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Being Stuck and Moving Forward

March 24, 2018 Christianity Faith Family Job Stuff 0

It’s been nearly 3 years since my wife died.  I have been in what I would call a personal morass.  I have seemingly been stuck in one spot…unable to move forward.  I was then blessed with a good job opportunity…but the sacrifice required was immense.  I had to sacrifice my nearly 15 years of self-employment. … Read more

Unfortunately I Lost My Job.

February 8, 2018 Christianity Family Finance Job Stuff Patriotism 1

I went into my last job with high hopes that my talents and knowledge would be appreciated and utilized.  It became very apparent that this was not the case.  Sure I was getting paid 75k a year, and to some this is dream job.  I worked at home, had great benefits, and wrote reports for… Read more

My New Job…One Month In

January 22, 2018 Job Stuff 0

I am growing to love this job.  Once i get the kids taken care of and off to school my interruptions are few and I can really get some work done.  Right now it is researching the documents provided by the client and working with my team to get the deliverable products done.  I just… Read more

The source of my malcontent(resolved)

December 15, 2017 Job Stuff 0

You will see some malcontent in earlier posts…it was me getting frustrated with what i felt was the usual cliques i find..that i despise.  However the CEO and my supervisor made sure that I was introduced to most of the senior leadership team face-to-face.  It was nice to see the CEO himself taking an active… Read more

First Paycheck is here.

December 15, 2017 Christianity Faith Family Finance Job Stuff 0

THANK GOD!  I had 1.5 months of nearly ZERO income due to my having to effectively shutdown my business and then having my start date pushed back a month…however I have my first paycheck…and i am glad i can look forward to more of them.  now if you look at just the raw number..i am… Read more

Into the Kettle…and Getting Back Out Before I Get Burned.

November 26, 2017 Job Stuff 0

I have decided to take a step back at work. IMO the inclusiveness and opportunities are only skin deep…just like any club once you get in the door the barriers go up. Too bad. Frankly, right now going to this masquerade is not on my high priority list either. I think this year is the… Read more

The Transistion Continues…It’s Complicated

October 25, 2017 Faith Family Job Stuff 0

As I noted in my previous post, I had accepted an offer of employment with another company with a start date of Oct 30.  I was just informed by a friend of mine(who works at the same company) that my start date is pushed back to Nov 20th.  Why did this happen?  It’s complicated..allow me… Read more


October 17, 2017 Family Job Stuff 0

I have been offered, and accepted, full time employment as a security analyst for a US Federal gov’t contractor. i will be part of a team helping to secure a gov’t agencies internal security. The pay is better than anything I could have imagined and the challenge is high. it also means that my servers… Read more