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A good freakout tonight RE: finances.

God is good.  I got my first paycheck from my new job and it alone is almost what i normally make in one month.  I started the day with $1995 in my account and as i walk in the door this evening i have…$523 left.  The vast majority of that is bills that have been left to wait as I didn’t have the funds to pay them off.  Now they are paid…we have everything we need food and grocery wise..and i have money in the bank left over that only has to last for two weeks before I get more funds in.  My eldest is freaking out because we usually have to make that money last the rest of an entire month.  For the first time in literally years we could actually afford to buy a month’s worth of everything we need.  Between the cat supplies and the groceries we spent $540.  Now by raw numbers I could have cut a hundred or so off of that..but that would have been getting everything at Walmart and Costco.  The intangibles that most folks do not see are the amount of time it takes to drive to Frederick, the time spent in the zoos of Costco and Walmart..and the trip back the fuel.  My time is worth  at a minimum of 36 bucks an hour.   It is about 1 hour of travel time, more than 2 hours in Walmart and then 2 hours in Costco.  That alone is $180 dollars.  I usually burn 10 bucks worth of $190 bucks.  This does not take into account the wear items on the car that have these miles put on them or the oil changes…etc etc etc.  I am just doing the most obvious one that folks see..time and fuel.  We usually spend around $350 at Costco and Walmart combined.  In total it is $350 + 180 = $530.  I spent 10 more dollars this month than I normally would shopping in Frederick.  We are not totally familiar with Weiss yet..once we are that $10 expense will go down to a negative number and then we are saving money.  In this case folks…shopping locally does save you money as long as you take proper accounting of the intangibles.

An article on FNP about downtown Brunswick

Vacant buildings drive dissatisfaction in downtown Brunswick

Machelle Lee wants to work with the Brunswick city government, she said, but still felt a twinge of concern when she independently hired workers from Building Veterans to pull overgrown weeds along West Potomac Street.

“I just feel very sensitive about tourists coming through our downtown,” said Lee, the owner of Roots and River Yoga studio at 17 W. Potomac St. “I tried not to make it seem like I was pointing out the city, but I did reach out to the mayor to say, ‘This is what I did — I hope you can maintain it.’”

Lee is one of several downtown business owners to express frustration in recent weeks over the aesthetics — or lack thereof — in downtown Brunswick, an issue that many say is impeding growth in the area.

Multiple owners said they’ve actively considered moving their businesses to a new location based on longstanding issues in the downtown area, or at least questioned their ability to stay open within the next few years.

“I did say that if we don’t see some real change downtown, I don’t know where we’ll stand in 12 months,” said David Blackmon, the owner of Smoketown Brewing Station at 223 W. Potomac St. “We’re just not seeing any progress, and our tasting room is very dependent on downtown traffic.”

Lee and Blackmon were two of several business owners to meet with Mayor Jeff Snoots and city administrator Dave Dunn earlier this month to discuss problems in downtown Brunswick. The complaints ranged from the relatively minor — such as a lack of trash receptacles on city streets — to major concerns over unoccupied properties downtown.

The number of vacant buildings was generally agreed to be the biggest issue, and one that effectively discouraged visitors from lingering downtown.

“First and foremost, the vacant properties are the biggest ‘eyesore’ and have been for years,” Cindy Nichols, the owner of Boutique Eclectic by Cynthia at 5 W. Potomac St., wrote in an email.

“The irony is that there’s a tremendous amount of commercial square footage, but people who want to rent are turned away or discouraged,” added Blackmon. “And there’s nothing worse for business than having empty storefronts.”

According to Snoots, vacant storefronts have been an issue in Brunswick for several years and are largely driven by property owners who seem unable — or unwilling — to rent out or sell the buildings.

But most business owners also said the city has played a role by failing to effectively enforce blight and vacant property ordinances, which has empowered out-of-state property owners to allow buildings to fall into disrepair.

“There are all these vacant buildings and the owners are not being held accountable,” said Keith Marks, the owner of Three Points Cycle bike shop at 5 W. Potomac St. “They’re not helping themselves, and they’re not helping the merchants.”

Brunswick currently has two pieces of legislation that enforce the appearance of vacant properties. Ordinance 518, passed in 2015, sets several inspection standards, including requirements for exterior lighting and landscape maintenance. The town also passed an International Property Maintenance Code in 2014 that laid out several requirements for unoccupied buildings.

The issue, Snoots said, was that the city never enforced the ordinances after they were passed, which empowered property owners to neglect upkeep of their buildings. He also suggested that the lack of enforcement sparked a cycle of disrepair downtown.

“It’s something that, as the mayor, I’m trying to address,” he said. “It’s hard to get prospective business owners to come and open a business when downtown looks the way it does.”

Starting Monday, Snoots said that the city will begin to actively enforce vacant building ordinances. A number of business owners, including Nichols and Marks, also said that Brunswick should enact legislation that penalizes property owners who fail to rent or sell their buildings.

“These property owners … should be fined at the amount of $100 per day for every day they’re empty after 45 days,” Nichols wrote. “In hopes that would get storefronts up and running.”

Property owner Don Devine, however, objected to claims that unoccupied buildings were the source of problems downtown. Based in Leesburg, Virginia, Devine owns both the Newberry building — partly occupied by a karate studio — and the unrented Kaplon building, both on West Potomac Street.

According to Devine, he’s invested thousands in renovating both buildings and initially faced difficulties from city officials in obtaining an occupancy permit for the Kaplon building. While many business owners have said that downtown landlords expect too much in rent for the area, Devine said that he’s frequently expected to lease for too little.

“In Leesburg, I could get $10,000 … for the Kaplon building,” he said. “In Brunswick, I can’t get $2,000.”

Devine also said that he’s currently trying to sell both buildings, but objected to the concept of penalizing property owners for code violations or for failing to rent out buildings. The pre-existing disrepair in downtown Brunswick was hurting property owners, he added, not the other way around.

“I’m the victim in this,” Devine said. “We’re desperate for tenants. So, you don’t penalize us. You go to the town and say, ‘Why don’t you offer tax credits for landlords? Why don’t you offer incentives for people who want to rent downtown?’”

“The whole area is kind of slummy now,” he continued. “That’s the problem with it.

Pettiness shows itself in interesting ways.

I had hoped the last election which led to Former Mayor Karin Tome being defeated by Mayor Jeff Snoots would result in Karin tome returning to the generally personable person I have known her to be throughout my time here in Brunswick.  While I am diametrically the opposite of her on many political issues I found her to be generally pleasant and polite in everyday life.  When I first moved into town back in 2002 it was winter time and we were still settling into our recently purchased home.  July of 2003 saw my family going to our first local fireworks celebration.  It was a great turnout…I could tell the small town atmosphere was in full swing and we talked casually with the folks around us during the runup to the show.  My late wife drew my attention to something that was unusual for her to see.  There was a woman literally nearly diving into each trash can.  My wife thought she was a bit nuts….I told her that no there are people that through either environmental concerns or the financials like to grab the cans and bottles because each container is worth a cent or two.  Get enough of them and it really adds up.  I did agree that it was a bit extreme in the manner of the gathering but otherwise we moved on.  What further surprised me is nobody else even took a second glance…as if this was expected.  I put it out of my mind at that point.  I ran into her several times throughout the city but mostly at the city library where she worked as a volunteer there.  I never had anything but the most pleasant time interacting with her and even my youngest daughter liked to see her.  While we disagreed vastly in the political realm personally I had zero problems with her.

Years later Karin Tome was elected Mayor of Brunswick.  While I again opposed her agenda and did not vote for her I took the time to congratulate her.  I also informed her that the only way i would not vocally dissent against Pay as you Throw(known here on as PAYT) is if the minimal fee was zero.  She asked why.  I told her i would then startup my own neighborhood trash service because I could do it for less than anything the city could do and with no worse than the level of service the city could do.(I could…i had already figured the numbers).  There was no hostility no threatening..just a statement of fact.

I think her biggest stumbling blocks were the following:

  1.  Her refusal to lead as a representative of the entire city
  2. Her inability, either by political inexperience or by choice, to not let her personal agenda lead her decisions

This led to her nearly loosing her office via a recall and to choosing a city administrator so polarizing that he would only get along with a small subset of the entire city population.    I will say this..i could still walk up to her..address her as Karin..and who would greet me with a smile.  I ran into her multiple times at City Hall..out in the community…and at the library and personally she was still the pleasant person I had run into for years.  We never made real friends but it was nice to see that two totally polar opposites politically could have a civil conversation.

Over her term as mayor she was set on her agenda nearly to the point of being an ideologue.  The citizenry made it clear to herself and the council that PAYT was a non-starter.  The council defeated multiple attempts at trying to move forward.  When the council had gotten browbeat enough and showed signs of wavering the turnout against PAYT was strong.  Even in the face of such strong opposition the mayor would not budge.  She brought in outside “consultants” and even representatives of the sole source for the special bags that would have to be used as part of PAYT trying to “sell” the citizenry on the idea.  The results were not pleasant for her or the city.  The fight that ensured lead to her nearly being removed via a recall election.  this tension continued until the next election cycle began.

The subsequent election was brutal….one i was not happy to see take place in our small town.  I am not blaming the former mayor for it…but her style of governing contributed to an already tense situation.  Folks from outside the city brought in their big guns for this election.  Local parties, county parties, in a few cases even the state parties were brought in.  I, being normally politically inactive, even decided to support Jeff Snoots.  This was nothing personal(though i was accused of making it such), I just opposed the current mayor’s agenda style of governing.  I considered a run of my own…until I asked around and found out two things:

  1.  Jeff Snoots was vacating his council seat
  2. His support amongst the citizenry was going to crush anything I could come up with.

