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Alderwoman Aloi tries to rescind the Keys vote and fails

September 15, 2011 Politics 0

Alderwoman Aloi is now trying to rescind the approval of the Keys vote due to “a procedural error” on the Mayor’s part.  Motion made to rescind vote seconded.  Young with the second.  Aloi’s stated purpose is to “gain a 5-0 Vote”.  Aloi and Young voted yeah..all others nay.  Motion failed. BTW there was discussion about rules… Read more

Unofficial Report: Frederick Keys Lease for 10 years Approved

September 15, 2011 Politics Sports 0

NO official confirmation yet…however I heard on the keys radio stream that apparently the  new 10 year lease for the Frederick Keys has finally been approved.  No details on the vote..i can’t wait to see the details of that one.

Our Celebrity President

August 19, 2011 Anti-Americanism Obama Politics 0

Michelle and Barack take his-and-hers jets for separate 500 mile hops to Martha’s Vineyard vacation – just hours apart First Lady arrives with daughters on separate government jet just a few hours before her husband Additional cost to taxpayers will be in the thousands President begins holiday with terrorism briefing before going to book shop… Read more

Don’t Let Rick Perry’s “Christian Conservatism” Fool You

August 18, 2011 Anti-Americanism Immigration Politics 0

I say this because of the main example below.  He also ushered in the NAFTA super highway in which mexican trucks can effectively act like our roads are simply an extension of theirs and can bypass most border crossing checks.   Perry, through executive order, claiming to be inviolate even to legislative override, ordered every sixth grade girl in Texas… Read more

BAC is Going Down. TARP 2 is at the Ready

August 8, 2011 Finance Obama Politics 0

    Bank of America is going bye bye…and guess who is the executioner?  AIG.  This time AIG isn’t the purveyor of bad assets they are trying to recover bad assets from Bank of America.  Combine this with one of BAC biggest pumpers has dumped them and with BAC’s stock now directly tied to it’s cash reserves… Read more

Who’s Fault Is It? – MarketTicker Forums

August 7, 2011 Finance Politics 0

If you want things to improve in this country in terms of the federal gov’t WE the people need to quit voting these idiots back into office.   Let’s start with who’s fault it is not: S&P. To recap: S&P warned early in the year that there was a risk of a downgrade. S&P, when the debate was entered… Read more

And So It Begins The Spiral in Debt Death…Unless Congress Does Something NOW

August 6, 2011 Finance Politics 0

READ the entire article…don’t just skim it.  I have put only a small snippet in here.  Bang the link and read….the things laid out in this article are the ONLY way we are going to keep our nation.   To the “Tea Party” that was crowing about how they were “successful”, how does that success taste?  Half… Read more

Our Military…The Sacrificial Lambs of Illegal Military Actions

August 5, 2011 Anti-Americanism Military New World Order Patriotism Politics 0

As a former military member myself I can tell you one thing.  When you sign into the military there is no guarantee of a fair trial.  I personally witnessed several folks get railroaded out of the military because they did not pull the “line”.  If what this defense attorney says is true it is not surprising.  Folks not only… Read more

Coburn Speaks Truth – The Debt Bills Are Scams

July 30, 2011 Finance Politics 0 Hit the above link to listen to Senator Coburn of OK bring out the truth of the so called debt reduction bills.   I am sitting here watching Senator Coburn on the floor of the Senate speaking the truth that I brought up yesterday with the Boehner bill (and Reid’s too) – that they’re scams.… Read more

Reid, McCain, Obama: Shut Up. You Lost – MarketTicker Forums

July 29, 2011 Finance Politics 0

You’re NOT going to get what you want Harry. You need to read the damned Constitution.  ALL REVENUE BILLS MUST ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE. YOUR chamber has failed to pass a budget for the last two years.  YOUR chamber has repeatedly violated the Constitution by refusing to do so.  YOUR chamber is a public disgrace… Read more

‪We Do NOT Have to Raise The Debt Limit PT.2

July 25, 2011 Anti-Americanism Finance New World Order Patriotism Politics 0

‪SR 20 – The Debt Ceiling Debate‬‏ – YouTube.

