy hostess.


Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the just announced Hostess liquidation, one that will be largely debated and discussed in the media, or maybe not at all, is the curious cast of characters and the peculiar history of this particular bankruptcy. Some may not be aware that the company’s Chapter 11 (or colloquially known as 22) bankruptcy filing this January, which today became a Chapter 7 liquidation, was the second one in the company’s recent history, with Hostess, previously Interstate Bakeries, emerging from its previous protracted multi-year bankruptcy in 2009. What is curious is that its emergence had all the drama of a anti-Mitt Romney PAC funded thriller, with a PE firm, in this case Ripplewood holdings, injecting $130 million in order to obtain equity control of Hostess as it was emerging last time. There were also more hedge funds, investment banks, strategic buyers, politicians involved in this particular story than one can shake a deep fried numismatic value Twinkie at. More importantly, however, as America has been habituated following the last season of the reality TV show known as the presidential election, if Private Equity then “bad.” Only this time there is a twist: because it wasn’t really PE that was the pure evil in the Obama long-term campaign, it was associating PE with Republicans, and thus: with jobs outsourcing. And here comes the Hostess twist: because Tim Collins of Ripplewood, was a prominent Democrat, a position which allowed him to get involved in the first bankruptcy process in the first place, due to his proximity with the Teamsters’ long-term heartthrob Dick Gephardt (whose consulting group just happens to also be an equity owner of Hostess). In other words, the traditional republican-cum-PE scapegoating strategy here will be a tough one to pull off since the narrative collapses when considering that it was a Democrat who rescued the firm, only to see it implode in a trainwreck that has resulted in the liquidation of a legendary brand, and 18,500 layoffs.


One more excerpt then you have to read the rest for yourselves:


The critical issue in the bankruptcy is legacy pensions. Hostess has roughly $2 billion in unfunded pension liabilities to its various unions’ workers — the Teamsters but also the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (which has largely chosen not to contest what Hostess wants to do — that is, to get out of much of that obligation). If the bankruptcy court lets Hostess off the pension hook — which often happens in these cases — it only moves the struggle outside the courthouse, and the ante goes up. For the Teamsters can then call a strike — which its Hostess employees have already ratified by a 9-to-1 margin. If the court doesn’t grant relief, Hostess can seek liquidation, which would mean that some creditors get some money, but equity would be gone for good, as would a lot of jobs. Either way, each side holds a nuclear warhead with which to annihilate the company

via The Hostess Liquidation: A Curious Cast Of Characters As The Twinkie Tumbles | ZeroHedge.

Just read the paragraph below as to what this stuff is and where it comes from.


“Pink slime” is bits of meat and muscle salvaged from slaughterhouse floors that are treated with a pink chemical to kill any dangerous pathogens. According to an earlier report by, the unappetizing pink goo is widely used in the food industry as an anti-microbial agent in meats and as a leavener in bread and cake products. It’s regulated by the U.S. Agriculture Department, which classifies it as “generally recognized as safe.” Nevertheless,  McDonald’s, have said they are pulling the infamous “pink slime” from their hamburgers.

via Vitals – ‘Pink slime’ panic grows online: Are we overreacting?.

I love wood fired pizza…glad i found this article that gives me some names of establishments that do it..:)

Want2Dish – 2Do – Dining – The Great Frederick Wood-Fired Pizza Extravaganza.

Heart Attack Grill serves ‘quadruple bypass burgers’ – TODAY Health – Diet and nutrition –

I will be updating this list often..for facebook users check the blog post and the facebook plugin for my blog doesn’t dynamically update for updates.

The Thurman Cafe in Columbus, Ohio

Riverstone Grill – Grand Island, NY

The Black Sheep– Richmond, VA

Tony Luke’s Pat’s, Gino’s and Jim’s- Philly