It was an easy choice at that point.  I supported Jeff Snoots.  Wit the considerable resources being thrown into this race I did not stand a chance to get enough support to make a dent in either candidates support level.  The hype grew until, mercifully, it was time to cast our votes.  The turnout was good for our small town and Jeff Snoots was the new mayor.  I hoped our lives would return to normal.

I haven’t run into former mayor tome in person since that day.  I had no reason to believe that her behavior would continue.  I figured(maybe with a bit naivete) she would settle down into the personable Karin Tome I had run into many times over the years.  I was rudely awakened to reality today on facebook.  A post showed up on the City’s Facebook page announcing the City Administrator was stepping down.  It was announced the Dave Dunn was stepping in as the interim City Administrator.  Folks are disappointed but I made a remark about at least it isn’t Bob.  The former City Administrator who was generally disliked by the citizenry.  The response from Karin was what I have come to call snowflake mentality.  While trying to demean me she also pretty much demeans the ENTIRE city..including many of her supporters.(That would the Original Brunswick citizens Facebook Group).

That was it for me.  I then posted my response to her three posts:

William Warren Hey it isn’t Bob….
Karin B. Tome Please don’t go back to “Bob bashing” on this….it makes Brunswick look so petty…..
Karin B. Tome Or, if you DO want to look so small, take it to the Original or “Real” page – not on the Citys page…..please. We came a long way in being professional. Let’s not lose that.
William Warren Karin… ROFL! I am being small? Really? You the mayor who routinely…IN PUBLIC…threw temper tantrums when she didn’t get her way politically. You who as mayor refused to drop the leftist greenie PAYT that the majority of the city DID NOT WANT and made every possible back-handed way to try to ram it down the council and citizens throats? You who was so belligerent in your agenda REFUSED to back off until faced with a recall to remove you for your belligerence? I have been diplomatic and mainly silent and even defended you OUTSIDE of the political arena…until now. YOu have just called the entire original brunswick group and the entire REAL residents brunswick page petty and small. That’s a vast majority of the residents of the entire city. You ma’dam are the one being petty and small. If you want to call me names and the entire city names go ahead….I have not personally attacked you in ANY WAY. Now I know that what others have said about you is 100% true. Even when I saw you the first year i was in town and you were literally diving into trash cans during the 4th of july fireworks going after wife thought you were a bit nuts..i said no she’s just getting a few cents for the recycling. I agreed it was a bit extreme..but I gave you the benefit of the doubt then. I have given you the personal benefit of the doubt in the personal realm ever since…until now. Do not talk to me about being small and petty when you have showcased it over and over and over again in public.
 *update 1*
Karin B. Tome William Warren Wow – anger issues
William Warren not at all. the emphasis was to refresh your memories of how things actually went instead of how you wish to see them. Keep coming Karin…..
*update 2*
Karin B. Tome Just asking you to take it off the City page….
William Warren shhhh…..
*update 3*
Michael Tome Just as a point of clarification, Mr. Warren, because one thing I think we can all agree on is that the truth matters, and exaggerations of the truth don’t benefit anyone. So, first, PAYT was not rammed “down the council and citizens throats” by anyone. Yes, a couple of public meetings were held to introduce people to the topic and they were very lively to say the least. But, not one citizen in Brunswick was forced to adopt PAYT. Second, please provide your data supporting your statement that the vast majority of Brunswick citizens were against PAYT. Yes, there was a vocal group against it, but I’m not aware of anything close to a scientific poll that provided information on percentage of people for or against PAYT. I would hazard that there were actually a lot of people who are not in your realm of communication that were for PAYT. Third, you personally were not called names by anyone that I have seen in this thread… and Finally, yes, it is kinda odd that Karin likes to separate trash from recyclables. She has done it for years, and I guess I’m just used to it now. But, in the big scope of things that’s a pretty minor character attribute. It that’s all you have in terms of truth in your criticism, I’m thinking that’s pretty insignificant.
William Warren Michael I appreciate you will come and defend your wife…however your whiteknighting does not change the facts as they have been stated.
William WarrenI also find it interesting the folks calling for this to be moved off this page continue to respond ON this page.
*update 4*
Michael Tome William Warren I pretty much gave the facts… its you who chose to alter them.
William Warren Wrong. The elections spoke volumes. The majority of folks i talked to spoke volumes….however what i saw and observed is what i based my post on. It just happens others agree. The fact that you do not doesn’t make it any less true.
Michael Tuthill Wow, William Warren – the fact that you’d have to come behind this post to blog about how the former Mayor asked you to lay off bashing someone who was a consummate professional just makes YOU the snowflake. Get a hobby bro.
William Warren I have several hobbies. She was not a consummate professional. That was shown in public multiple times. If she was truly the consummate professional, even though her agenda was opposite of what most people wanted, she would probably still be in office. True leadership means you can get along with folks..not try to ramrod your agenda through to the point a recall is required to get you to listen. Allow me to quote,”Or, if you DO want to look so small, take it to the Original or “Real” page – not on the City’s page…..please. We came a long way in being professional. Let’s not lose that” Hey I am not the one who effectively called most of the population of Brunswick petty and small…talk about unprofessional. If you want this off this thread..engage me elsewhere..or do what i mentioned earlier….SHHHHH
Some folks would say I should have not responded.  That’s in fact wrong.  if you do not respond folks will walk all over you.  I had to respond if only for myself.  The rest of the citizenry…that’s up to them.  I am sure if you have managed to read all of this you might be wondering what is the point?  The point is this…despite the past behavior i have mentioned here if I was to run into her again it will be with a smile and graciousness…..unless I am given reason not to.  I am looking for a reason to be pleasant…and that is how I will continue to be.

Outside agitators invade Brunswick’s election

I just got the most despicable, libelous publication about a candidate in the upcoming Brunswick City election.  Eric Beasely is being targets with allegations that had been expunged that are now apparently being dug up illegally.  I am not a lawyer but this kind of activity cannot be allowed to go unaddressed.  Eric has not asked for this response but I am going to do so.  Eric addressed all of these allegations on a miner detail already:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Whether you support Eric or not please join me in denouncing this behavior from a failed politician who made threats about this earlier.  The postal permit is from Rockville and is the same permit Ficker used during his failed primary run.  This is despicable behavior by anyone and this should not only be denounced but potentially litigated.  If these records were expunged then they have been illegally accessed and now illegally disclosed.  Somebody or potentially some people should be prosecuted and if called for by the law jailed.  Robin Ricker if this was done by you I hope you are prosecuted for this.

In Regards to the Conn Massacre

I came home last night and gave my older daughter a big hug…i then proceeded to explain to her about one of the reason so many folks died that horrid day.  Gun Free Zones = Turkey Shoot.  I’m not going to be blithe and say armed staff could have eliminated all deaths..that’s simply idiocy.  However,  armed staff would have meant fewer folks would have died.  Most school building on the interior are not made of bullet resistant materials like concrete but usually drywall and maybe some cinder blocks.  Right now if somebody comes into the school with the purpose of killing anything .40 caliber and larger isn’t going to be stopped by interior constructions.  unfortunately this means the current lockdown scheme simply means you cower in your classroom hoping the killer(s) don’t come to your door   If they do..unless the teacher tries to intervene and gets shot) you are as good as dead.  Unfortunately modern education(fueled by modern liberalistic gov’t) have so ingrained the fear of guns into the population’s brains they don’t realize that the first and last line of true defense is now gone…their own personal armaments.  This massacre was over before the cops go there.  News reports are saying the cops got there instantly…that’s a lie.  Even in my small town where i can literally walk to the police station in under 10 minutes it still takes a minimum of 3 minutes for an officer to arrive.  This was probably over in about that time.  The cops are purely a reactionary force.  if you want to keep your kids safe is school your choices are limited:

1.  Truly education them about their surrounding at school.  That means you need to intimately familiarize yourself with the building inside and out.  You need to know how its hallways and classrooms are laid out..what the interior is made of and know your child’s classrooms so you can train your child on proper egress procedures.  Son’t let your children become sitting ducks.

2.  let the schools and local cops handle it.  Ref other mass shootings for the results.

3.  pull your children out of the public school system until the anal cranial infection clears itself.


guns are used more often by responsible owners more than double to stop(and prevent crimes) than they are to commit them.  As long as the gun control folks have their way the mass shootings in schools, malls, hotels, churches…anywhere the turkey shoot mentality exists is not only going to continue..but may very well increase.  The answer to this isn’t just more guns..i can agree there…the answer is more properly trained, self-armed gun owners packing.  If schools are truly interested in our children’s safety they’ll get properly trained gun owners into the schools…if this turkey shoot mentality continues…children will continue to die at the hands of those who know where the easiest prey is located.

Time for Another election…I’m officially going to run.

Tom Smith has resigned From Brunswick city Council.   I’m going after that empty seat.  No write in this time.  Spread the word I’ll need 20 signatures and then getting the votes..:)  Again a no cost campaign.  No signs just me and whomever wishes to volunteer.  I’m out and about every week doing my mowing thing.  Let’s get this done.  William Warren for Brunswick City Council.


Longtime Brunswick council member and former Mayor Tom Smith announced his resignation Wednesday after Tuesday’s mayor and council elections.