‪We Do NOT Have to Raise The Debt Limit PT.1

July 25, 2011 Anti-Americanism Finance New World Order Patriotism Politics 0

‪SR 19 – U.S. Debt Limit‬‏ – YouTube.

Dead Children Make Bad Laws – Stossel’s Take Blog –

July 8, 2011 Anti-Americanism Family New World Order Patriotism Politics 3

REad this..but go to the linked page and follow the links as well.  We don’t need another law passed on emotion only….that is what several noted alws int he article talk about…also the patriot and patriot 2 acts were the same response to 9/11 which has led to the formation of the TSA and… Read more

Christie: Children’s school “none of your business” – Ben Smith –

June 27, 2011 Family Notable Quotes Politics 0

Great Answer form Gov Christie.  It’s time to kill this tired, class baiting question and philosopy.   Christie: Children’s school “none of your business” – Ben Smith –

Usama Bin Laden Has Been Dead For Nearly a Decade

May 2, 2011 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Obama Politics 0

All you have to do is read the various statements by gov’t officials for years to know this.  The media never reported on it.  This war on terror is just another way to control the population like the war on drugs.  That war failed so the war on terror is the new instrument.  The following article sums it up… Read more

The Full NPR Video is available

March 9, 2011 Anti-Americanism Interviews Politics 0

The first one was an edited version.  The video authors have made the full 2 hour video available as well.  Link to the video below.   Judge for Yourself – NPR’s Ron Schiller | James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

The Overblown “Terrorist” Threat

February 24, 2011 Politics 0

What Islamist Terrorist Threat? – Reason Magazine.

Do you Really Think This is Just Limited to Senators?

February 24, 2011 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Politics 0

The orders came from the command of Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, a three-star general in charge of training Afghan troops – the linchpin of U.S. strategy in the war. Over a four-month period last year, a military cell devoted to what is known as “information operations” at Camp Eggers in Kabul was repeatedly pressured to… Read more

US must be removed from Islamic world: Khamenei has it Correct

February 21, 2011 Politics 1

He doesn’t get why least not publicly.  As long as we are over there all the muslims have a common enemy.  All we have to do is leave..and they will do what they do best..fight each other.  The middle east kept itself well in check before we arrived.  They’ll return to fighting each other once we leave.… Read more

Madison schools, others closed amid Union panic

February 17, 2011 Politics 0

Not about protecting your paychecks..yes.  It’s about protecting the corruption that is modern unions.  If modern unions actually protected their membership I would not have a problem with them.  That lofty goal of protecting workers and their rights went by the wayside long long ago…maybe this will wake up the individual members of these “unions” so they’ll look… Read more

Mubarak quits

February 11, 2011 Politics 0

The protesters got him to leqve now the question is do they have the fortitude to keep up the pressure to make sure they get the government they want?  All we can do is watch and see if they do.

School system asks for $33M budget increase: JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!

January 19, 2011 Brunswick Finance Politics 0

Considering the waste the FCPS board has overseen in the past 5’s time to tell the money addict no.  Since the county is already struggling to pay it’s current bills is adding 33 million to a deficit of 11.8 million a good idea?  Mr. Young please? Frederick County Public Schools officials are calling for a $33 million increase… Read more

The NAACP Rightfully has the Race Card Turned on Them

January 15, 2011 Politics 0

It’s about time a governor at least stands up to these racist.  Organizations like the SPLC and the NAACP have become racist organizations against whites…constantly playing race cards against whites.  Yet when it comes down to it they also repeatedly violate the very ethnic groups they say they are defending.  These organizations needs to be shunned and… Read more

It Begins

November 29, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal Finance New World Order Politics 0

If you have a 401K get out of it…yesterday.  it’s only a matter of time before the US gov’t does this as well. France, Ireland and Hungary Seize Pensions As Part of Move By Governments to Use Long Term Assets to Fill Short-Term Deficits ? Washington’s Blog.

Guess who owns the US?

November 22, 2010 Finance New World Order Politics 0

The Commercial No Network Will Air – MarketTicker Forums.

