Where Have all the good men gone

What is happening to men these days?  They have been buried/destroyed/maligned by the modern anti-male, militant feminist, SJW culture.  It has led to sad situations,the rise of MGTOW, a subsequent rise is the number of men unwilling to marry or even be in any kind of long term relationship with a woman, sexual misbehavior by women(in the name of “being strong”, and a culture of men’s abuse by women.  Recognize this?  I see it all the time now..and it’s time for it to stop.   This is not accidental…this is a choice or condition brought on by modern parenting.  If folks are truly interested in “social justice” it’s time for the misogyny against men to stop.

This is what modern culture is doing to women, and by extension, men. If you do not want men to checkout on you…do not treat your partner/husband this way. It gets old very quickly. It definitely changed my interactions with just about everyone else from the female gender.  It is infesting my kids and they find out really fast how quickly I will not put up with this nonsense in my house.  Ladies it’s time to throw off modern culture and stop lying to yourself and others with the we do not need a man culture.  Be careful what you wish for…you will get it…and then what?




A Sad State of affairs

A young college couple sat down in the dunkin i was in working on various remote projects.  Listening to their interaction was depressing.  The dude was acting like a whipped pulpy and the female he was with was taking great joy in denigrating him and not only insulting him but also using the fbomb towards him.  His response was basically to laugh, cover his face and cower.  It was embarrassing to watch.  the female was taking every opportunity to insult him..however his responses(the cowering and refusing to stand up for himself) also encouraged the bullying by his companion.  the times i looked up her contempt for him was plainly showing on his face but his response was to cower and try to hide in plain site.  I guess this is what modern parenting and the schools have wrought.

The Google Debacle

I saw this popup online and I was not surprised at the document nor was I surprised at the reaction and fallout.  It took a bit but the original, unaltered document finally got released.  I have archived it here on this site just in case it disappears.