Smith, who served as mayor from 1994 to 2000 and spent a total of 22 years as an elected official in Brunswick, said at 67, he wanted to spend more time with his family, including a great-grandchild who is his pride and joy.

The results of Tuesday’s elections, in which City Council member Karin Tome won as mayor over incumbent Carroll Jones, also played a part in his decision, Smith said.

Smith said he ran for his current four-year term on the council, which would have ended in two years, because Jones asked him to.

“If Carroll would have won, I probably would have stayed,” he said. “Carroll’s not there, so it’s time to move on.”

Smith said he leaves office on good terms with his colleagues and he apologizes to supporters for not fulfilling his term.

“As with any endeavor, there comes a time when one must move on and take another direction. That time for me is now,” Smith wrote in a letter to the residents of Brunswick that he left at City Hall.

via Brunswick councilman steps down one day after election – The Frederick News-Post Online.

The Death Of Medical Care (And Choice) [Market-Ticker]

I am going to cross post this to both blogs as this affects me both as a person and a business man.


Now consider this — the PPACA sets forth a “fine” (tax) of $2,000 per employee for a business that has 50 or more and does not provide “at least” the minimum “insurance” to all.

There is no health care plan I’m aware of that a business can buy today that costs less than $2,000 per employee per year, and which also meets the requirements in the law.  None.  That was almost impossible to meet back in 1995 for a healthy, 18 year old insured single male.  It’s flatly impossible now and it’s doubly-so if your workforce has other than 18-year old single, healthy males in it.  I know this to be factual because I was responsible for buying it for our employees as a CEO of a company.

Therefore the incentive is for all businesses to drop health care. 


Second, your choice is to either (1) buy and have said plan (whether through employment or individually) or pay a “fine” (tax) of 1% of income (increasing to 2.5% of AGI in 2016.)  The minimum “fine” is $95 starting in 2013, rising to $695 in 2016.  The average family income is about $50,000/year, which means that the fine (tax) will be $1,250 in 2016.  It’s less now.

You cannot buy health insurance at their “minimum level” for anything approaching $1,250 a year no matter how healthy you are at any age. 

The law prohibits insurance companies from charging you more if you’re sick, or refusing to cover you at all.  They must accept everyone on equal terms.


Businesses will drop coverage; it’s cheaper (by far) for them to pay the fine and, for those under 133% of the federal poverty level, those employees can go onto Medicaid.  This is a “family of four” income of $31,900 (as of today; it will go up of course.)  That’s roughly the second quintile.

Individuals will drop coverage and pay the fine, since it’s far cheaper than to buy the “insurance.”

Both will buy the “insurance” only when they get sick, since they cannot be upcharged.

The cost of “insurance” will thus skyrocket to 10x or more what it costs now, just as it would if you bought auto insurance only after you wrecked or homeowners insurance only after you had a fire.

At the higher price nobody will be able to afford to buy the insurance at all, since that will be indistinguishable from just paying for whatever is wrong with you, plus the insurance company markup.

In very short order the entire medical system and health insurance scheme will collapse, leaving only two choices — either a return to free market principles (including all I’ve argued for since this debate began) or a single-payer, fully-socialized system ala Canada.

You can bet the government will continue to try to change the terms of the deal — including ramping up the tax/fine and other games, to prevent this outcome, but they will fail.

Now the question becomes this:

Which Presidential political candidates have told you the above, and what are their answers to this dilemma?

Let’s go down the list.

We know what Obama’s is — he passed it.  You will lose your private health care under Obama.  Period.  We are headed for a fully-socialized medical system and a collapse of the current medical paradigm under Obama.

We know what Gary Johnson’s position is — he wants to “block grant” all Medicare and Medicaid to the states, cut the amount of money in the budget (all line items) 43% and repeal Obamacare (including the mandate.)  But he refuses to demand an end to the cost-shifting where Juanita the illegal Mexican immigrant who is 7-1/2 months pregnant while drug and alcohol dependent shows up in the hospital, in labor, and foists off a $2.5 million NICU and birth expense bill on you!  He also refuses to stop the drug companies from effectively forcing Americans to bear the cost of all drug and device development and he has refused to put a stop to differential billing.  The latter two only exist because of explicit federal laws that make lawful in the health industry market behaviors that are illegal in virtually every other line of work (see The Sherman Act, The Clayton Act, and Robinson-Patman for starters.)  All of these facts are why the costs are ramping in the first place, which means his plan will simply force the States into bankruptcy and continue screwing you at the same time.

We don’t know what Romney’s plan is in detail.  He’s been oddly silent in that regard.  He says “Obamacare is not the answer” but he passed it as Governor on a state basis!  He too advocates nothing to put a stop to the cost-shifting and anti-competitive acts of drug and device makers nor hospitals and other medical providers.  He too wants to block grant Medicaid but that does nothing to address the problem and will simply bankrupt the state budgets (as noted for Johnson.)   Conspicuously absent from Romney’s plan (as is true for Johnson) is (1) a repeal of EMTALA, (2) a demand for level, consistent pricing irrespective of how one pays for a service (3) and a demand to remove anti-competitive laws protecting differential billing across state and national boundaries (e.g. Viagra for $2 in Canada .vs. $20 here) so that Americans are not forced to subsdize everyone else in the world and you pay the same price as the guy next to you in the hospital for the same product or service, instead of 2x, 3x, 5x, or even 100x as much.

So we have three Presidential candidates, none of which will do a damn thing to fix what’s wrong with health care.  All three are promoting a path that will bankrupt the States, bankrupt the Federal Government, bankrupt you or all three.

via PPACA And The Death Of Medical Care (And Choice) in [Market-Ticker].

The Teacher’s Union Gets Paid The Students Loose

This school board caved to the teachers.  First they are doing this work to contract stuff and now through their temper tantrums they get over 6 million more in pay..and the students loose not only people but needed programs that help them.  This is insanity.  It’s time for the BOCC to tell these clowns you won’t get any more money than what’s allocated last year..period.  The fact that spending increased nearly in lockstep with teacher’s pay is disgusting.


The elimination of media assistants was one of several cuts the school board made while building its spending plan for the fiscal year beginning July 1. The budget — which represents a $6 million increase over fiscal 2012 — also includes less money for supplies and school materials and a deferal of $1.9 million in textbook replacements.

In exchange for these cuts, school officials were able to avoid class size increases and furlough days for staff — which had been proposed in earlier versions of the spending plan.

The adopted budget allocates $1.2 million to support enrollment growth and building expansion, $861,000 for the opening of the new Carroll Creek Montessori Charter School and $2.6 million to continuation of existing programs and services.

The budget also includes a $6.8 million resource pool dedicated to salary increases, which serves as a placeholder while the school board completes negotiations with its three employee unions.

via Gazette.Net: Frederick eliminates school media assistant positions.

My Contributions Statement

I Will NOT accept any kind of monetary or financial contributions towards my campaign for city council.  If you want to assist you can help me by getting the word about me and my campaign.  This is going to be a verbal, word of mouth campaign only.  As far as I’m concerned this is the purest way to run a campaign and that is how I intend to go about this.  It’s how I advertise my business and I’m not going to change that for my City Council run.  Also I’m not going to be posting any direct links to my business on any post in regards to my run.  This is my personal blog and if I am elected no official posts will appear here.

A Run For City Council

I never thought i would do this…but i’m going to run for Brunswick City Council.  Not that anything is really wrong…but I would like to get more involved.  I currently run my own business, Emmanuel Computer Consulting and I work for a lawn mowing company that does a number of lawns in the city Mike’s Mowing.  3 days a week i’m around the city cutting fellow citizen’s lawns.      I’ll be posting more about my reasons for running and my concerns in subsequent days.

I’ve been citified long enough

I’ve been trying to be “more civilized” the past few years…it’s gotten me more problems with folks who think they know more than me about many things they have no idea about.  The lid’s off now…:)  I’m going to express how i feel and if folks can’t handle it..too bad for them.  My loving wife likes to tell folks i’m a redneck…that hasn’t shown much…i won’t be vulgar or destructive but the filters are gone now…if i don’t like something..or’ll know…right then.  I’ve had a better life when I’ve remained true to myself….it’s a hard lesson to I’ve recently been reminded of by a coward recently.  Now i have the Gov’t getting into my affairs.  It’s time for this lunacy to stop…and it’s time to get out of any kid of incorporated “city” entity…Frederick county isn’t rural enough anymore…because of Frederick city.  Their cancer is now spreading into the rest of the county..of course it’s a symptom of the state of Maryland being the way it is.  I’m looking for Kentucky or maybe Tennessee type rural area. Some folks are in for quite the awakening….i’ll leave those details as a “surprise”…watch for the rattlesnake..they tend to bite when tread upon..:)  My previous post with Aaron Lewis has some great lyrics:


I still live in the sticks where you wouldn’t go
In a town of 1200 off an old dirt road
And a country boy is all I’ll ever be

That’s where i’m going…as Charlie Daniels says at the end of the song:

I love my country…I love my guns.

I love my family…I lvoe the way it is now

And anybody that tried to change it has to come through me.

That should be all of our attitudes

Cause this is america and a country boy is good enough for me son.

AARON LEWIS – “Country Boy” (Official Video) – YouTube

Just how i feel about everything..not just the government..but about most groups of people as well….seeing as how many of them think they know how to run my life.  Get out and leave me and my family alone.  Even Brunswick is feeling too big these days…time to start praying for a change in homestead location.


