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It’s a Sad Day in HCS Ville

December 16, 2011 Brunswick Gaming General 0

My computer has been acting up for a couple of weeks.  Tonight it just went poofies altogether.  I managed to nail it down to my video card…:(  Luckily my motherboard has onbaord gaphics and can drive two monitors..jsut no more gaming for accelerated internet vids(them quad cores goin to get a workout now).  Once i replace the… Read more

DailyTech – Sony PS3 Update Tries to Force Customers to Sign Away Their Rights

September 24, 2011 Gaming 0

Companies are trying to hide all kinds of things in those eula agreements.  Make sure you read them these days as these eulas are effectively contracts…you agree to the terms to use the product in question.   Updates terms of service state that the customer is guaranteeing if it sues Sony it can’t be a class action… Read more

WOW Free to Play Until Level 20

June 29, 2011 Gaming 0

[H]ard|OCP – World of Warcraft is Now Free-To-Play Until Level 20.

On “Emergency” Power

February 27, 2011 Gaming General 0

My dekstop has been acting up for a bit now. I finally got around to reformatting the thing..only to disvoer possible video card issues. I then had a client barter me one of her two computers for work outstanding. So now instead of my desktop I’m currently moving from my 10 year old case to… Read more

Linux Gaming is Coming

November 23, 2010 Gaming 0

This company’s game engine is brutal even on the latest hardware but the graphics are gorgeious.  This is being relased for PC, PS3, AND Linux. YouTube – OilRush naval strategy game: the first teaser.

Come see a Site I Visit often

October 8, 2010 Gaming General 0

It’s called God’s Frozen Chosen.  We are a small(for now) gaming oriented group of Christians.  All are welcome to join the forums and talk with us.  Come check us out..:)

Controversial STD drug tied to 16 more deaths

October 4, 2010 Anti-Americanism Gaming 0

The count is going to continue to climb.  More and more vaccines are worse than the diseases they are supposed to contain. Controversial STD drug tied to 16 more deaths.

Remember the old qbasic game where you played gorilas throwing exploding bananas?

August 25, 2010 Gaming General 0

Play Gorillas.bas, a free online game on Kongregate.

Your privacy was already gone

July 7, 2010 Gaming General 0

I hate to say it but the concept of privacy on the internet is really a smokescreen.  once your ip is logged it’s a trivial matter to trace it back to your isp then get a court order to reveal the account details.  REALID by activision is just making it easy for them so they can sell your information even more.… Read more

May 6, 2010 Gaming 0

How to: Get and install the Mektek Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries release, and get it to actually work « Dwell On It. This worked perfectly.