Rangle resurrects compulsory gov’t service

October 31, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Obama Politics 0

He’s tried this before.  now he’s going to try it again.  I’m not sure this will fail at this time.  This means my two kids would be forced into either “civillian National Security” or military service.  Just scary is what this is. Rangel plan gives prez ‘civilian security force’.

Sotomayor Says Court May Rule to Limit First Amendment in Response to Wikileaks

August 28, 2010 Anti-Americanism New World Order Politics 0

Following the release of over 90,000 documents by Wikileaks in July, the Pentagon found no evidence that the disclosure harmed U.S. national security or endangered American troops in the field. The Pentagon review team consists of military intelligence analysts, lawyers and others working for the Joint Chiefs of Staffs and other elements of the Defense… Read more

Equal rights group says Illegal Immigrants Have the Same Rights as non-illegals.

August 27, 2010 Anti-Americanism Immigration Politics 0

AND THEY ARE WRONG!  If you are in this country illegally you have the right to remain silent…and get deported or jailed.  That’s because if you are here illegally you are a criminal!  You aren’t even a citizen of this country…or have a valid passport or visa, etc etc are here “without documentation”..aka illegally!  This means you don’t have… Read more

This guy doesn’t know anything about the 1st amendment.

July 29, 2010 Anti-Americanism Politics 0

I’m no fan of Islam, however if they are citizens they have every right to the Constitution I do.  Obviously if they are advocating a violent overthrow then that’s a cause for worry..but muslims have the same rights and protections under the ENTIRE Constitution that all other citizens of this nation do.  This guy needs to go back… Read more

Federal Judge Rules Arizona Law Unconstitutional

July 28, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Obama Politics 0

Of course judges CAN’t strike down laws according to the Constitution.  Irregardless, apparently it is illegal to make it illegal to be in this country illegally.  What a crock of crap.  The state can “deter unlawful entry” but can’t kick them out if they are already here.  Where’s the sense in that? Calm urged after judges ruling… Read more

Your Retirement Funds Are Not Safe

July 12, 2010 Anti-Americanism Finance New World Order Politics 0

I am already telling my wife to get her money OUT of 401k’s and other vehicles specifically because of garbage like this.  The next step the gov’t is going to do is they will seize all tax free ira’s…convert them to US treasuries(aka bonds) and say if you want it that’s what you have to do.  These bonds… Read more

Law: eBay and other resellers endangered by court ruling – Court says First Sale doctrine doesn’t apply to foreign copyrighted items | TechEye

July 12, 2010 Anti-Americanism Politics 0

I’m curious to see if this stands SCOTUS scrutiny.  Keep in mind this is the SCOTUS that has said eminent domain trumps all other property rights so I am NOT counting on a business friendly ruling form the SCOTUS.  We can only pray the most overturned US circuit court is overturned again. eBay and other websites where second-hand goods are sold, not to… Read more

Delegate candidate claims model home as legal residence – The Frederick News-Post Online

July 9, 2010 Politics 0

THis is such baloney.  Hey Blaine and WFMD let’s get on this guy…he’s trying to scam the citizens of Frederick and the state. State delegate candidate Scott Rolle is registered to vote at a house being used as a model home. Rolle, a Republican, is living in an apartment temporarily while the new house is being finished,… Read more

What are we NOT being told about the oil spill?

July 7, 2010 Anti-Americanism New World Order Obama Politics 0

It’s ironic..the poster children for obama are now getting stabbed in the back by his tele-promptness.  The video in the linked post is from a CNN piece where they are complaining about obama-trons shutting them out of oil cleanpu sites.  Not surprising considering hits man bows to foreign monarchs and dictators.  Did folks REALLY think he cared about… Read more

A good explanation of the Law of Unintended Consequences

July 4, 2010 Finance General Politics 0

the Law of Unintended Consequences via And another underground business is born.

Interesting Experience

June 22, 2010 Brunswick Politics 0

Any another reason to not listen to Twisted Sister (the song to which I am referring is “We’re Not Gonna Take It”) This past Saturday, my husband and I were working through some things in the dining room when we heard a knock at the door. Not expecting anyone, I cautiously approached the door and… Read more

Some more good 2nd amendment pictures.