AARON LEWIS – “Country Boy” (Official Video) – YouTube.

Well I grew up down an old dirt road in a town you wouldn’t know
My pops picked the place up for 1500 bucks back in 1964

My grandfather was a drinker back in the day he put em down
But a war is known to change a man and the whiskey is known to change a man

That’s not me
I rarely drink from a bottle but I smoke a little weed
I still live in the sticks where you wouldn’t go
In a town of 1200 off an old dirt road
And a country boy is all I’ll ever be

Now it’s been 12 years since I sold my soul to devil in L.A.
He said sign your name here on the dotted line and your songs they all will play

He set up shop on sunset, he put me up at the marquee
He said you wanna sell a million records boy better listen to me

He said change your style, whiten your smile, you could lose a couple pounds
And if you want to live this life, you better lose that wife, do you need your friends around?

And I said no, that’s not me
Cause the biggest things in life are your friends and family
[- From : -]
And I like my jeans and my old t-shirts
And a couple extra pounds never really hurt
Cause a country boy is all I’ll ever be

Cause Hank taught me just how to stay alive
You’ll never catch me out the house without my 9 or 45

I got a big orange tractor and a diesel truck
And my idea of heaven is chasing whitetail bucks
And as a country boy you know I can survive

Now two flags fly above my land that really sum up how I feel
One is the colors that fly high and proud
The red, the white and blue
The other ones got a rattlesnake with a simple statement made
“Don’t tread on me” is what it says and I’ll take that to my grave
Because this is me
I’m proud to be an american and strong in my beliefs

And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again
Cause I’ve never needed government to hold my hand
And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again
Cause my family has always fought and died to save this land
And a country boy is all I’ll ever be

Nationwide Wireless Emergency Text Alert System Launching This Month | Ubergizmo

We are the government and are here to help….oh boy..get ready for governmental spamming now.  Now the government is going to be able to fearmonger even more and faster…of course “Presidential Alerts” you can’t opt out of.


The federal government and American wireless providers will be bringing a new Emergency Text Alert System to everyone in US on a cellphone this month. The service which will provide geography-based warnings of life threatening events including tornadoes, floods, hurricanes typhoons, tsunamis, dust storms, extreme winds, blizzards and ice storms will be free for all.

The text alerts which are short and informative will inform recipients about what to do next in any event. The advice provided includes the informing of customers to seek additional information or to immediately seek shelter if necessary. For now, similar services such as weather applications do provide some prior warnings but this will be the first national service by the federal government and the wireless industry.

Wireless carriers representing more than 97% of subscribers voluntarily agreed to develop and offer free, geographically targeted wireless emergency alerts,” said Amy Storey, spokeswoman for the CTIA— The Wireless Association. AT&T, Cellcom, Cricket, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless are participating.

In order to receive the alerts, you will not have to change anything or make any additions and you can have the security of knowing that you are privileged to information about emergencies that might occur in an area near where you are. In addition to that, the new system will include an AMBER alert system for missing children as well as Presidential Alerts for national emergencies. Although every consumer will be automatically added to the system, you can opt-out of receiving any of the available alerts that might occur except Presidential Alerts.

via Nationwide Wireless Emergency Text Alert System Launching This Month | Ubergizmo.

Frederick County Teachers Union Wants “Appreciation”…Throws Temper Tantrum

This is going to work well.  Because you want to have things exactly your way however it is and don’t get it you are going to cause the cancellation of various after school activities that specifically help students to expand their horizons and help them move forward in life. That’s interesting that in one hand the unions says we want appreciation but then they are going to take an action that while legal goes against the very thing they say they don’t want to do.  Folks wonder why i don’t like modern unions…it’s right here in plain view in our county.  The commissioners next time need to let the teachers strike then use replacements until the teachers themselves start loosing their own incomes(strike funds last maybe two weeks).  The teachers will realize they union isn’t helping them at all…at least the smart ones will.


Frederick County teachers are upset with budget decisions made by the Board of Education, and beginning March 30 will “work to the contract,” according to Frederick County Teachers Association president Gary Brennan.Theyll put in 100 percent during their seven-and-a-half hour workday to teach and grade papers, but theyll take a duty-free lunch, as the contract stipulates, he said.Once their workday is up, teachers will go home to their families, leaving any papers left to be graded at school, since they are supposed to have time during the school day for grading, according to Brennan.Brennan said the action centers around budget decisions made at the Feb. 22 board meeting where the board decided to put in a request for extra funding from county commissioners while balancing the budget by slashing the proposed salary resource pool for employee raises in half.The budget also includes possible furlough days dependent upon negotiations and the reversal of a 1.5 percent salary adjustment in fiscal 2012, which was a one-time stipend.”We feel that both the BoE and the county commissioners have not shown the commitment to public education that employees have,” Brennan said.The decision to implement a work-to-rule action was made unanimously March 8 by the unions representative assembly, which includes members from every school, according to Brennan.The teachers association is asking all of its nearly 2,800 members to participate in the upcoming work-to-rule. Teachers are going to work to the spirit and letter of their contract, Brennan said.The expectation during the action is that teachers will perform up to contract expectations, but it may take longer to assess student work and to get back to parents, as teachers will have to prioritize their core functions, he said.”What they really want from the community and the elected officials is appreciation,” he said.Ballenger Creek Elementary School will cancel its annual talent show because teachers volunteered their time for the event and were not compensated, according to a letter sent home to parents Friday.Theres probably a laundry list of similar situations in the county where after-school programs will need to be canceled, Brennan said.He said this action is “horribly negative,” but teachers have come to be taken for granted.”Its not a positive thing, but what I hope comes from it is a recognition of how much educators in this county do to see children succeed,” he said.

via Teachers: We wont work off the clock – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Gazette.Net: Court: Frederick schools not liable in peanut allergy case

this is the very reason i advocate to my daughter that if the school tells you to do something that is dangerous to you or not participate…and i’ll deal with the school over it.  me and my wife are looking to get our eldest out of the public schools and we hope we can also not have to put our youngest into the prison camps called the public schools system.


Maryland’s highest court has ruled that state agencies are not required to ensure children aren’t served food to which they are allergic.

The Maryland Court of Appeals has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit by a former Frederick resident who sued after her 5-year-old daughter was served a peanut butter sandwich despite being allergic to peanuts. The decision was released Wednesday.

In 2005, Liana Pace, a kindergarten student at Frederick’s Hillcrest Elementary School, did not have a lunch or enough money to buy one. She was given a peanut butter sandwich, but told a cafeteria worker she wasn’t allowed to eat peanut butter.

According to the decision, “The worker mistook her protests as misbehavior and ordered her to eat the sandwich.” The girl went into anaphylactic shock and was given a dose of epinephrine to relieve the symptoms.

Her mother, Nicole Pace, sued the state of Maryland, the state Department of Education and others. The case was dismissed in Frederick County Circuit Court and appealed until it reached the Court of Appeals. Pace and her daughter no longer live in Maryland, according to the decision.

A spokesperson for Frederick County Public Schools could not be reached Friday.

The decision involved the National School Lunch Act, passed in 1946, which requires that free or low-cost meals be provided to schoolchildren.

According to the decision, “The NSLA was not designed to protect a particular subset of students, such as those with food allergies, but rather, to serve the needs of all eligible school-aged children.”

via Gazette.Net: Court: Frederick schools not liable in peanut allergy case.

It’s a Sad Day in HCS Ville

My computer has been acting up for a couple of weeks.  Tonight it just went poofies altogether.  I managed to nail it down to my video card…:(  Luckily my motherboard has onbaord gaphics and can drive two monitors..jsut no more gaming for accelerated internet vids(them quad cores goin to get a workout now).  Once i replace the vid, then my monitor(i’m on a spare one), my keybaord and mouse and speakers, plus upgrading psu to handle the new stuff..i’m at a new system.  That’s what i am going to do.  It’ll take a few months jsut to get started.  I’ll build it piece by piece.


This next statement is for my good friend Erik:

Tell Doug I am hearkening his advice.  The new vid is going to be nvidia something..i just have not made up my mind yet.  CPU is going to be Intel something..:)

The Latest Power Grab by Our Nanny State

Of course it turns out that texting wasn’t the primary..or even the reason at all for the crash that is now being used by the feds to try to invade our lives even more. Sure texting while driving is dangerous..there’s no need for the Feds to stop into this. Read this story about who owns you for some background.  Right now just waling down the street you are probably going to break some law and you don’t know it.  Guess where that type of life exists or existed?  China, USSR, North Korea.  We don’t yell about it because it’s hidden…at least those other countries openly show their dictatorial ways…:(

Goebbels (er, Hersman) Appears At The NTSB in [Market-Ticker].

More Adventures…:)

My younger daughter has decided she doesn’t want to wear pullups to nite nite anymore…i quote, “me no peepee no wear pullup me wear undies and be big girl”…:)

Emmitsburg Practically Bankrupted by Maryland

State mandated.  Sure they got tons in grants BUT they still have 5 million in debt which is crushing for a small municipality like Emmitsburg.  Keep in mind Emmitsburg is nearly half the size of Brunswick just to get an idea of the size and how crushing this debt load is.  400k a year in costs(that will also only go up) are huge for this community and it is only going to get worse.


