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I’ve been trying to be “more civilized” the past few years…it’s gotten me more problems with folks who think they know more than me about many things they have no idea about.  The lid’s off now…:)  I’m going to express how i feel and if folks can’t handle it..too bad for them.  My loving wife likes to tell folks i’m a redneck…that hasn’t shown much…i won’t be vulgar or destructive but the filters are gone now…if i don’t like something..or’ll know…right then.  I’ve had a better life when I’ve remained true to myself….it’s a hard lesson to I’ve recently been reminded of by a coward recently.  Now i have the Gov’t getting into my affairs.  It’s time for this lunacy to stop…and it’s time to get out of any kid of incorporated “city” entity…Frederick county isn’t rural enough anymore…because of Frederick city.  Their cancer is now spreading into the rest of the county..of course it’s a symptom of the state of Maryland being the way it is.  I’m looking for Kentucky or maybe Tennessee type rural area. Some folks are in for quite the awakening….i’ll leave those details as a “surprise”…watch for the rattlesnake..they tend to bite when tread upon..:)  My previous post with Aaron Lewis has some great lyrics:


I still live in the sticks where you wouldn’t go
In a town of 1200 off an old dirt road
And a country boy is all I’ll ever be

That’s where i’m going…as Charlie Daniels says at the end of the song:

I love my country…I love my guns.

I love my family…I lvoe the way it is now

And anybody that tried to change it has to come through me.

That should be all of our attitudes

Cause this is america and a country boy is good enough for me son.

Just how i feel about everything..not just the government..but about most groups of people as well….seeing as how many of them think they know how to run my life.  Get out and leave me and my family alone.  Even Brunswick is feeling too big these days…time to start praying for a change in homestead location.


AARON LEWIS – “Country Boy” (Official Video) – YouTube.

Well I grew up down an old dirt road in a town you wouldn’t know
My pops picked the place up for 1500 bucks back in 1964

My grandfather was a drinker back in the day he put em down
But a war is known to change a man and the whiskey is known to change a man

That’s not me
I rarely drink from a bottle but I smoke a little weed
I still live in the sticks where you wouldn’t go
In a town of 1200 off an old dirt road
And a country boy is all I’ll ever be

Now it’s been 12 years since I sold my soul to devil in L.A.
He said sign your name here on the dotted line and your songs they all will play

He set up shop on sunset, he put me up at the marquee
He said you wanna sell a million records boy better listen to me

He said change your style, whiten your smile, you could lose a couple pounds
And if you want to live this life, you better lose that wife, do you need your friends around?

And I said no, that’s not me
Cause the biggest things in life are your friends and family
[- From : -]
And I like my jeans and my old t-shirts
And a couple extra pounds never really hurt
Cause a country boy is all I’ll ever be

Cause Hank taught me just how to stay alive
You’ll never catch me out the house without my 9 or 45

I got a big orange tractor and a diesel truck
And my idea of heaven is chasing whitetail bucks
And as a country boy you know I can survive

Now two flags fly above my land that really sum up how I feel
One is the colors that fly high and proud
The red, the white and blue
The other ones got a rattlesnake with a simple statement made
“Don’t tread on me” is what it says and I’ll take that to my grave
Because this is me
I’m proud to be an american and strong in my beliefs

And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again
Cause I’ve never needed government to hold my hand
And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again
Cause my family has always fought and died to save this land
And a country boy is all I’ll ever be

Ah yes.  If you complain you don’t know how it is supposed to work or you aren’t intelligent enough to know so trust me.  I don’t think so.  If you check out his sites they are “model” sites.  These kinds of sites simply post pictures of young girls in provocative poses or situations or dress.  They aren’t for legitimate commercial purposes.

In a phone interview Monday, Shipp said: “All people have to do is put in a request and I will take down their photo.” He said he can be reached at

Shipp said he has no children and no journalism background. He said those complaining about the postings “don’t understand how the Internet works.”

Photos of cheerleaders and students younger than 18 taken at public events were posted under the banner of Frederick .com, and They also appeared in Flickr groups tagged “PrettyFaces,” “10,” “pretty girl,” “everything beauty” and “perfect skin.”

All you have to do is look at sites that have this kind of tagging system on them.  they are either sites like shipp’s, legal but not really anything other than viewing for those interested in young girls, or outright pornography.

“The more links, the more traffic it generates to Frederick .com,” Shipp said. “If people knew how it works  they (would) understand why we’re doing it.”

I DO know how the internet works Mr. Shipp and your sites are a prelude to porn sites.  I’m not saying you are going the porn route but sites like yours are a “legal” way to get traffic while explooiting young girls.

Shipp has not been accused of anything illegal and does not have any nudity on his websites. He also cautioned that anyone could do what he has done.

Yes anyone can…and folks like us who do not want those types of photos can do what has been done.  There’s one issue.  Once those photos are out there they are out there forever now. The fact shipp has removed them from his sites doesn’t mean they are actually gone.

“Cheerleaders shouldn’t go out for the team if they’re concerned about having their picture taken,” Shipp said. “And girls shouldn’t dress in a way that brings attention to them in public if they’re not proud of the way they look.”