June 17, 2010 Notable Quotes Politics 0

I got these in my e-mial from a friend of mine..:)

Arizona Lawmaker Targets Citizenship by Birth..and Looks to Enact yet Another Unconstitutional Law

June 15, 2010 Anti-Americanism Politics 0

I have posted about this sort of thing before…read the previous post. BTW the US Constitution is clear on this(read the 14th Amendment). Here’s the 14th Amendment: Amendment 14 – Citizenship Rights. Ratified 7/9/1868. Note History 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of… Read more

We don’t live in a Constitutional republic anymore.

June 13, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 3

First Obamacare now this.  Rush has been saying all along once healthcare is controlled by the gov’t our entire lives can now be dictated.  Well Rush was once again correct.  It looks like the change of this country going to full blown communism may be on track..socialism is just the first stop.  Buckle up folks. … Read more

Kidan opines on Obama Care

June 13, 2010 Anti-Americanism New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

Don’t just go for the Anti-incumbent my friend…vote for the one who is actually going to try to do something..and make sure it’s Constitutional to boot.  99% of the republicrats and demopublicans are NOT interested in the Constitution.  This is why I take a look at “alternative” parties.  Don’t continue to buy into the two… Read more

Gov’t enforcers are going out of control

June 3, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Politics 0

Are Cameras the New Guns?. The folks want to disarm the citizenry anyway they can.  First it was to try to violate the 2nd amendment by banning all or classes of weapons…these laws are finally getting overturned.  Now gov’t agents want to go after video and audio recordings of these “public servants”.  Do we need… Read more

I got this in an e-mail

May 31, 2010 General Politics 0

I’m not normally a forwarder but I liked this one..:) Does anyone know where I can get my pistol engraved like this? Things that I found helpful by living this long.    The purpose of fighting is to win.. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either… The final weapon is… Read more

More Attacks on the Constitution

May 29, 2010 Anti-Americanism New World Order Politics 0

Under the DISCLOSE Act, certain incorporated entities would be restricted in how they can exercise their free speech rights. There is an exemption for some in the media sphere like newspapers, TV news, and the like. However, there is one driving force in today’s public debate that is NOT exempt. Bloggers will not have the… Read more

It’s not just Maryland Democrats

May 26, 2010 Anti-Americanism Politics 0

Brian Griffiths: Purple Shirted Punks. This is a national behavior.

The supposedly conservative SCTUS again defies the Constitution

May 17, 2010 Anti-Americanism Politics 1

“The statute is a 'necessary and proper' means of exercising the federal authority that permits Congress to create federal criminal laws, to punish their violation, to imprison violators, to provide appropriately for those imprisoned and to maintain the security of those who are not imprisoned by who may be affected by the federal imprisonment of… Read more

Let’s hope the American public is truly waking up.

May 17, 2010 Finance Politics 0

Tea party claims a scalp.

I wish more elected officials would lay it out like this.

May 14, 2010 Politics 0

Vox Popoli: Striking a chord. The title says it all.  Thanks vox!

The idiocy over the Arizona anti ILLEGAL Immigration law builds

May 13, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal Politics 0

From stupid boycotts to totally uninformed criticism the hilarity ensues.  “Liberals” are falling over themselves about the Arizona law that simply enforces the laws already on the books.  All of the cards are in play now…from racism to nazism to anti-americanism, all of the reasons this law is bad are now in play.  unfortunately for… Read more

May 11, 2010 General New World Order Politics Revelations 0

I hate to say this but your opinion is flat wrong.  You apparently don’t realize(or refuse to realize) that Christians are already targeted by just about every government in the world(including ours in the USA) and you are asking the scorpion to not sting you as you carry him across the river on your back. … Read more

More Anti-American Racism

May 8, 2010 Anti-Americanism Politics 4

LOL!  GIVE ME A BREAK!!!  I wonder how many of the “marchers” are LEGALLY in this country?  Guess what..this isn’t the USM(united states of mexico) yet…it’s still the USA so cinco isn’t an AMERICAN holiday therefore wearing American themed flag shirts or anything else AMERICAN isn’t a pro0blem.  The fact that you expect WE AMERICANS… Read more

Racism is DEAD!!! Unless you are white.