Commissioners voted this past week to increase rates to fund construction of a new state-mandated wastewater treatment plant. The new plant comes with a $20 million price tag, and the town has been awarded $14.5 million in federal and state grants toward the cost. The town proposes to fund the remaining cost with a $5.5 million loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, necessitating quarterly payments of $51,000.On top of the loan payment, the new plant will cost the town $48,000 per quarter to operate, bringing the quarterly tab to nearly $100,000.

via Emmitsburg sewer rates could rise by 50 percent or more – The Frederick News-Post Online.

NYT: Global protests share scorn for democracy – World news – The New York Times –

Why do you hold disdain for the ballot box?  Could it be because you have allowed the rot to infest everywhere do to your own lack of action at said box or the poor choices which I have been talking about for years now?  Other than arms the only way you have to exert your will is said ballot box.  Since you and previous generations have allowed it to be a rubber stamp why should the pols listen?  Do you actually believe they will ignore this too?  They will use this to do jsut that..take away your ability to self-govern and your country and ours will become nothing more than a libya or iran or China.  I say let’s restore the ballot box NOW…vote the ENTIRE gov’t out and get a whole new slate in that is NOT ties to the current establishment.  That means no republicans and no democrats..NONE.  Otherwise you’ll have to be brave and take up violence on a nationwide and coordinated style.  A civil war of independence is not a fun conceopt.  Are yhou willing to take back your rights peacefully?  Then use said ballot box not you’ll have to muster up the kind of courage the military has…can you do that?  I’d rather not find out..let’s use the ballot box properly….comment if you need to know how.

NYT: Global protests share scorn for democracy – World news – The New York Times –

The Time for Declaration of Independence Actions May Be Approaching

So in order to solve our nations debt crises…which the American people have allowed to happen….we are now to turn over total power to the boobs in congress who are doing nothing to stop the run away debts we have incurred?

As a way to solve the national debt crisis, North Carolina Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue recommends suspending congressional elections for the next couple of years.

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover,” Perdue said at a rotary club event in Cary, North Carolina, according to the Raleigh News & Observer. “I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.”

Karl says it perfectly:

Let me simply observe that such a “proposal”, if said other than in jest, is an open declaration by an elected official to literally seize power and refuse to cede either office or power to the will of the people.

Should such an act be contemplated, say much less recommended or acted upon, we no longer live in a Representative Republic and the remedies called for in The Declaration of Independence are the only ones remaining for any and all who intend to be a free people living in a nation that operates on the principles of a Representative Republic.

We have not lived in a truly representative Republic for a while as the gov’t in all of its forms have grown substantially in the past decades due to constant inaction by the citizens of this country.  This inaction includes either not voting at all or continuing to vote within the rigged and corrupted two party system we have now.  If no candidate on the available slate is representative of this country it is the duty of the citizenry to vote them out and vote in somebody else.  There is nothing in the Constitution that requires the citizenry to vote form a choice of two candidates.  It is time for the citizenry of this country to get out of the mentality that we are owed gov’t welfare and it is time to take our country back.  Americans right now we face a choice..we either take our country back now through the voting box in November…otherwise the only way we will get it back is the same way this country was formed..a war of Independence which will be bloodier than ever..due to the fact it will be a modern civil war on Independence.  I fear the American citizenry may not be brave enough for the peaceful path much less the non peaceful path.

A Representative Republic? That’s So Last Century in [Market-Ticker].

Something else i get to “de-educate” my daughters on

Now i have to de-propagandize my daughters about the environazi agenda.


Under the graduation requirement, public schools will be required to infuse core subjects with lessons on conservation, smart growth and other environmental topics. School systems will be able to shape their programs, but they must align with state standards.

via Md. approves environmental education requirement – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Folks Wonder Why I Hermit…especially at Church

There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad, and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living

Thanks Ashley L.


Basically,  I have more important things to worry about than politics and drama.  I may be up waaaaaay to early but today is going to be a good day…Lord willing.

God Turns a Negative Into A Positive(Corrected)

For nearly 8 years now I have been working two jobs…one mowing grass and my business…Emmanuel Computer Consulting. This dual arrangement worked for a while but recently it became clear I needed to concentrate on my business as client calls were beginning to interfere with my ability to fully perform my duties as a field supervisor at my other job.  I have the philosophy to give 100% at whatever you are doing..and my mowing job has been no exception.  It has resulted in the owner allowing me to practically run the company in his absence with confidence his business will be taken care of.   i’ve been praying for restitution to this situation.  Recently my wife Gen was released form her job because “she did not have a positioned available at the new facility”.  80% of our household income just went poofies.  Well Gen and I had been praying for her to get out of the job she has and for me to be able to step in with my business and take her place(which in my opinion is how it should be).  I just had a meeting today with the owner of a much larger IT firm about doing some sub contracting work for him at his request.  After a very productive conversation and a good negotiation we came to a mutually agreed per-job payrate.  I now have to talk to the manager with whom i would be working with on a daily basis.  Once that interview is completed if they both approve i’ll have a contracting job making more than double what i make at the lawn mowing job.  This contract is at least 6 months..almost certainly longer.  I just now realized something as i type this…the barrier(which i could not figure out what it was) to me being able to do just this was gen’s job.  Not that i wanted her to loose her job…but me and gen BOTH wanted the roles to be reversed per say.  The Lord is providing that right now. One of my clients has an office manager position offer which gen would love to work at…it’s 10 minutes from the house and i literally drive by it every time i head to Frederick and back.  It would be perfect.  So far I have moved out of the way and let God work this out….He is working mightlyily indeed.  Updates to follow..:)


So they increased taxes and “cut” services while spending 10 million more in the next budget.  Souds to me they did not do a whole lot in reductions.


Cuts to personnel and services were combined with projected increases in income tax revenue to balance the budget, which is $10 million larger than this year’s. The county laid off 106 employees, reorganized several divisions and cut or downgraded a total of 175 positions, which reduced the county workforce by 7 percent.

via Public can speak on Frederick County’s $448 million 2012 budget – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Brunswick Man Faces Additional Charges in Child Abuse Case.

Updating the original story. New details have emerged.

According to the medical examiner the severe abuse started immediately upon birth.

Zirinsky now faces charges of first-degree murder, which carries a penalty of life in prison without the possibility of parole; first-degree child abuse resulting in death and first-degree child abuse resulting in serious physical injury. Each of the child abuse charges are punishable by as many as 25 years in prison.

via Autopsy raises charge in infant death case – The Frederick News-Post Online.

New Move Over Law is Now in Effect

Most Marylanders are aware of the hands-free driving law that went into effect October 1, but many motorists are not aware of another law that also went into effect that same day. According to a Maryland State Police press release, the “move over” law requires drivers approaching an emergency vehicle with its lights on to change lanes to an adjacent lane away from the emergency vehicle, if possible. Drivers who are unable to change lanes due to traffic are instructed to slow down to a reasonable and prudent speed. The goal of the new law is to help increase safety for police, fire and emergency medical personnel working on Maryland’s roadsides.

via Want2Dish – People – Local Government (including services such as fire / ems / police) – Move Over – It’s the Law!.

When Soulforce Calls…Does Your Church Have the Fortitude to Stand Against These False Teachers?

Ah yes.  We aren’t going to try to convince…we are going to threaten to get our way.


This is typical of folks who have bought into the twisted views on the Bible.  These folks either knowingly or unknowingly are Satan’s tools.  Read the entire article.  It outlines very well the Christian’s obligations when confronted by a group like soulforce.  Sometimes direct dialouge is NOT the way.  Simply declining their “invitations” would be sufficient.  Any group that has to be forcibly removed when they don’t get their way…is one group to be dealt with.  there’s a few ways to stand against things like this.  either confront them directly,  decline their “invitations” or other ways.  However cowtowing to their demands is not an option…that simply encourages folks like this to continue their actions.


“The Traditional Christian Position on Homosexuality Must Be Changed or Silenced”


“This spiritual violence must end,” declares White. “We love…the body of Christ too much to allow it to continue these policies that lead to suffering and death.”38 Elsewhere he warns, “The toxic rhetoric ?ows unabated, primarily from sincere but misinformed religious leaders. It is poisoning the national discourse, dividing homes and churches, ruining families and wasting lives. We must do our best to stop that ?ow of poison at its source.”39

Traditional teaching on homosexuality sparks violence; religious leaders dispense a toxic ?ow of traditional teaching; the ?ow must be cut off at its source—churches, Christian schools, evangelistic institutions, or any other places where the traditional biblical view on homosexuality is promoted. But how? “What I suggest to all homosexuals and their supporters,” White advises, “is to create tension between the church and the gay community.”40

To create that tension, Soulforce chooses a church, Christian college, denominational conference, or organization, then contacts them to request a meeting, warning of potential demonstrations or other “direct actions” if they refuse. Such “direct actions” may disrupt or inconvenience, but the group adheres to a strict policy of nonviolence, and there’s no evidence of Soulforce demonstrators ever threatening, vandalizing, name calling, or using obscenity in any form. Some leaders who’ve hosted meetings with Soulforce have positive things to say about the encounters,41 while others who’ve refused to meet their terms have been obliged to have them forcibly removed from their property.42 The meeting they request normally includes an allotted time to present their views to the church or campus, informal discussions, distribution of their literature, and meetings with the church or college leaders.

Annual events include the Equality Ride (bus riders visiting Christian seminaries and Bible colleges), the American Family Outing (delegates visiting megachurches), and Soulforce Q (international outreach). Clearly, then, Soulforce’s attempts to change the church’s views on homosexuality are expanding. So let me offer three general suggestions to consider when Soulforce calls.

via When Soulforce Calls.