Does anyone see a massive red flag here?  It’s not the fact their pictures were taken it’s how they were photographed that’s the issue.  While i was not able to find many of the photos in question in the mess of them the ones i did see were not girls wearing fishnets, or exposing a ton of skin.  Most of the ones i found the girls were covered up.

via Under scrutiny, website owner removes cheerleading photos from site – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Lawsuit roils Rosemont – The Frederick News-Post Online.

From the reports I have seen the Rosemont pipes were installed the feds.  If that is truly the case Rosemont doesn’t have a leg to stand least until the courts give their own interpretation.

This one is going to go one for a while barring some common sense.  If no documents ar produced that definitively show Brunswick owns the lines then this suit is moot…of course again that depends on common sense with all parties involved.

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper.

Judge allows Rosemont to sue for water
Originally published September 29, 2009

By Patti S. Borda

Rosemont’s lawsuit to force the city of Brunswick to provide water to the community will go forward, plaintiff Tom Watson said.

Eight residents of Rosemont, led by Watson, have sued Brunswick to prevent the city from carrying out an adopted resolution to stop water service to the community.

In Frederick County Circuit Court Aug. 19, Judge Theresa M. Adams took under advisement two motions in the case: one from Brunswick to dismiss the case; and one from Rosemont plaintiffs for class certification.

Adams denied both motions last week.

“That’s really not a problem,” Watson said. “This just clears it up to proceed to court on the merits of our suit.”

Rosemont’s eight plaintiffs had wanted the case to become a class-action suit affecting all water customers in Rosemont, about 80 properties.

Because the interested parties are closely located and known to the court, Watson said the judge found the case did not qualify for class certification.

Following a practice of not commenting on ongoing litigation, Brunswick Mayor Carroll Jones expressed no reaction.

“I will not offer a comment,” he said.

Both Watson and Jones said they have not heard when the next court date will be.

Rosemont lies north of and outside the city limits. Ever since the Works Project Administration built the waterlines between Brunswick and Rosemont in the 1930s, Brunswick has supplied water to some Rosemont properties.

Documentation stating that Brunswick is always required to provide the service has not been supplied, said Danny B. O’Connor, Brunswick’s attorney.

The plaintiffs have cited precedents that a public utility that exclusively provides a service to an area must provide for the service to continue. Whether Brunswick has become a de facto public utility for Rosemont has yet to be determined.

“We do not believe it’s a public utility,” Jones said.

Brunswick’s position is that although it has provided water to Rosemont properties, it has no legal responsibility to do so.

The water lines serving Rosemont need about $3.3 million in upgrades.

An injunction has prevented the city from cutting off water service until the court case is settled.

Attorneys for both sides acknowledged the case could take a long time to settle.

Rosemont residents file lawsuit
Originally published February 03, 2009

By Karen Gardner
News-Post Staff

The owners of four Rosemont properties filed suit against the city of Brunswick on Monday, citing Brunswick’s intention to shut off public water service to Rosemont water customers in June.

The lawsuit, filed in Frederick County Circuit Court, asks the court to invalidate Brunswick’s ordinance ending water service to Rosemont customers June 2. The lawsuit also asks that Brunswick pay the cost of court proceedings.

The property owners and plaintiffs are Thomas B. Watson, chairman of a Rosemont committee to study the issue and a member of the Rosemont Town Council, and his wife, Charlotte A Watson; Mary Slagle and Mahlon H. Slagle Jr.; Raleigh S. Boaze Jr. and Janet A. Boaze; and Glenn R. Moler and Jacklin L. Moler. All live within the limits of the village of Rosemont, which has about 275 residents.

Rosemont was incorporated in 1954. Water lines were installed in the area around 1940. Brunswick provides public water service not only to residents within the city limits, but to residents of Knoxville, Rosemont, other unincorporated areas of Frederick County, a small portion of southern Washington County and a few property owners across the Potomac River in Loudoun County, Va. The water comes from the Potomac River and nearby springs.

At a town meeting last week, Rosemont residents were concerned that losing water service could become a public health issue and lower the value of the 79 Rosemont properties served by Brunswick water lines.

According to the lawsuit, in the 1930s or 1940s, Brunswick submitted a request to the federal Works Progress Administration asking for funds to pay for the extension and/or improvements to its water supply and distribution system. As part of the project, Brunswick extended its water supply and distribution lines to various properties outside its corporate limits. Brunswick has continuously provided water service and maintenance of the lines and infrastructure since at least the late 1940s, the suit states.

Property owners outside of Brunswick pay higher rates than those in Brunswick.

The Brunswick ordinance, passed unanimously by the City Council in December, says nothing about shutting off water service to other users of the Brunswick water system outside the city limits.

According to the lawsuit, Brunswick has acted in the capacity of a public utility by providing water service to the plaintiffs, and is required to continue such service. Before altering the water lines to cut off service to Rosemont, the lawsuit states that Brunswick would need a permit from the Maryland Department of the Environment. The lawsuit also states that Brunswick has no such permit.

Rosemont Burgess Jackie Ebersole has said Rosemont cannot act on behalf of its citizens, because the town itself is not a Brunswick water customer.

She has also said Rosemont does not have the funding to take over the water lines, although the town is willing to work with Brunswick to come up with funds to maintain the lateral connections from the main water line to Rosemont properties.

“Brunswick has left us no choice,” Watson said. “They have maintained their same position. They will not negotiate unless someone takes full ownership of the lines.”

Brunswick officials have maintained that they must do what is best for the citizens of Brunswick.