May 6, 2010 General Politics 1

On any other day at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Daniel Galli and his four friends would not even be noticed for wearing T-shirts with the American flag. But Cinco de Mayo is not any typical day especially on a campus with a large Mexican American student population. via Students Kicked Off Campus… Read more

Illegal Immigrants getting angry that criminal laws are being enforced

May 2, 2010 Politics 1

This can be solved very easily obama.  Enforce the immigration laws that exist then the sates won’t have to enact tough laws that simply enforce what’s already on the books.  Arizona isn’t anti immigration it’s anti ILLEGAL immigration.  Since the dems and repubs BOTH want these criminals to vote(due to our lax voter verification..) the… Read more

For once Max speaks the truth.

March 27, 2010 Finance New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

Oh REALLY?!?!?!  How much of your paycheck are you willing to donate to this cause Max?  I know the answer..ZERO!  This is simply to suck money out of everyone and give it to folks like you.  It’s unfortunate that many folks in the country through their lack of self-thought and research will actually let this… Read more

It’s time to detail the cuts and tax increases.

March 27, 2010 Finance New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

Medicare gets eviscerated over the next decade.  While i don’t have the specifics yet I found this which goes into some detail about what’s going to happen.  All you seniors who are members of AARP who either directly voted for this OR indirectly voted by remaining in AARP here is your reward.  This goes for… Read more

The costs of the healthcare socializaiton(obamacare) shows up NOW

March 26, 2010 Criminal Finance New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

Consequences Of Health Care: Valuations – The Market Ticker. Read this linked article closely.  Where are the healthcare savings at?  There are none! It gets worse.  The companies taking charges is growing exceedingly rapidly. More articles on the already unfolding impacts: 1 2 3

Kidan’s sad day…and all of Americas

March 23, 2010 General New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

krashpad: Am Sad. Don’t just throw out the incumbent…make sure(as i hope everyone will) the person you vote is is worthy of your vote…if not vote for yourself as a write-in.

The RINO’s are killing the GOP not immigration

March 23, 2010 General Politics 0

The title says it all.  They use McCain as the example in Ariz.  This is laughable because he helped push through one of the largest intrusions into the First Amendment seen in a long time.  He’s no GOP he a rino like 99% of the rest of them.  Demopublicans and Republicrats. Immigration’s killing the GOP.

How NOT to endear yourself to your new constituents

February 23, 2010 General Politics 0

By SPAMMING them…case in point I just received this in my BUSINESS e-mail: : Jenkins, Charles Delegate [] Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 2:24 PM To: Jenkins, Charles Delegate Subject: Week 6 – Maryland General Assembly Attachments: oledata.mso Below is the first page of this week’s legislative wrap-up.  The link to read the entire report… Read more

GOP is running are the Dems…Tea Party has begun throwing out establishment pols.

February 19, 2010 Politics 0

hatch and the other establishment pols have it wrong.  Tea Partiers aren’t interested in electing Dems..OR REPUBS..they want the Constitution back.  That’s going to mean throwing BOTH establishment parties out.  It’s what I have been hoping for for years.  Now as long as they don’t allow themselves to be co-opted by the likes of Palin… Read more

Obama Heads to Colorado to Doom Another Senator

February 18, 2010 Obama Politics 0 – President Heads to Denver to Lend Hand to Endangered Democratic Senator. So far everywhere obama has gone he has failed.  I think Colorado is going to be another Democratic defeat in 2012.

This Is How It Begins Wanton Violence – The Market Ticker

February 18, 2010 Finance General Politics 1

This Is How It Begins Wanton Violence – The Market Ticker. This is an interesting perspective.  If this is true then it’s only the beginning of the people’s response to this loooooong term raping of the American public. I am watching the news conference and the Austin PD is stone walling reporters even when Federal… Read more

War Monger RINO’s Have Taken The Tea Party Movement Hostage.

February 11, 2010 Politics 0

From the election of RINO Scott Brown to RINO Sarah Palin(she’s popular because she’s “hot”) the Tea Party has been successfully hijacked.  The question is..will the tea partiers realize this in time before their movement is relegated to the grass roots trash pile? During her keynote address and in subsequent television appearances, Palin aggressively beat… Read more