The Idiocy Of Okaloosa Schools and Many Other Public Schools to.

Remember this earlier post? Well here comes the conclusion.  While I have not run into this EXACT idiocy I’ve run into something similar.  The quoted text below is only a snippett…you really need to read the whole post to see just how stupid the fools thought Karl was..:)


There was no resolution offered by the District or the School Principal, of course.  And, as expected, there was also nobody willing to take responsibility for claiming there was a representative process in the Student Council when there in fact is not, and there was no apology forthcoming.  In fact, their “heat” tried to argue there in fact was such a process again; I quickly pointed out that it was about as accurate a claim as it would be if you presented your petition in the former USSR – or to Mubarak before he was deposed.  He didnt like the analogy; in point of fact he refused to look at me the entire rest of the time we were in the room.  I didnt really expect an apology and was well-prepared for an attempted second run at the same claim; in that regard I was not disappointed.

via Okaloosa Schools: Hypocrisy On Display – MarketTicker Forums.

Okaloosa and All Public Schools And Fundamental Liberties in [Market-Ticker]

These are the standard I hold for Frederick County Public Schools and my children as well.

I was called at approximately noon today to inform me that my daughter had sat at a table with other students, rather than at the table for her class.  Her purpose in doing so, which she informed me she intended to do last evening, was to peaceably assemble with another student of her acquaintance during her lunch break.  For this act of peaceable assembly she had been told to go to lunch detention at the front of the room, and she had politely refused. For this refusal she was sent to the office. These facts have all been admitted to and are without dispute.A call was made to me in an apparent attempt to enlist me in applying some sort of sanction for her conduct.  You may consider this letter my pointed and vociferous refusal, and a direct challenge to this School policy.In reaching my conclusion I asked what purpose of the alleged rule had that she violated, that is, how her decision to peaceably assemble with another student of her acquaintance during non-instructional time while consuming her lunch in any way harmed the educational mission or execution within the school day.  I was told that in the past some students had behaved in an unruly manner, including leaving trays and other debris after departing the lunch room at some point during previous school years.However, it was explicitly admitted that she had not committed any such offense.  Under questioning the administration admitted that she properly disposed of her tray and other debris, there was no student displaced from a seat at the table to which he would have otherwise been entitled and there was no misbehavior such as a raucous conversation.  The alleged rule which she had intentionally broken, that of demanding that she refrain from said peaceable conversation with a person of her choosing, under obvious logical analysis, is nothing more than both prior restraint and collective punishment for an offense that has not in fact taken place.  The sanction applied also implicates a fundamental human right of peaceable assembly.Certainly any school has a right to sanction students who are unable to behave in a cordial and peaceable manner during lunch or any other time while on school grounds. It is unquestionable that the educational mission of a school requires that conversation between students be refrained from during instructional periods when attention should be paid to the material being presented.  But no such argument can be made of disruption of the educational environment by a student simply choosing to have a quiet conversation with a friend while consuming lunch in the cafeteria.Further, I was told that she had a right to attempt changing this policy through a representative process in the Student Council.  Upon further questioning, however, this assertion proved to be false.  Not only does the Student Council have no binding power of any sort this matter had been previously put to them in past years, they had passed open seating at lunch as a resolution, and the Administration then unilaterally revoked the decision of the Council instead of applying sanction to any wrong-doers.  This was a mistake on the part of the administration as my willingness to cooperate always instantly evaporates if an attempt is made to deceive for the purpose of enlisting my agreement.Collective punishment and deprivation of a student’s right to peaceable and quiet assembly with their classmates during non-instructional periods of the day is a poor and unwarranted excuse for the apparent rank arrogance and incompetence displayed by school staff who are unable or unwilling to do their job in policing the lunchroom and sanctioning those students who engage in inappropriate behavior on an individual basis.

via Okaloosa Schools And Fundamental Liberties in [Market-Ticker].

School system asks for $33M budget increase: JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!

Considering the waste the FCPS board has overseen in the past 5’s time to tell the money addict no.  Since the county is already struggling to pay it’s current bills is adding 33 million to a deficit of 11.8 million a good idea?  Mr. Young please?

Frederick County Public Schools officials are calling for a $33 million increase in fiscal 2012 over this year’s budget of $507 million.

It is a figure some school board members said they weren’t comfortable taking to the Board of County Commissioners.

The bulk of the increase is from a $10.7 million salary increase for system employees and a $15.5 million annual contribution to the retiree benefits trust fund.

via School system asks for $33M budget increase – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Roy Meacam Doesn’t Want Frederick County Residents to have a say

So we want to covert corruption of more layers of gov’t and bureaucratic red tape? well has that worked for Montgomery county.  How about PG county?  Take a look at those two..and the answer is clear.  The current commissioners form gives the PEOPLE and important check on our county officials that must remain.

Readers with long memories may recall my Frederick News-Post columns, years before was born, I preached the commissioners’ form was obsolete; it harkened back to the period of farmers/tenant when everybody had direct access to government.


Where is this snow coming from?

It’s called lake effect and we have a band that is setup over brunswick.  If you first type in 21716 into the address bar sot he screen centers on Brunwick then zoom’ll see where this is coming from.  I’m thinking we’ll see light snow all night long.  There’s one thing to really be careful about this snow…it’s very dry powder..almost like graphite..  This means traction is going to be nearly zero..drove on this stuff as if it’s ice..otherwise it’ll jump up and bite you in the rear.

Brunswick man arrested in child’s death also charged in 2004 – The Frederick News-Post Online

This dude lived a block from me.  I saw him walking down the street one day and i figured he was new in town.  I had no other details about him though.  I feel sorry for his girlfriend and while the little infant is in heaven I hope her mother has a good church family.  Full credit for the reporting goes to the Frederick News Post.

The man charged with murder in the death of his 2-month-old daughter Sunday in Brunswick was convicted of child endangerment in a similar case in 2006 when he was living in Roxbury, N.J., according to news reports at the time.

Jason August Zirinsky pleaded guilty to charges that he failed to seek medical attention for his then-newborn daughter when she had broken bones in 2004. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Zirinsky said at the time that the broken bone occurred when he grabbed the child to prevent her from falling off a bed. The infant was also found to have a broken rib and a broken bone in her leg, but Zirinsky admitted only to injuring her arm.

During a bail hearing Tuesday, during which he successfully argued that Zirinsky should remain held without bail, Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith called the earlier conviction “eerily similar.”

Smith said the seriousness of the crime, along with Zirinsky’s record, was sufficient reason to deny bail. He also cited previous convictions for assault, theft and drug possession.

“The brutality of it I won’t go into, but there were multiple traumas that caused this infant’s death,” Smith said.

Smith also said Zirinsky was planning on leaving the state. He said there was a moving truck at the house when police arrived Sunday morning in response to a call about the child.

Zirinsky, appearing on closed circuit television from the Frederick County Adult Detention Center, said he did not pose a flight risk and asked that Ambrose grant him bail. He said the reason for the moving truck is that he had been evicted from the house.

“I’ve never run from any case,” Zirinsky said. “I’d like bail so I can make arrangements for my daughter and be with my family in this time of tragedy.”

Ambrose said little as she denied Zirinsky’s request.

According to charging documents filed by the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office, Lexi Regina Zirinsky had bruises all over her body when police and emergency medical responders arrived at the house on West Potomac Street at about 7 a.m. Sunday.

Further examination of the child in the ambulance also revealed a bite mark on her thigh. Doctors at the state medical examiner’s office found more bite marks in various stages of healing, as well as cuts on various parts of the body, according to police charging documents. Beneath the bruises, the doctors discovered hemorrhaging in several places as well as broken ribs, documents note.

Zirinsky told police investigators the bruises likely were the result of his being too rough with the child while burping her, which he said he no longer did, as well as from her bumping her head into objects, according to documents.

But Dr. Carol Allan of the state medical examiner’s office said the child’s injuries were the result of “chronic child abuse” and were not consistent with Zirinsky’s explanations.

According to the documents, Zirinsky’s half sister, Nicole Synnot-Breeden, who lived at the residence, told investigators she had seen Zirinsky treating the child roughly, picking her up by the head in one instance, and had contemplated turning him in to authorities because of the frequent bruising.

Smith said his office is awaiting the results of further tests from the medical examiner.

Zirinsky has requested a preliminary hearing. No trial date has been set.

Staff writer Pam Rigaux contributed to this report.

via Brunswick man arrested in child’s death also charged in 2004 – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Major house fire in Brunswick

We have two adjacent structures in Brunswick that are now on fire.  We have 2 alarms out on on this fire.  Two houses are involved.  Please pray for hte families as there has already been one burn victim that is being treated.  I will keep everyone notified.  Right now Knoxville road at the dollar general is closed.  Also Brunswick street is closed form the 700 block to nearly the 900 block.  Emergency gear is still responding due to the rural nature of hits area so be aware of high speed emergency vehicles travelling to and through Brunswick.

Fredco Opts out of Race to the Top but not for the stated reasons

It’s not about tracking or least not for the teacher’s union..look at the italicized text below.  They don’t want to tie teacher’s evals to student performance.  Well if your students are doing poorly it’s either the school’s fault or the teacher’s fault.  I think this would give teacher’s the motivation they need to actually advocate for students instead of themselves or step aside and let some teachers that relaly care about their students in.  It’s not hard to find story after story about how “poorly performing” schools get turned around once the lazy, uncaring teachers get out(and this includes the administrative staff) and some truly caring folks step in.

