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Green bay get another one. The rise of aaron rodgers and the end of the favre era is mercifully official.

Chevy ok. shapeups not a product I care about.

Chevy nice car bad plotline verizon kinda lame

Is it enough?

Mercedes ok

Brdgestone excellent godaddy marginal vw excellent

Nice throw

Another turnover turned into points

Chrysler gritty in your face very well done. 

Stella who?  Carmax great commercial. Xfactor?

Hyundai great lame coke cute

Mini lame homeaway needs to go away forever

Was the first half a fluke for green bay?

Etrade funny best buy hilarious

Murdered sweet child of mine otherwise quite well done

Steelers seem to think they have already won.  Packers seem determined to beat up the steelers and win it.  Will see what adjustments second half brings.

Weird broken play.

Captain america ok cruze eco what? Carmax lame glee needs to go away forever

Nough said

Keep it up packers!

First snickers good career builder ok

First coke commercial lame vw commercial rocks

Feild goal for steelers green bay held up kewlies

Steelers got a td.  The shootout begins

So far it is ugly for the steelers let’s hope it continues