The Frederick County Teachers Association was not in support of the program because several of its initiatives strive to tie teacher evaluations to student achievement.

Board member Angie Fish, a Montgomery County Public Schools teacher, voiced her concern that struggling students would be the ones to pay the price if teacher evaluations were based on student achievement. She worried the system’s best teachers would abandon poorly performing schools. Teachers would want to work only with the system’s most able students.

via Race to the Top will bring changes, no cash – The Frederick News-Post Online.

God Provides for FBC Once Again

Faith Baptist Church has been needing some technology help for a bit now.  I’ve gotten to the point I do what I can but I know God is going to provide.  Up comes the past week and a friend of mine in Seattle Washington.  His employer, WTS Inc., is decommissioning a ton of p-4 based IBM x335 machines.  Him and his employer are graciously going to donate three of the machines to the church.  This is going to help us tremendously.  I wanted to make sure I said Thank You to Talon and WTS inc for their ability and willingness to help FBC in our time of need..:)  Head over to for details on what I am going to do with these machines and how I do it..:)

Scared of the Public so we have to hide

Guess what?  The “criminals” are going to be able to decrypt the communications anyway so hiding the transmissions does nothing.  All this does is how the contempt you have for the general public.

Safety is an issue with the current communication system for two reasons, Debord wrote. The dead zones are one reason. The other is the new system will have the ability to encrypt, or prevent the communication between 911 operators and emergency personnel from being heard by the general public.

“Anyone with a scanner can monitor police activities on the current system,” Debord said. “This is an officer-safety issue because sometimes criminals use scanners to ‘listen in’ on our activities.”

via Emergency upgrade – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Watch the reply of Brunswick Little League

I know this works for Comcast customers.  I do not know if this is going to work for other providers.  They had a great run.  They got drubbed the last time they played this team.  I think Brunswick did a great job in this season.  I’m anxious to see what happens next year.  Congratulations to the entire team for their great run this year.

Streaming Online – ESPN3.

Some of the Biggest Idiocy I’ve Seen *UPDATED TWICE*

It’s after 9PM here and I just had Co.5, Co 19 go by my house with a parade in tow loudly hitting their sirens and air horns as they went by.  I staunchly defended BOTH of you for your sirens a bit back and you folks pull this?  Luckily this suddenly, intrusive, and radical change in the local noise profile didn’t wake up my baby.  I AM however going to be publishing this to my blog, sending a copy to both the presidents of Company 5 and 19 as well as City Hall.  Please folks as much as i appreciate your service and I do still support the house sirens this type of activity so late at night has no place at all at this time of night.  do it before say 7PM or don’t do it at all.  This was a bad decision by all involved.

*UPDATE*  I jsut got an e-mail response from one of the Brunswick City Council members.  I quote:

This was a celebration by the railroaders winning a tournament.
It doesn’t justify it, just letting you know the reason.

Great news.. just not at 9pm at night..:)


Same said council person seems to think I DON’T like the house sirens..well that can’t be farther from the truth.  Here’s a letter to the editor i placed to the Brunswick Citizen that was subsequently published:

I have grown weary of the complaints about the sirens for the Fire Company and the Ambulance Company.  It’s time to address them.

1.  There’s no sure fire way to direct sound waves in one direction.  However the sirens are omni-directional which means they radiate equally in all directions.  The hill behind Brunswick across the river makes some of this energy bounce back.  However to say the sirens are “aimed” at us down here isn’t true and frankly is insulting to the dedicated volunteers who staff our emergency services.

2.  The sirens aren’t controlled fomr the stations…they are controlled from Central alarm in fredcerick.  The only siren that goes on longer than normal is the fire house siren and that’s only when it gets stuck…which is rare.  When that happens i have personally watched folks come to the station and do whatever needed to be done.  Therefore the sirens aren’t in any way related to a train whistle.

3.  Yes technology is changing but the topology in Brunswick really makes it challenging.  I have personally seen fire, rescue, and police have reception issues in various areas of Brunswick.  This would make pagers unreliable.  Also I’m sure they are willing to take up a collection for this…are you willing to be one of the first in line to donate a significant amount towards this technological wonder?

4.  I live less than two blocks from both houses and frankly the noise isn’t excessive.  My 22 month old can sleep through the times when both go off at the same time.

5.  I understand with your proximity it can seem excessive…but considering the services they provide…the high level of service they provide, for the low cost to us they provide, i think the current system works well.  If we try to “improve” things it’s going to cost us more money both directly and indirectly and might cost us in terms of the ability of these fine folks to provide the level of service they do.  The ambulance company’s siren doesn’t go off at all after 8pm.  I don’t know if the fire company could support the same thing.  i leave that to the members of the fire company to decide.

6.  Finally I am not a member of either company.  if i am wrong about anything i invite correction.

Wiliam Warren

Also same said council person is apprently wanting to see the house sirens disappear as this person is “rooting” for the fire hall to move as fast as possible.  How then are the vounteers going to get notified of a call?  I say to this and others who are not understanding the above about how i feel about the house sirens.  Also I don’t dislike all parades..nor all late-night ones.  Santa at 10pm is fine…i know it sounds contradictory.  I EXPECT this one in a rural area.  It’s a long standing tradition…having parades for local sports teams for victories past 9pm or heck even past 8pm?  Not something I have routinely experienced.  If it’s going to become about letting the folks along W. Potomac know about this?  We can then go along the street and see if folks mind it.  Many don’t mind the Santa ONCE a YEAR late night.  Many might mind this becoming a regular occurrence for any reason though.

Let me reiterate I fully support the house sirens as noted above….these late night parades(Santa not withstanding) really don’t need to be occurring this late.


Praise GOD!  It’s raining here!  It’s a light shower but it’s been going for about 20 minutes and if the radar holds true we’ve got more on the way.  Even if this is all we get it’s still a Praise GOD moment!

Bookkeeper to plead guilty to stealing from the needy

All i can say is this is despicable.  Stealing from the mentally and physically  handicapped is jsut totally slimey.

CSAVR is a national nonprofit organization that advocates for vocational training to help the mentally and physically disabled get jobs. The nonprofit was formed in 1940 and is composed of the chief administrators of state rehabilitation agencies that provide vocational training to the mentally and physically disabled. CSAVR is funded by membership dues.

Bookkeeper expected to plead guilty in $700k theft | Washington Examiner.

Bad air day

Code red.  Of course with my asthma I can already feel the bad air.  Luckily we are cleaning up the air inside the house.  We bought a new vacuum and were astonished at the amount of stuff it’s pulling up that our old one missed.  This new one also has two filters..a primary and then the HEPA.  We have noticed a marked decrease in the dust in the house already.  I also turned on the county emergency dispatch feed.  since 9am there’s been three trouble breathing calls.  If it gets any worse i’ll keep my inhaler nearby and close up the one window we are using for the dryer.  It’s supposed to be this way most of the week..high in the 100’s(that’s NOT heat index folks) and code red or worse air quality.

Interesting Experience

Any another reason to not listen to Twisted Sister (the song to which I am referring is “We’re Not Gonna Take It”)

This past Saturday, my husband and I were working through some things in the dining room when we heard a knock at the door. Not expecting anyone, I cautiously approached the door and opened it. There, standing on my front porch was a gentleman who explained he was running for an elected office. He handed me an envelope as I asked him to which party he was affiliated. I shudder at the response – I am a Democrat, he replied.

So, doubting the envelope was filled with a large sum of cash, I handed it back to him (nicely). I know that campaign material costs money and the only place it would end up in my home is in the recycle bin. Then, I politely informed him that his political party was an abomination to our political system. I wanted to continue to share with him my feelings, but sensing that sharing them would do no good, I said good day and closed the door.

I haven’t had to deal with politicians going door to door in a while. I guess I should get used to it though because I think there are going to be more grass-root efforts this year than there have been in the past. And since I live in a grass-roots type of town….

To the Republican Party – please, oh please, send your candidates to my door. Make sure they are well armed with a bottle of water because the conversation with them will be much longer, much more direct and probably less friendly (but will still be polite)

A formerly registered Republican

The “Digital Transistion” sucks

This forced transition to digital cable has been a sucky one.  First we couldn’t get the tv’s to work at all..inet worked fine.  They had to remove a filter they had put on when we first moved in because we had too much we didn’t have enough.  For the past two days the internet has been really screwy and i noticed the tv’s are now acting stupid as well.  Of course since digital video is nothing but data packets now it’s very obvious very quickly when there’s an issue.  They are telling me over a week before they can get someone here.  I’ll call tomorrow and get that changed….

State and county road crews being suspended.

As per Fredrick Central Communications: All county and state road operations have been suspended due to weather conditions until further notice.

Per me: This means if you decide to drive your wait for a response is going to be a while since even fire and ems crews are getting stuck…. Be expecting response times for all emergency services to be severely impacted.

Municipalities Suing Frederick County

The reason is becuase the Frederick County BOCC is telling Brunswick that growth areas INSIDE Brunswick City Limits cannot be ceveloped.  Nice try guys..but you can’t do that inside Brunswick’s city limits.  unlike Rosemont Brunwick is an incorporated municipality and has rights boverned by state law.  Only if the judges decides to summarily rewrite the law is the county going to be able to do this.

Rosemont, Knoxville and others are not incorporated so they relaly can’t do much..the judge may not see it that way though.

Municipalities across Frederick County plan to challenge a new county ordinance in court, according to the local chapter of the Maryland Municipal League.The ordinance, approved in November, will apply development restrictions related to school capacity on newly annexed properties.

via Towns, cities intend to sue county over new growth ordinance – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Under scrutiny, website owner removes cheerleading photos from site – The Frederick News-Post Online

Ah yes.  If you complain you don’t know how it is supposed to work or you aren’t intelligent enough to know so trust me.  I don’t think so.  If you check out his sites they are “model” sites.  These kinds of sites simply post pictures of young girls in provocative poses or situations or dress.  They aren’t for legitimate commercial purposes.

In a phone interview Monday, Shipp said: “All people have to do is put in a request and I will take down their photo.” He said he can be reached at

Shipp said he has no children and no journalism background. He said those complaining about the postings “don’t understand how the Internet works.”

Photos of cheerleaders and students younger than 18 taken at public events were posted under the banner of Frederick .com, and They also appeared in Flickr groups tagged “PrettyFaces,” “10,” “pretty girl,” “everything beauty” and “perfect skin.”

All you have to do is look at sites that have this kind of tagging system on them.  they are either sites like shipp’s, legal but not really anything other than viewing for those interested in young girls, or outright pornography.

“The more links, the more traffic it generates to Frederick .com,” Shipp said. “If people knew how it works  they (would) understand why we’re doing it.”

I DO know how the internet works Mr. Shipp and your sites are a prelude to porn sites.  I’m not saying you are going the porn route but sites like yours are a “legal” way to get traffic while explooiting young girls.

Shipp has not been accused of anything illegal and does not have any nudity on his websites. He also cautioned that anyone could do what he has done.

Yes anyone can…and folks like us who do not want those types of photos can do what has been done.  There’s one issue.  Once those photos are out there they are out there forever now. The fact shipp has removed them from his sites doesn’t mean they are actually gone.

“Cheerleaders shouldn’t go out for the team if they’re concerned about having their picture taken,” Shipp said. “And girls shouldn’t dress in a way that brings attention to them in public if they’re not proud of the way they look.”

Does anyone see a massive red flag here?  It’s not the fact their pictures were taken it’s how they were photographed that’s the issue.  While i was not able to find many of the photos in question in the mess of them the ones i did see were not girls wearing fishnets, or exposing a ton of skin.  Most of the ones i found the girls were covered up.

via Under scrutiny, website owner removes cheerleading photos from site – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Someting Doesn’t Smell Right in

Folks who call the sites mentioned in this article model sites aren’t.  They put photos of girls on there is a very provocative way.  It’s almost always the first step in exploitation.  I have met this man and he gave me the jitters but i thought he was nothing more than “a little off”.  While nothing here is proof…yet..i’ll keep an eye on this guy much more closely from now on.

via Website owner under FCPS scrutiny for photos of high school cheerleaders – The Frederick News-Post Online.

More Rosemont Water Drama

This one is going to go one for a while barring some common sense.  If no documents ar produced that definitively show Brunswick owns the lines then this suit is moot…of course again that depends on common sense with all parties involved.

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper.

Judge allows Rosemont to sue for water
Originally published September 29, 2009

By Patti S. Borda

Rosemont’s lawsuit to force the city of Brunswick to provide water to the community will go forward, plaintiff Tom Watson said.

Eight residents of Rosemont, led by Watson, have sued Brunswick to prevent the city from carrying out an adopted resolution to stop water service to the community.

In Frederick County Circuit Court Aug. 19, Judge Theresa M. Adams took under advisement two motions in the case: one from Brunswick to dismiss the case; and one from Rosemont plaintiffs for class certification.

Adams denied both motions last week.

“That’s really not a problem,” Watson said. “This just clears it up to proceed to court on the merits of our suit.”

Rosemont’s eight plaintiffs had wanted the case to become a class-action suit affecting all water customers in Rosemont, about 80 properties.

Because the interested parties are closely located and known to the court, Watson said the judge found the case did not qualify for class certification.

Following a practice of not commenting on ongoing litigation, Brunswick Mayor Carroll Jones expressed no reaction.

“I will not offer a comment,” he said.

Both Watson and Jones said they have not heard when the next court date will be.

Rosemont lies north of and outside the city limits. Ever since the Works Project Administration built the waterlines between Brunswick and Rosemont in the 1930s, Brunswick has supplied water to some Rosemont properties.

Documentation stating that Brunswick is always required to provide the service has not been supplied, said Danny B. O’Connor, Brunswick’s attorney.

The plaintiffs have cited precedents that a public utility that exclusively provides a service to an area must provide for the service to continue. Whether Brunswick has become a de facto public utility for Rosemont has yet to be determined.

“We do not believe it’s a public utility,” Jones said.

Brunswick’s position is that although it has provided water to Rosemont properties, it has no legal responsibility to do so.

The water lines serving Rosemont need about $3.3 million in upgrades.

An injunction has prevented the city from cutting off water service until the court case is settled.

Attorneys for both sides acknowledged the case could take a long time to settle.

My Initial Review of El Sloppy Taco

I saw the writeup about this new restaurant in the local paper.  It was highly mentioned about how he uses all fresh ingredients form local butchers and local grocers and the reasonable prices he charges.  I then saw something that made me nervous…he used to run the local Dominos pizza.

We had stopped patronizing the local Dominos because the people on the phone could not speak clearly, the orders were wrong most of the time , and the pizzas just did not taste good at all.  Delving into the article, about the time he left that Dominos to start this new venture is when the quality of the Dominos drastically improved.  Needless to say I was apprehensive about this local eatery given the owner’s history.

Me and my family walked into the former Emerald Garden to see a restaurant that did not really appear to be completed on the inside.  The main dining area was well done with a southwesterm/modern motif with various tables with chairs throughout.  Even when full this space would not feel cramped.  Moving up to the ordering area is where things got a bit stark.  I attribute this to this being a startup trying to get some incoming funds due to the bad economy so i will comment on it if it has not changed the next time i go back.

I tried the Barbacoa Taco.  You can see the description on the online menu.  I ordered mine with just meat, lettuce and added cheese.  I did this for two reasons:

1.  I wanted to try the meat more than anything else

2.  I wanted to be able to taste more meat than the rest of everything else.

I was left very unimpressed.  The seasonings were ok..they had a nice bite.  The big letdown was the beef.  It was the same quality and texture as the low grade bulk shredded beef you get from foodservice companies for school lunches.  The tortilla was the low end variety you would get from your local supermarket.

All in all I walked away unimpressed.  I do intend to go back to try other menu items and i hope the beef quality was only because that is not El Sloppy Tacos primary focus,.

The lawsuits in the Brusnwick vs rosemont conflict have begun

Rosemont residents file lawsuit
Originally published February 03, 2009

By Karen Gardner
News-Post Staff

The owners of four Rosemont properties filed suit against the city of Brunswick on Monday, citing Brunswick’s intention to shut off public water service to Rosemont water customers in June.

The lawsuit, filed in Frederick County Circuit Court, asks the court to invalidate Brunswick’s ordinance ending water service to Rosemont customers June 2. The lawsuit also asks that Brunswick pay the cost of court proceedings.

The property owners and plaintiffs are Thomas B. Watson, chairman of a Rosemont committee to study the issue and a member of the Rosemont Town Council, and his wife, Charlotte A Watson; Mary Slagle and Mahlon H. Slagle Jr.; Raleigh S. Boaze Jr. and Janet A. Boaze; and Glenn R. Moler and Jacklin L. Moler. All live within the limits of the village of Rosemont, which has about 275 residents.

Rosemont was incorporated in 1954. Water lines were installed in the area around 1940. Brunswick provides public water service not only to residents within the city limits, but to residents of Knoxville, Rosemont, other unincorporated areas of Frederick County, a small portion of southern Washington County and a few property owners across the Potomac River in Loudoun County, Va. The water comes from the Potomac River and nearby springs.

At a town meeting last week, Rosemont residents were concerned that losing water service could become a public health issue and lower the value of the 79 Rosemont properties served by Brunswick water lines.

According to the lawsuit, in the 1930s or 1940s, Brunswick submitted a request to the federal Works Progress Administration asking for funds to pay for the extension and/or improvements to its water supply and distribution system. As part of the project, Brunswick extended its water supply and distribution lines to various properties outside its corporate limits. Brunswick has continuously provided water service and maintenance of the lines and infrastructure since at least the late 1940s, the suit states.

Property owners outside of Brunswick pay higher rates than those in Brunswick.

The Brunswick ordinance, passed unanimously by the City Council in December, says nothing about shutting off water service to other users of the Brunswick water system outside the city limits.

According to the lawsuit, Brunswick has acted in the capacity of a public utility by providing water service to the plaintiffs, and is required to continue such service. Before altering the water lines to cut off service to Rosemont, the lawsuit states that Brunswick would need a permit from the Maryland Department of the Environment. The lawsuit also states that Brunswick has no such permit.

Rosemont Burgess Jackie Ebersole has said Rosemont cannot act on behalf of its citizens, because the town itself is not a Brunswick water customer.

She has also said Rosemont does not have the funding to take over the water lines, although the town is willing to work with Brunswick to come up with funds to maintain the lateral connections from the main water line to Rosemont properties.

“Brunswick has left us no choice,” Watson said. “They have maintained their same position. They will not negotiate unless someone takes full ownership of the lines.”

Brunswick officials have maintained that they must do what is best for the citizens of Brunswick.